I always schedule time once a week to look over my own websites and look at what’s working and what I need to pay more attention to. Looking at client website analytics data is scheduled in 3 times per week just to keep track of their campaigns.

I enjoy tracking and reporting on the success, and helping to improve on not so successful campaigns for our business clients. Testing and refining the campaign each step of the way, optimising for whatever your end goal is I help you get there.

Google Analytics Insights

When you run over your dashboard and see how your audience is using your website, where they come from and what they search for you gain more of an understanding about your target market. I run multiple strategic data marketing campaigns through my data performance assessment process to highlight metrics that present either a risk or an opportunity.

Schedule at least one time per week to go and visit your analytics dashboard, and familiarise yourself or check in on the web traffic metrics. Always look at reviewing your web analytics as part of your own internal procedure for understanding your marketplace, a simple review of web data can return more information than most understand.

Customer engagement is very clear when you understand how the analytics insights tell the story. I find it very useful for shaping your content strategy or shaping your paid advertising targeting.

If you want to discuss how to implement a strategy that uses your websites analytics data to help direct your audience targeting contact me and I’ll help get you set up.