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Webmecs has a 20 customer limit at all times. I limit the number to control quality of work delivered.

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Do you do all the work?

We can do the work myself or plug into your existing team to guide them or fulfil a specific role. We will also work with any marketing agency you have to help guide them or assess their work. For our monthly subscriptions yes we do the work, we keep a limit on the number of clients we have at any one time so that we can maintain quality of work.


What is this 20 customer limit you mention?

We have a strict 20 customer limit. This means we take on a maxium of 20 clients at one time, no matter how tempting it is to expand we enforce a limit. This allows the team to maintain quality of work we deliver, it also allows us to maintain control over the accounts we work on and not fall victim to the “got too big too fast” trap and chaos in our delivery.


Do you work with anyone?

We will work with anyone that will benefit from our advisory, consulting or a technology plan. We want to work with people that are invested in seeing their business suceed. We will also qualify the customers we take on so that we all agree on expectations and the way that we will work together.


Do you do lock in contracts?

No I do not do lock in contracts. We do monthly subscription service. You can subscribe as long as you want to with a two month end of subscription period. We would like you to work with us as long as you continue to see value.

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