Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media Marketing To Boost Your Brand Online

Leverage The Power of Social Media Marketing To Generate Social Buzz

Social media has exploded in the last 3 years with new platforms emerging some you may know like Snapchat and Instagram and some you may not know about like Reddit and Delicious. Social is king there is no other way that is being used right now to communicate with friends, family and new faces  its no wonder with Over 72% of adults (18+) using an online social media platform to communicate, demonstrate and promote what they do have been doing and want to be doing.

Will social media go away? NO! Its here to stay and if you are watching the evolution of social media and technology then you will know that the growth and close inception of new tech and new social platforms they integrate exampleFacebook Live stream. Facebook live stream is where a user will take live video and broadcast live on the spot out to who ever is subscribed or watching the broadcast where they can call out comments, acknowledge likes and request right on the spot, people are going mental about this and now its filtering down to the masses. Early adopters of this have paved a street of gold and now there is software to help push the organic reach even further.

Now if that alone isn’t enough to make you question the use and impact of social media in your business marketing tactic’s then read on…



Above: An overview of the social platforms and how they semantically link back to the end user.


For businesses, making the change to include social media marketing into their advertising efforts “Is the way of the future” “The time is now” “Seize the day!” all of those lines should incite you to get social and widen your social media presence and in turn be more accessible to your customers and potential customers by being available on a platform that they spend most of their time on. Social media marketing brings on new opportunity and a new degree of social responsibility for you and your team. The Behaviour of your management team on your branded social profile and their own social profiles will come under scrutiny but this works both ways and you can also analysis your customer profiles and the data that comes with this allows you to capitalise and scale your marketing in ways you may not have even considered previously.



Why does my company need social media?

The calculated statistics make it very clear whether you are running a small, local operation, or heading a global, enterprise-level effort, Your customers are online. Your customers are interacting in a multitude of social channels with their friends, colleagues, and even dare I say it other brands in search of information, recommendations, quality and engagement. Now imagine this you are not around on a social channel for this example Instagram lets go with a fuel company competitor example now you pretend company Freddie’s Fantastic Fuel Co doesn’t have an Instagram account but competitor Rodney’s Rocket Fuel does have an active Instagram account and they are dishing out daily promoting product and new fuel offer’s on Instagram accompanied by a hashtag I like this one #getrodsrocketfuel and they are doing this regularly but you don’t even have a channel to compete with them how much of that customer market will you be bringing to your business? ZERO!

Key takeaway fro the above If your company is not around to answer, a competitor will be.

There is a lot of open opportunity on social media platforms for businesses to take full advantage and leverage their brand over competitor’s even if they don’t have an active account right now heck just ask me it is what I do manage social media accounts of those that are to busy actually running their business to take time out to run a social media profile.

How can you leverage social media to bring in more customers?

There are 3 key steps in gaining leverage in social media.

Feedback – Provide and Monitor

Millions and millions of people daily search through social news feeds looking for information that can be shared rapidly, social sharing and tagging (tag the name of your friend on a post you want them to see) is the way most utilised to share content on social media. The type of content shared ranges dependant on the user now this also incorporates businesses a smart business will share content strategically planned to be shared and offer discount deals and product incentives around the same time that the intended content share is posted making it available readily when user’s visit the source of the content that was originally shared, Do you see the opportunity yet?

User’s may comment on these offers and discount deals by asking questions, stating opinion’s on prices or the offer’s value or by tagging friends and this is where you can really cash in on social media marketing by providing feedback on these comments and providing additional value and information. Listen to your audience its ideal that when you post content you plan to have shared that you monitor or allocate someone to monitor the feedback of the post for the next 6 to 12 hours and even further depending on the social traction that the post receives.

If you have some planned developmental product or new service type incorporating social listening into product development by doing soft social launches can work as an early warning system allowing you to gain crucial insight into how well the development will be perceived and then allowing you to gauge if the product will be viable or identifying items to be addressed prior to official public release.

Relationships – Build and Sustain

take a step back from the bottom-line, ROI-seeking aspect to look at the big picture for a minute and see who it is you really want to target and how can you get them to come visit your business profile don’t get caught up in analysing every single action and calculating data metrics keep it simple measure the most important signals that you feel count and focus on building foundational relationships with your customer community to really get the most from your social media marketing efforts.

Engaging customer relationships will reap you benefits and help boost your brands social profile and the appeal to new visitor’s to your profile who will see give your page a visual audit looking for signals that they can trust your brand, use your brand, be satisfied with the service from your brand. The dividing walls between company and consumer on social media have been demolished and now in 2016 it is easier than ever for a potential customer to fire off a facebook private message to business page asking for some clarification or more information about a products or service and have an answer in hours for the responsive page owners.


Above: Building your social media relationships is much like this image cluster.

If after reading this post and think I have made some point of valid rationale forward thinking and want to integrate social media into your marketing efforts then I salute you for recognising my amazing brain and for taking the first step forward.It is essential that you determine your level of capabilities with social media using facebook as my example to determine your level of skill.


“Novice” I can open an account on facebook but how do I set up a business page.
“Intermediate” Im using a facebook business page and can open a Business Account on facebook but I’m not really sure how to use Audience Insights.
“Advanced” I have a Business Account and am running facebook ads I also know what Audience Insights is and how to use it.
“Social Ninja” Im running multiple Ads on Facebook and include Instagram or Twitter ads into my campaigns.

