Web Design & Development 

I belive that the website is the modern  day salesman. The website doesnt sleep and never takes sick days, plus its not on a salary. This makes me put an emphasis on businesses to make their website speak volumes about their products and services. The website is the number 1 money maker.

Website Design

Having a website is like having a sales person who never sleeps or takes holidays. If you don’t think of your website like this it;s fair to say you are probably missing our on a lot of leads and sales. I work with a lot of websites and can pick holes in teh best of them from a sales point of view and a technical good for Google point of view.

I really enjoy building websites and helping to create something that can help shape a businesses online activity. The devil is in the details, I like to ask what the next steps are for anyone who has a website built by me because I can add even more value by promoting your new website to the world online. 


I build websites on either WordPress or Shopify.

My aim when building your new website is putting the real vital elements first and foremost. Sales is the lifeblood of every business so I design with sales in mind.

Design clear and easy to navigate

Functional use across all devices

Developed to W3 world wide web standards


I keep it simple so you get your website up and running after 6-8 weeks of development and testing. If you already have a design thats great I can work with that. The key is knowing your business enough to build the website with the user in mind.

Once the website is built and set live if you want any additional development work or changes I am available at an hourly rate or on monthly subscription. You can order the monthly subscription here.

I also offer website hosting for WordPress websites only. You can order website hosting here.


6 weeks

The design is quite quick but building the site takes a couple of weeks. 

“Having such a large sprawling ecommerce website on an old legacy platform Webmecs helped us cut the useless clutter and keep the valuable content as we migrated to a newer more modern platform on Magento. Very precision service.”

Robert Samuels – Founder, Livingstone