Technical SEO Audits

The biggest positive you get from SEO is that your website becomes more easily found for a range of search terms that help you sell more products & services to people looking for those things.

What Are SEO Audits?

Your Website Reviewed Under A Microscope

Google & YouTube make up 80% of online searches, meaning if you are not giving Google search any focus you are missing out. I’ve worked on a lot of SEO campaigns and know that there is real growth available with this tactic for EVERY BUSINESS.

If you don’t optimise for searches on Google you might as well just let your competitors keep taking all the good quality leads and sales right from your hand. When you have visibility online you have the cherry-picking of all searches who are looking for what you do and sell. SEO is a no-brainer for me to use for every business I work with because it works time and time again.

If you want to grow you need SEO, but I will say this it is not overnight this is the long play with expected results 3-6 months into a campaign.

You Are In Good Company

Expert Business Intelligence

The biggest positive you get from SEO is that your website becomes more easily found for a range of search terms that help you sell more products & services to people looking for those things.

My Audits uncover costly mistakes in code and structure like:

Uncover how Google crawls your website

Identify code errors and roadblocks

Assess indexing status for bloat

Is your website working correctly

Correct the information that your website gives Google


I find several problems with 90% of the websites that I work with.

A) The website is only giving Google 40% of what it should be or 300% more than it needs to. I know the sweet spot for what Google wants.

B) The website is in such bad shape it becomes an uphill battle.

C) The website code is so bad its actually choking the performance of the website.

In most cases I can work with all of the above but it takes a shift in the focus and ultimately takes longer to get results. Working with me comes with a couple of benefits, I am a developer and fix most website problems. And I understand Google the internet and content marketing better than most people. In short I make it work in your favour and I do it for the long haul not for a quick boost and it’s gone tomorrow. Start working with me here.

I’ll provide you with recommendations to resolve any issues and what to do next. I check the website technical health and your SEO work

*Google changes in search are out of my control.

“We had some real issues with our website and franchise sites not getting the visibility we wanted and Webmecs came in reviewed our problem and within 2 months changed our entire online sales visibility. It was like someone put nitro fuel into our car engine. We are now making company record sales month on month.”

Cherry Wiseman – Head of Marketing

We work with every sized business

The size of your business does not impede my my ability to review, analyse and assess your website’s technical issues. I work with 1-page applications up to e-commerce 2 million+ pages.

My end goal is providing you with the roadmap to fix your website’s issues so that it has the best chance to perform online.

What sets me apart


I have the software and tools to review Amazon if I was asked to. No website is too big or too small.


If there is a problem with your website I’ll find it. I am very creative in my methods and no stone is left unturned.


I’ve consulted the likes of Subway, BMW, Audi, Harley Davidson. I know online strategy and how Google works.


This is my profession when engaged I go to work. Its as simple as that.

Some Common Questions Around My Website & Technical Audit Consulting Service

How long will the audit take?
I’m limiting the time to a 10-minute audit. In some cases, these audits can take an hour or much more if its a big website and for a more in-depth review.


The in-depth audits are not included in this offer. They take hours and require looking at more complex elements.


I will deliver the audit by way of video recording and after 4 days from when you purchase the audit. When you have the video you may use it or show your team, this is your audit review.

Can I do audits on your competitors website?
I can do this for you. I may ask you for 1 or 2 business-specific things like why is this a competitor before I make the review.

If I don’t hear from you and I’m approaching the end of the 4-day delivery window Ill go ahead and make the audit review without your input.

Will you be doing the audits yourself?
Yes. I will personally be doing each audit.

I could look at farming these out to an offshore person who you & I don’t know but the value in that is not what I want to provide.

I am genuine in wanting to help businesses get better results and to thrive online.

I will personally be doing each audit.

Can you do the recommendations?
Number 1 I develop the plan and provide you my recommendations. From there its up to you if you continue to work with me or have someone else do the work.

Here are the options once you have the recommendations:

Work with me for the implementation

Work with me just for recommendations

Take my recommendations and have your agency or team do the work

If  I say no, please don’t take offence. I know my worth, my value of time and how busy I am each month and your project just may not fit within my schedule.

No hard feelings either way it is a business.

What experience do you have?
Great question. I have a lot of experience as a business owner and as a marketer. SEO is a passion that I have thrown myself into and worked with some name brand businesses like Subway, Papa Johns, Harley Davidson, BMW, Capricorn, John Hughes, Acton, and many more.

I consult with marketing managers and business owners all over the world, my name is mentioned in many industry blogs and my inner circle is some of the most prolific thought leaders in the industry.

My hands on experience is extremely deep I train marketers of all levels weekly and have a regular group of consulting students some of which have seen incredible results for their own marketing businesses.

Will you only make SEO recommendations?
If you order the audits on this page then yes. I will be commenting on website structure, design and usability.

If you are happy with the audit review I send you and want me to review your Google Ads or Facebook Ad account or other marketing channels please let me know. I am a business owner and very familiar with more than just marketing.

If you want a business operation, technology stack or some due diligence on a potential business acquisition I am highly skilled in these areas as well.

Can you ask for specific focus areas for the audit?
Yes you can. When you order the audit add your URL and leave any questions you have or a specific area you want to have reviewed.

I will take those requests and answer them first.

Do you offer refunds?
The reality is I can but I shouldn’t. I will be doing the work and delivering what was paid for.

If for some reason the video didn’t work, you didn’t get any sound, I used the wrong website as the target or some other reason where the video was not working then Yes I will refund the order.

If the video works and everything you get is as stated on the sales page then no I will not refund. These audits take my time and that’s what the already heavily discounted price point covers.

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