I want to say that true story I had a client I was helping build a facebook Business account for that didi not realise that you could open multiple web browser tabs at the same time he was going from website 1 to website 2 by deleting the website out of the address bar and typing i the web address of website 2 every time he wanted to change websites unreal but true story he now operates two facebook pages and has multiple other social platform profile operating and yes he knows about opening multiple browsers now.

Integration of marketing campaigns into your social media will reap rewards to your if handled correctly it is not something you set up a profile and then let it work on its own you will need to give it some attention and more in the inception phase as you need to interact to gain followers and the first 100 are the hardest to get. When set up correctly your branding will benefit from additional optimisation and will see a lift in impressions and reach, and customer service can proactively listen and action where necessary. When you think of it after the set up phase it’s not as hard as it sounds.


Create Brand Social Advocates For Your Brand.

Creating positive consumer feelings towards your brand can ultimately provide you with passive lead generation and help increase your social reach just by being seen as valued by people in the social community. The feeling of belonging to a brand or being close to a brand can inspire people to take on a voice for your brand sometimes this can go wrong but 90% of the time it works for you in your favour. When you are considering a new product or service do you value the social proof of others? or social recommendation of others? I know that weighs heavily on my decision to try a new service or provider.

You want to be doing what you do and that is provide amazing services and then you want to add on that social marketing effort to further increase your customer perceived value. If your customers feel that you are over delivering and going above and beyond they will reciprocate with vocal social testimonials and recommendations of your brand. Advocacy is the nirvana of social media, and through this advocacy you can really scale and grow.


Identifying potential advocates is a good first step. You can use social tools (many of which are outlined in the rest of this guide), site data, customer data, and even your own observations to help you pick out which customers are likely to go to bat for your brand. You’ll want to figure out what is most important to those potential advocates. What are they looking for? Are they fishing for recognition? Are they excited by exclusive access to news and/or content? Figure out what type of advocates your brand attracts and find ways to recognize them for their advocacy. It is important to note, though, that most of your greatest community relationships will be built organically. While your research and brand knowledge encourages people and helps you put the right foot forward, relationships take time.

Passionate followers can recruit, incite and defend your brands name and reputation along with customer value creating “social proof” that your brand is the one that other people potentially considering your service and brand want to go with. In order to do that there are some steps you need to take in order to gather and retain the focus of your customers that you will through social media markleting and providing quality services.

Step 1

Selecting the appropriate social media platform to market on can be what makes or breaks your social media marketing efforts. The big are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Instagram closely followed by Pinterest and Google+.

You need to consider your brand, the service you will provide and your target market when selecting your platform. You can have more than one platform and I recommend that you do but you should have one core platform that is your go to platform

Step 2

You will need to get your social profiles optimised and fan friendly. Create a visual of the below points in order to help create the best social landing page profile.

  • Who you want to attract?
  • Why they should come to you?
  • When & Where can they reach you and can you count as local to them or be within their reach?
  • What can you offer and what can they expect from you?
  • Does your profile image sell your business or your management accurately?

Your social profile is essentially your social landing page or social advertising core display where people will see you, your brand and the services related along with any reviews and feedback.

Step 3

Now you are visible you need to reach out and get people to like you enough to want to like your page and follow your brand. Word of mouth is a great start and for you to continue to provide quality services  and if you want to explode your fanbase then if you are in a position to do so run a competition or giveaway (If your industry suits this type of promotion).

Step 4

Creating content that is relevant, engaging and satisfies the reader’s initial curiosity for clicking on your social header. Engage with follower questions queries and thank people for shares or suggestions to others it shows you are A) Real & B) Care two big factor’s in todays age of automated social profiles and social media marketing.

Within Step 4 is another set of actions that will help you expand your social profile and fan following.


Creation of your content


Listening to your social media and the social media of your competitor’s can help shape the content topics you cover and the way in which you deliver that content, go and have a read of three of your direct competitor’s posts in the comment section and see if there is any negative feedback or comments that raise concern about the product or service they offer.

Content publishing has become exponentially simplified the last couple of years and can help skyrocket your engagement and the potential customer reach. Non-technical web users are now able to easily create content on a rapidly growing number of platforms, generating interest from multiple social angles and have the ability to direct that social traffic back to a core social profile or a sales page creating more sales opportunity for their business.

Social engagement takes some work but can pay off in the long run and people are all to aware of an active business owner that answers questions and fields problems with care and pride of their business brand it comes across natural and people like to follow natural they like the responsiveness of a profile owner that helps customers and guides potential customers to the point that being seen to not try to suck the money out of a potential customers wallet over social media can win you 2 more customer leads per problem solved than the other side of the scale where being seen to vaccum up every yellow $50 note in someone wallet will create a negative view or your business operations and people may feel less inclined to engage and recommend if they see this behaviour.

Online Behaviour


Above: 6 Simple tips to not fail at social media marketing
Responsive Social Media Drawbacks

Now being a social media responsive business owner can also have a downside and as I say that just this morning I had two of what ill mention in a moment take place so please read on, if you are to free with your time and answers people see this as an opening especially if you are a very visible brand. Every couple of days I have people message me on facebook or linkedIN asking for advice, tips and ways to increase their business opportunities and Im ok with that please if you do have any questions just ask BUT! there is a line between free advice and asking for a strategy or technique that a business has for sale or provides at a cost this is called business someone provides a product or service for a fee and they get paid to deliver that product or service in order to make a living.

