Software & Technology Consulting

My motivation here is to help you move away from outdated, over priced software to faster streamlined, secure and more robust affordable software. Reduce wasted budget and wasted resources by using the right software for the job. I help you Fix Your Technology

Technology Consulting Services

Best CRM

The customer and sales management solution that powers the business. Control growth ops and dealflow from your next customer relationship manager software.

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Best Accounting Software

The best solutions for businesses considering switching bookkeeping and or accounting softwares. I provide my list of best solutions for finance software.

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Marketing Automation Software

To save you time, money and resources invest in marketing automation software to reduce manual handling and get your time back.

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Best Website Hosting

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Best Malware Protection

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Best Business Software

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Software Migrations

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Custom Software Builds

If you dont see something that fits what you are looking for here reach out and lets see if I can build you a technology solution that fits your business.

Lead time 8-14 weeks

Best Project Manager App

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Improve Productivity

Freelance Technology Consultant

The advancement in technology codebase and software development has made a huge change to who can afford what. The change also made it possible for specific software to serve specific industries cheaper & faster with no compromise on security.


Features that match your business goals


Pricing that matches your budget

Software Consultation  Overview

I assess and pull apart your existing software and Technology to find the flaws. By changing the software technology I have recommended most businesses have seen productivity increase by up to 38% across the board. 

Work with me to review and improve your company software technology stack. Cut wasted hours and go betweens while saving money on costly monthly subscriptions that stack up.

“Once Shane showed me how much double handling was happening in our backend it was obvious that we had been wasting resources on double handling and software that was crossing over. We saw immediate savings across the board. Thank you”.


CFO – Automotive Group

Work Smarter Not Harder

Use Better Software

I have been working with businesses on their technology choices for over 10 years and Ive seen a lot of wasted time and money on out dated, restricted and clunky technology. Work with me and get the full depth of my network of programmers and developers who use the latest code languages and technology to build flexible cohesive software.


Modern flexible codebase


Fast safe secure software that works


Software for every business

My approach to technology

Software & Technology Consultant

My knowledge and expertise around software and technology can save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted subscription money.


What does the business need from software


What functions and features are critical or nice to have


What software has these features and suits the budget


Test run of the software handling the requirements


Software architecture migration and QA


Monitoring and further testing


Business as usual

Looking for a technology Architect?

If that sounds like the plan that you need for your business technology requirements please contact me. Due to the nature of your requirement we may need anywhere from 1 month to 3 months lead time. No migration is the same and there is usually a lot of prep work required before we even think of going live with new software.

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