Anyone that Ive done business with can testify I give everything to a project and will help beyond an hourly payment in order to get the job done and in the nature of helping people I can help out guide and direct people with questions helping people makes me feel better as a person so ask questions and expect answers but I will politely guide those people seeking to much information to my sales questionnaire page you know the place that helps me get paid in order to eat and have a roof over my head.

In my case Im in a industry that helps businesses increase revenue and visibility so these questions are to be expected.

The point is there can be a lot of time wasters just seeking the FREE advice and wanting the answer to a problem over a message with no intent to book a service or seek my professional help. That can drain your time, attention and desire to engage on social media so learning when to direct the person to the website quote page or services price page is crucial.

that my business provides for a fee expected in the chat message for free Ill happily help to the point that I can without compromising my salary I make a living from doing what I do and i can give away only so much free advice and technique

I tend to pay close attention to my search traffic data for an indication of what people are searching for and how they came to my website and the time spent on site that helps me determine if i provided enough value, enough content or did they get the information and then take action.


Content creation

By using your search traffic data, on-site engagements, and social listening efforts, your social media presence can help you determine what people are looking for and create content that fulfills their needs. (Not to mention giving you a wonderful way to share that content once it’s available.) Topics for content will likely fall in one of three buckets:

Learn and Improve

Learn and Improve

This type of content is designed to optimize your customers’ tasks or workflow. You are attempting to make their lives better by more fully utilizing your product (feature education, etc.), or even by offering assistance. The main goals of this content type are to build authority, drive connections, and increase engagement.

Explore and discover

Explore and Discover

Reach out and look around is there ways you can uniquely incorporate your product or put a twist on your service so that it can help and give your customers even more value. One way I use this  method is by offering social media profile set up and optimisation for clients this way instead of asking a client to buy in to my services at a high cost I can still help them on a lower cost for a smaller task and its effective for both parties I get a new client and the client gets to test my services without committing to a higher price win for me win for them!

Explore new platforms there could be a social channel that you didn’t even know existed where your target audience is more concentrated that you can corner that market maybe your direct competitor’s are unaware of this social channel and if you set your self up in the channel you have full control of that market, Now you have another audience stream to bring into your business and what can you do once you have that set up? Rinse and repeat find another platform that you think might be suitable entry platform.


Question and answer

Question and Answer

This type of content serves to meet customer support needs by providing support and guidance to customers facing difficulties. This takes place when something has gone wrong and not fully understood, and customers seek n answer. This can range from a detailed forum thread on resolving a technical issue to a simple question and answer on how to make a product return.

Finally always look within your community of happy followers you can often find ideas, improvements and almost a wish list of what they want to see and hear. Your followers can help provide you with relevant and useful insights into your market the possibilities are endless.

In Summary

So if you want to take action with your brand’s social power in short you should! Its cost effective and the potential to attract, engage and convert new visitor’s is huge. key points to consider are selecting the most suitable social platform for your brand and the service provided identifying where your target market hangs out in the social media world and by doing this understanding who they are and by optimising your profile for easy search recognition and having a tight profile display that people when visiting your profile will know and associate you with what you do and who your brand is and if you are for them.

Creating content that serves to help your target market and provide engaging readership that people will like, comment and or share with their connections bringing your more social awareness within your chosen platform. I hope this helps you understand the value in marketing on social media and if you have any questions or want to ask for advice feel free to drop me a line on here!

See you on the next blog post.


For a more lighter or darker way to use hashtags Jimmy Fallon has some unusual hashtags and explanations. Enjoy!

Kevin Kelly 5,000 Days of The Internet

Kevin Kelly 5,000 Days of the Internet and What to expect in 5,000 More.

The Past & The Future Kevin kelly tells us what he predicts.


I was put onto Kevin kelly by a friend and the first thing I did was google “Who is Kevin Kelly?” and his bio came up on kk.org you can check it out here Kevin kelly Bio.

In the first sentence it state’s that Kevin is a Senior Maverick Now if that doesnt make you want to change career’s and do everything humanly possible to earn that moniker I don’t know what will.

Now the main purpose I made this post was to share something unique and to spread this kind of future planning think forward that has helped me plan through the worst to be still standing

here and now. The video is about 19 minutes long and reveals the inner workings of the web it touches on semantic web and the linking between physical and digital worlds over the last 5,000 days and how the next 5,000 days is shaping up and what to expect to be brought to us in the future.

You can read more from Kevin here on his Wired page.

Enough from me watch the video and get some pure knowledge from Kevin.

Nathalie Nahai Empathy & The Web

Empathy & The Web with Nathalie Nahai
psychology of designing the web your secret weapon.
Who is this lady?

Nathalie Nahai is an international speaker and author a designer and also a web psychologist, Her best selling book is titled Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion (Pearson). She has been hailed as the foremost expert in web psychology,

Nathalie helps businesses apply scientific rigour to their website design, content marketing and products. Whether you reach them or not will depend on how you make them feel, more than anything else. In this presentation, Nathalie will explore how the primal, emotional and rational systems in the brain can be used as a metaphorical model to build persuasive online experiences. And show why mirror neurons and empathy are the hidden driving force behind effective design.

I find this topic highly fascinating and can not get enough of the topic plus she is quite well spoken and demonstrates a high level of skill in stage presentation and topic deconstruction.

I can only hope that you find this as entertaining and intellectually satisfying as I did so please go and enjoy Nathalie Nahai Empathy & the web in the video below.

You can see more about Nathalie by visiting her website here.

Nathalie Nahai Humanise The Web

Nathalie Nahai Humanise The Web Interview With London Real.

Take a look into Internet Security and Connectivity with Nathalie Nahai & London Real


Who are these people?


London Real is a website best described as the curator of people worth watching. Their mission is to promote personal transformation through inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment.


Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist. An expert exploring just how the design of the web manipulates and heightens our sense of reward and best selling author.

Her book, Webs of Influence, explores how technology is strategically created with people in mind – to make us click. In 2015 she created a photograph collection called ‘The Death of Conversation’. It was a series of black and whites taken of unknowing members of the public who, in social situations, had abandoned conversation in favour of looking at their mobile phones. It went viral and ended up featured in TIME magazine and the New York Times. The most fascinating thing about the photographs is that they show an outsiders perspective of a habit that we all participate in. On many an occasion we opt for the spikes of thrill we can find on opening social media notifications, receiving likes or being retweeted.
In this interview the topics can be revealing when we reflect upon what is being discussed and how we as individuals interact with and on social media and the internet. Social media access follows us around now with our mobile phones wifi and beacon location action trigger’s, but it’s no accident that we experience psychological reward using these apps and platforms.


I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and Ill admit I’ve watched it about 5 times I can be a total web nerd and I couldn’t give an F bomb about that, Fascinating and educational

everything a developing mind needs and well worth the watch to further understand the depth of what is being discussed. Another excellent video featuring Nathalie Nahai I strongly recommend you to watch this interview. Interact and lay some comments down.


You can find out more about Nathalie by visiting her LinkedIn here.

You can find a link to Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion Nathalie Nahai this is a link to the AUS store.

You can view the full interview by clicking on he top left corner of the video, the link will take you to London real website.

Live Support: Key Part in Higher Conversion

Live Support: Key Part in Higher Conversion

Live Support or are they just Chat Bots?

Those live chat popups that hit you with the automated line “Hello! How can I help you?” as soon as you arrive on a website could they be the future of customer service help me now scenarios?

How do you feel about them being intrusive or annoying?

The idea is to provide a helpful guide to answer some of the frequently asked question and provide support on basic trouble shooting.

In some cases you might get an actual person on the chat but most of the chat box features are automated. The automated replies may help some users but the actual useful rating will extend to the depth of thought put in by the site owner when building the chat bot.

I find some chat help box’s useful while most just annoying, I classify annoying as once I land on a website a chat box opens saying “hi I’m Andrew how can I help?” This could be avoided by letting the person browse the site for a set time period I would suggest 2 minutes approx setting.



Live Support Online

The new customer service model is to help people on your business website live while they are browsing, sounds a little creepy waiting for someone to arrive on your website and then having a pop up live chat box to help them with anything.

Can it mean a downturn in customer service help desk jobs for companies? Yes

Have you visited a website and been speaking to the customer service chat box and started to notice the text replies sound a bit robotic? read more about the effects of live chat bots here.

I would imagine so but it does not mean the end of customer service call centres not in the slightest there will always be a need to speak to a human help desk operator.

Are Live Support Chat Bots Useful?

Recently Google noted that reports showed 20% of mobile queries were voice searches. Recent rises in people searching with voice commands and by personal assistants such as Apple’s “Siri” are gaining popularity and will only increase as the technology improves. Remember when Siri launched and was extremely limited? yes I do too and I tell you back then she was ahead of the pack well recent updates still leave a lot to be desired but the Siri application is far ahead of many competitors and provides millions of people with search results daily.

How far has voice search come lately well for my friends in the Amazon eCommerce world they have recently had to adapt to voice search with Amazon and Google adopting voice search commands check out the various reviews of the new Google Home and Amazon’s own Echo for shopping at home read more on customer reviews positive, negative and mixed. If we look ahead in terms of these live support chat boxes and on demand impulse micro moment purchases the future should also include live action right now live support and this can be in the form of a live support assistant answering questions as they come in or by an automated customer service chat bot, BUT! and the key to a successful live support chat bot will be the information loaded into the FAQ scripts how much effort has the programmer put into the script for problem solving if these live Google Home and Amazon Echo type searches are happening right now then the answers these people will have should be right now while that sale query is live while its happening.

How long before Facebook enters the eCommerce world with all their extended reach and automation? who knows but I would put money on it Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg has some plans buried deep in his ideas notepad for a Facebook move towards eCommerce Pages or Groups interesting concept and if you think about it that move would make total sense for Facebook.

Instant Messaging services and automated text SMS isn’t customer friendly I would prefer the automated messages come to my email than my mobile that to me just preys on impulse buyers and not something I am a fan of. Functionality of customer service automation should be considered for really helping customer questions and complaints look to design for UX over UI when it comes to support question answering you need to protect your reputation online over having a pretty customer portal.


Wondering what processes a take place when using a Live support chat bot? see this.


Courtesy of Daden Limited.

Then they show that show to the people

Not a fan of the chat box and when you have a problem you want to speak to someone in the live support chat that can help and can speak your language. One of the more popular platforms for customer support is Zendesk I’ve had positive experiences when I’ve needed to contact them for support far more user friendly than the chat bot live support. While not live support chat orientated they are a worthy customer support service.

Over marketing – when someone is lead to your website, then asked to opt in to the email list, then asked if they need assistance by your chat bot while browsing your products but as they leave they are hit with an exit pop up.


Simple Marketing

Keeping your marketing simple on your website can be the difference between keep a customer and scaring a potential customer away. My tip is to visit your competitors website and see what they are running for marketing, observe what the journey is like and imagine yourself as the customer following this marketing route.

Immerse yourself in what it would be like as a customer to see how it feels on your site, do you enjoy talking to me little chat box guy as soon as you arrive on site? Was his opening sentence scripted well enough to make you even interact with him? Assess how it makes you feel and use this when you design your customer journey, if you are not a fan of chat bot support then do not use one on your site but if you are a fan of chat bot support services then by all means add a automated customer service chat support script to your website.

Being over sold isn’t something people enjoy and you should know when to use your marketing and where on your website.

Do you still want to call someone when you have a problem a real person paid to help you when you have a problem dedicated solely to customer support or are you ok to accept the live chat pop up window helper? that is the question.

I for one prefer the call centre and real human interaction over live support chat bots.

Webmecs main page.


7 ways to get ready for a business meeting

Preparing for a Big Business Meeting

Business Meeting Contracts and Negotiating a sweet deal.

Prospecting your target market for new leads has been rewarding and you and your team have landed a meeting with a lead you have been chasing for months the contract negotiating meeting is scheduled and you have the lead over your competitors. Here are some tips to help you prepare your team and yourself for the meeting so that you leave an impression and with the deal finalised.

The first thing you need to do is to allocate team members to research parts of the business meeting that they will be contributing towards having many hands makes for light work so Ill use a standard digital marketing agency example where they are being invited to talk about a proposal to redesign a prospective client website. You would start with assigning a web designer to begin researching similar companies and top ranking companies for their design structure and how they present themselves to the market. Next up you would have your SEO person map out the optimal site structure for making the website user friendly and functional for users to easily navigate the  website this would also tie in with the content director working alongside the SEO to provide a very connected feel for the information and way that the content will be displayed. The developer will work with the designer to provide the exact requirements that the company wants to push forward in the meeting and everyone will provide their research findings to the project manager so that they have full understanding of what the plan is and what exactly the proposal will be about delivering.

Showing up to the meeting as a unified front will present your business as a well oiled machine.


Business Contract Preparation 7 Steps to Success

All the research has been completed and complied the project manager knows who is responsible for what and how it all interconnects great thats the start you wanted, but! do you take your ten man team into the meeting? do you just take the dev’s do you take the content director? it becomes like the school yard dodge ball scenario where the two team captains pick off the eager players one by one making their teams you will need to decide and reading this article should help you decide on your team selection and some great points to remember when preparing for the big business meeting.

If I was the man in charge I would have an idea of how many of the prospective client’s team may be present by them having 3 people attend and you bringing 10 people I think the word overkill is appropriate, aim for 3 people and my reasons are you need the project manager or who will become “client account manager” you will definitely need one of your dev team to be present for technical questions and my third pick would be the content director so I would have covered off Design & Development of the site with choosing the developer to attend believing that the dev and the designer would be on the same level and talking about their ends of the project would be a fair thought process and by choosing the content director the SEO and content director would also have been talking to each other about their prospective research fields meaning that the content director is all over the on page elements of the project now that you have my thoughts on how to assemble your team make your selection work for you again I am basing this on the standard digital marketing agency staff allocation.


Define the key concepts: Your team needs to know the client briefing and points that made them contact you or decide to meet with you i the first place so if the emphasis was on conversion rate of the new website then you would have each team member provide a part about how their element is involved with the conversion rate and any noteworthy features or ideas that they have. The last thing you want to do is hold all the info from your team or even worse they withhold all their relevant information from you not cool guy!  Harvesting all the information to yourself leaves your team feeling under-utilised and this will show in the meeting. Prepare them with an agenda and sections of interest, Make your team excited to be part of this project have them feel warm and fuzzy every time you win a bid or tender they will feel more and more like part of the team if they have some input.


The Jim Carrey method works the Michael Jordan method works and these guys made it big time, take a moment to close your eyes and visualise your meeting how you see it unfold and go through your steps in your head allow your team to do this if they are interested. Michael Jordan visualised winning every game and multiple championships now while he didnt win every game he did win multiple championships and a lot of games going down as the best player in the game and he was a firm believer of pre game visualisation. After Jordan become the man in the NBA sports stars and celebrities were doing it every where.

Jim Carrey is another firm believer in the technique and to open this up a little more visualising your goals is a cognitive tool that accesses your imagination to help picture how you are going to do something. Your visual goal could be this big business deal, getting the girl or guy your are crushing hard on or even signing Kevin Durrant to a max contract to rep the Golden State Warriors all of those are highly achievable by mentally preparing yourself through visualisation.

One I use is to look at past results and my portfolio to cement that I can do this I find it works for me you might have another technique that makes you get into the zone.


Ok enough prep time and assembling of the teams lets cover more about the 7 steps.

Your Seven Tips for Business Contract Negotiation Success

1.Be Prepared,Briefing your team on how the meeting will play out and what parts they are responsible for and knowing when to present and when to listen for comment. Review the agenda and know the process of the meeting.

2.Plan what team member is responsible for preparing what documents and is going to speak on this during the meeting and what team member they hand off to after they finish.When you’re calling a meeting, take time to think about who really needs to be there. If you’re announcing a change, invite the people who are affected by the announcement. If you’re trying to solve a problem, invite the people who will be good sources of information for a solution. When people feel that what’s being discussed isn’t relevant to them, or that they lack the skills or expertise to be of assistance, they’ll view their attendance at the meeting as a waste of time.

These questions need to be asked before you are attending the business meeting. In the example above, a step-by-step process would look something like the following;

– Has Dev team been able to confirm that the design can be created and functions operational from the briefing?

– Has the Content on the existing website been audited for site structure suggestions and relating pages identified?

– Has the SEO devised a structured page plan and identified keyword opportunities?

– Is the team happy with the new proposed design and final version?

Answering these questions tells you that your team is capable of making the new design work, that your team is working together and that you are now ready for the business meeting.

3. Enter the meeting with confidence and greet each member of the clients team with a handshake and look them them in the eye this is sign of respect and good manners.

4.Control the conversation having a member of your team take centre stage and get talky can ruin the vibe of the business meeting and you can thank them and regain attention and focus back to the points, Should a member of the client party be flapping his or her gums more than is required a simple polite “We appreciate your feedback and will take notes from any other speakers?” that provides verbal confirmation to all invited that you have heard the concern and can take on new input now effectively frame working the group conversation.

5. Maintain positivity throughout the meeting, there may be some negative or non constructive input during the meeting that should not be taken to heart remain confident and positive keep your body posture in place and lead your team the thought of their leader demolished during a meeting will only flow downstream and that will present that your team was dismantled by some negative comments, beat that by remaining in control.

6.Start on time, end on time. This is a big silent factor that can win you clients Ive seen it work effectively and you will be surprised especially with more corporate types of clients where time is money, being known to start on time and end on time is a good reputation to have use it to your advantage. People love to know their going to be finishing on time this is a positivity booster and you will see human behaviour unfold when you implement this for your business meetings.

and onto our final point

7.Ending with results, in some cases this may not work but push for an answer get the definitive Yes you will be amazed at the amount of business meetings that end with the prospective client in complete control of when next contact is and what the result of the meeting is so dont be that guy reach out and ask for the decision, “So we have presented our thoughts what is your decision?” the way you ask will play a factor ask with confidence that you just delivered the Wolf of wall street speech to your client and he’s hungry to give you the work without confidence this will turn into a “dont call us we will call you” moment and you dont want that.

“Carpe Diem” Seize the day and win that business contract.

Business Meeting Results, How did you deliver?

Ask for the result and get a verbal confirmation that you have provided a well received proposal from the client make it known that you have the talent to complete the job and make it known you are ready to take the job and deliver as outlined in your compelling outline of deliverables. If you can get the nod of approval you can guess whats going on with your prospective client cant you?

Ban technology

The reality is that if people are allowed to bring smart devices into the meeting and if they have device cover where no one can see them using the device how long do you think they will last without playing around on the device? Also you can eliminate text messages, phone calls notifications everything that leads to distraction by saying leave your phones in the car. You want to have a contributing team not a candy crush obsessed team.

Team and Self review post business meeting

Review the meeting overall and look at points in your approach and delivery to improve on for the next meeting, always strive to improve with every step forward.

Some good questions for self or team review are;

  • How was our opening statement received?
  • What went over really well?
  • Was there a dull moment?
  • What didnt get the reaction we had planned?
  • What didnt we have an answer for?
  • What part of the meeting would we change and why?

A good honest review of you or your teams performance can reveal some adjustments that may help with the next meeting, do this after every meeting and you will soon find your delivery becoming stronger and stronger. Always learn from your mistakes and identify strengths and weaknesses where you can draw focus to or strengthen the delivery of a weaker point.

Take a round the table pop Q&A about the business meeting how everyone felt what improvements can be made or did they leave out anything that would of helped its always good to review processes and make improvements.


Make intelligent small talk in between the official meeting agenda and show confidence at all times ad your part of the proposal and dont overstep the talking read the play and respond to your teams body language at the end of the day you want to convert this business meeting into a paying client so use these steps to gather the best foot forward and engage your new business leads to sign them up as your long time loyal clients.


I hope this has helped you in some way. See you on the blog.


5 Essential Steps to Win Over Competitors

5 Essential Steps to Win Over Competitors

5 Essential steps to win over competitors

I decided to write about how to compete by not competing with your competitors after watching my Facebook news feed fill up with sponsored adverts by “digital marketing” local businesses targeting the same damn audience and that made me think about the diversity of clientele out there that are going to be upset that they have not been marketed to enough yet said no one ever.

When I set up my client targeting I try to look outside the box I think if i was a big marketing agency that had 30+ mouths to feed what would be my big fish that I would need to target to be able to feed my troops and then I work out businesses that are similar to those “big fish classified” businesses and work on their similarities I dont want to target the same clientele as the large agencies I could not compete head on they have more firepower to invest in the marketing campaign than I do and going up against a large agency with a larger marketing budget doesnt sound like a bright idea…..just yet 🙂

So now I know who my larger competitors are targeting and I know the similar related business types that I CAN target and I begin to prepare my marketing campaign focused on that client and Im competing with the larger agency but not directly, and if I wanted to be very cheeky and get them to do a lot of the hard work I could follow their marketing tactics used for the “big fish” and just make the edits I need based on my smaller big fish client so using their Google Adwords targeting and keywords but adjust them to campaigns needs, Ill watch the advert that is being used on Facebook or on Google Adwords search display and see the level of engagement it gets obviously on Facebook I can tell right away if it is going to be a winner by the likes, comments tags and shares so if I see that  then I use a similar image never a direct copy of what they use and then use that as my go to ad image for my campaign. #competingnotcompeting

Compete without competing 

The phrase “compete without competing” is a tad confusing like how can you do that? #compete Well you are going to be competing with your competitors but not directly making your job of client targeting have a much less competitive barrier to get ahead in.

1. Compare your target audience to your competitors

Are you targeting the same prospective clients as your competitors? ask your lead generation team why? with the landscape so broad and so many businesses out there why settle for marketing to the exact same audience as your competitors, I would measure my competitors content and paid ads to see if we are targeting the same audience and if we are then adjust the aim on my client scope to find a pocket of potential clients that they are not marketing towards is it me or does that just make sense?

When you have no boarders restricting your targeting dont think so narrowly that you miss out on what is right in front of you. Everyone knows a doctor or a plumber if you get to a roadblock in your client targeting look to your family for leads who do you know in your family that does something not so mainstream, do you know someone that works at a morgue? Can you remember the name of that aunt whose partner is the guy that owns the company responsible for home distress alarm installations? think outside the box this works for agency level and small work from home types (like myself) the work is out there and you just need to know how to find it.

If your competitor A is targeting primary schools and competitor B is targeting Universities the natural target for you might be to focus in on high schools would you agree? none of your competitors are targeting them, Wrong go one step sideways and focus in a more specific schooling example such as secondary schooling services for those that missed out on finishing high school, or focus in on specialist schools such as ballet, dance, vocal coaching maybe you want to look at trades and apprentices see how a shift sideways can open up another category of prospective clients.

Dont mirror your competitors target audience.

2. Look at what they are doing compared to what you are doing

Your competitors are doing something that works, they have a client base and are pushing their sales and marketing now what are they doing that is working for them to keep bringing in new clients?

You can use elements of what the competitor is doing in your marketing but I strongly advise against a straight cut copy and paste this is not ethical or innovative just pure lazy use your own twist to take the core of what is working for them and twist it to sound like your brands voice and highlight your brands unique selling position so that you have a winning foundation and then add your own voice to it, be creative go forward and conquer. Online marketing is competitive enough without hijacking the exact marketing campaign that your competitors are using that will be asking for trouble and no doubt will not return results as well as you had planned.

I will facepalm myself every time I see a mirror image marketing campaign of a successful Facebook ad campaign someone markets an eCom product really well on Facebook or Instagram and within the next 48 hours the advertising for that product have increased by ten fold it’s like the people that have no creativity have seen a Facebook ad for a solar powered mobile phone charger with over 100 likes, 40 tags and comments and thought to themselves “Thats selling red hot, I need to sell this exact same thing and Ill use that same image” look out Facebook news feeds here comes the hot-stepper.

3. Reverse Engineer their most effective methods

Reverse engineering sounds like a fancy way to say steal their techniques and while it is if you just cut copy and paste what they are doing and use it in your business, be original and put your twist on the technique make it work for you and make it as unique as you can.

One successful campaign I saw was a greyed out  background with the offer & call to action (CTA) in highlighted red colours really featuring the offer and what that marketing company wanted you to focus on it certainly drew my focus in on what it was and what I was supposed to do. I then reverse engineered this method for an ecommerce store product I have and used the grey background with an orange highlighted offer and call to action that was my focus point in the advert.

This worked really well for a week and a half then I myself was hijacked with the exact same advert 🙁 but it goes to show that if it works you can emulate it with your own voice and be successful, I made $980.00 from $68.00 ad spend all in all a decent ROI on my paid ads campaign. The person who hijacked my  ad set had a dismal 2 likes no comments and 1 share, they may not of achieved the same results but they opted to use the exact same advert I was using but changed the text on the advert they used a white overlay with black shadow effect under the text not a very good choice considering the background was grey but that shows lack of innovation.

I used a billboard advert as my foundation for creation I took the colour scheme that made me look at that billboard and used it to run a Facebook ad campaign for a retail product completely different to what the original billboard advert was selling and to think back I believe it was real estate selling affordable land from memory.


4. There is enough work for everyone

Remember that there is enough work for everyone if you know where and how to find it, you do not want to reverse engineer what your competitor is doing and then target the same leads that they are that is lazy and I would call it unprofessional. Lets look at it like this

there is a suburb with four fuel stations and 2 hundred thousand people living in this suburb thats should work out to 50,000 people to each fuel station not bad and lets say marketing company A, B, C and D are all located around the first 2 fuel stations and market to those people who attend the first two fuel stations everyday getting the faces of the people filling up their vehicles selling the same product or service while fuel stations 3 and  4 are not even on the radar for the marketing companies until marketing company D decides that its a cramped feeding ground at the fuel stations 1 and 2 and head s over to fuel station 4 and sets up his marketing stand to the fuel station where he has zero competition he is there with no competitors and can operate without dropping prices or sacrificing quality as he has a stream of incoming leads at the service station number 4.

Now marketing company C notices that company D has gone walkabout and shifts the focus to fuel station 4 when marketing company C gets to fuel station 4 he notices marketing company D doing really well with people at his marketing stand showing interest he pauses and thinks to himself “hmm if D can have a station to himself let me do some math 4 companies x 4 fuel stations = 1 per station” he’s a smart cookie this marketing company and he gives marketing company D the nod and navigates towards fuel station 3 with the help of trusty Google Maps app on his mobile phone the marketing company C is off to claim his stake in fuel station glory and when he gets to fuel station 3 he sets up his stand and gets to work marketing to an untapped client pool.

Now you can imagine what is happening back with marketing company A & B cant you? do you think they have noticed the changes and made moves to secure their own stream of continued to compete?

knowing most marketing agencies I would put money on they have noticed a slight increase in clientele now that two competitors have moved away and they think that they have the sweet spot in the market and continue to pump fuel station 1 & 2 with marketing offers the same goes with marketing company B completely blind to the bigger picture and still peddling to the same audience.

Now humor me a little and in the comments below tell me if you think it is completely possible that since the marketing companies A & B are so focused in on the two fuel stations that they completely overlook two fuel stations in their area that either marketing company C or D have now had such a success with their efforts that they have put more people on to grow and scale their agency that they can now send dedicated marketing teams back to fuel service station’s 1 & 2 to start offering marketing services and because they are new faces with new offers the customers at fuel station 1 & 2 have been seeing the same adverts every day they have become almost blind to marketing companies A & B and welcome a fresh approach and this is where the beauty of smart out of the box marketing comes into play.

Be creative and work out where your competitors are there is so much work out there you do not need to focus on the same client base.


5. Leverage your unique selling point in the market space

Your business is unique to you but how can you showcase that uniqueness to your audience? To stand out from your competitors you need to have your own identity imagine if you and your competitors were all pitching the same service and that was you, company A, company B, Company C and so on all pitching for a customer how would you stand out? you wouldn’t and the customer would choose the person whose business was the first returned search result if online, but you can stand out and attract attention to your business by having a unique selling point you can sell insurance but can you sell insurance with a twist? of course you can it is about being creative to capture your audience so they come to you and not company a, B and C.

Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show’s called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show they decide if they’re going to make more shows. Some pilots get picked and become television programs. Some don’t, become nothing. She starred in one of the ones that became nothing.

There is minimal question that the U.S. actual estate market is going through a profound transformation. Following many a long time of freewheeling lending tactics and unsurpassed will increase in dwelling valuations, the authentic estate current market is going through a key correction. Property values are dropping in several parts all-around the country, and some house owners are experiencing an impending uptick in their adjustable amount mortgage loan payments, placing them in an untenable situation.

In small, it is really a risky market place. Creditors are tightening the conditions for mortgages, and the window for subprime lending is closing. Some owners who are holding subprime mortgages are facing foreclosures, while some others are striving to provide their residences right before they obtain on their own in a detrimental fairness circumstance. As a outcome, genuine estate industry experts, buyers, and household sellers are scrambling to attain an edge in a competitive market.


**What products and solutions are suitable for Area on the web product sales?**

This video will challenge you to think outside the box when marketing no one likes a cut copy cat and paster.


Be the smart marketer and use innovation in your campaigns to do something different and stand out against your competitors

Online marketing is a super competitive industry and it is only going to get more and more competitive as we evolve with technology and move more towards digital marketing, be ahead of the game and notice the trends as they happen try and diagnose popular trends and the way in that consumers interact with technology one such example I am getting my ears wet on is the near me search function on mobile search a massive market for bringing in new clients by helping them optimise for near me micro moments when people need their business in the moment can they be found? yes if you optimise for it.

Online marketing is the future for local businesses they will need to adapt and change with the times and a smart marketing agency will be there before that change is going to happen planning and preparing for the shift in consumer habits ushering in a new way in which consumers search for businesses can drive a tonne of new client business to a marketing firm if they understand how to analyse the market.

Nearly any solution can be promoted online to a community market place if you are organised to put in the time, work and expense essential to make an impression. You may well be in a position to get comparatively speedy final results with some merchandise. But typically talking due to the fact you are dealing with a confined geographic place the range of future clients on the lookout for your merchandise at any supplied time will be somewhat compact. So the reaction will ordinarily be slow in coming.

But if you are planning to be all-around for the very long haul, persistent on-line promoting initiatives will inevitably pay out off. And the finest time to get began is suitable now. There is certainly little doubt that there are more than enough potential clients out there if you know how to find them.

Read more on the Webmecs Blog page for marketing tips and techniques.

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