What Are Micro Moments?

Micro moments are those split second impulse decisions where someone for this example searches Best Hair Salon near me and the searches will present to the user the most relevant locations near their location, mobile search is the way of the future everyone has a mobile and mobile search has taken over. Be prepared and optimise for micro moments so you have the lead over your competitors when it comes to your buyers making choices that you can answer.

Micromoments occur when people reflexively turn to a device more so  their smartphones to action a desire to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or purchase something. These intent-rich moments are when decisions are made and preferences shaped. Our mobile first world is changing we want faster we want now on demand results you either fit in and provide to your market or you simply fall behind, but saying that there is no race to dominate these near me micro moments not many marketing agencies have grasped the term yet and when they do its still an emerging trend so expect changes at your finger tips as this evolves.

When you fully understand the mechanics of near me micro moments you can connect the dots and see the semantic relationship between entities and then optimise for these moments providing a customer journey that provides exactly what the user wanted and rewards them for visiting your pages. Your website visitor wants to learn a new skill, buy a new product or decide if that robotic vacuum cleaner is really going to save time on housework, and they will do this by using the nearest device when the micro moment takes place they will want that query answered and you need to be the one that provides the answer or product & service that satisfies this micro moment demand.

Google shows us how they value these micro moments[/et_pb_text]

1. Optimise for mobile-centric searches

Consumer interest and demand is crucial in providing the service that answers their demand if you understand this you have an advantage over your competitor’s who may not yet understand their audience as well as you do, drill down and learn how your customer searches for you are they mobile orientated? great now identify what smartphone they use to interact with you and make sure you have optimised your site for the various screen sizes of smartphones so you are showing as mobile friendly at all times on all screens be prepared for mobile centric searches and queries stand out ahead of the pack and be found on all devices.

Your website analytics can help you unlock buyer search terms on your website and open opportunities that you have not considered as new streams of customer interest uncovering your buyer insights reveals powerful data that you can use to grow your business.

2. Understanding your customer FAQ’s Learn what it is they want

Your customers most common questions can hold the key to your success online you need to know your customer and you need to learn what they want and then provide that to them. Researching your competitor’s brand and how they interact with their own followers can add an alternative view on how you can interact and engage with your customers. What questions do they ask? Are they looking for a broad term or a specific term? is it a buyer search term or an intent term? key questions you need to answer.

Don’t stop at your competitor’s brand while you are in research mode look up your brand and see how your customers ask for your brand. Understanding keywords and search phrases can help your business identify new avenues and opportunities within your market.

Looking for a buyer targeted keyword research strategy? Apply here we can provide you with buyer intent keyword search terms for your market.

Understanding your customers can mean huge improvements in the way that they interact with your brand online failing to understand the people that are funding your business is critical in growth if you plan to scale your business. Create informational and educational content that helps satisfy search queries your audience has provide useful answers that attracts people to your website then learn how they interact with your content to adapt even further.

3. Survey your customers for new micro moment trends

You need customers for your business to survive and the most important thing you can do is listen to your customers drop a survey on them to find out what they like how they interact and use your website so you can use that data to adapt your services and website to cater for the way your audience uses your services. Identify emerging trends and push your service or product to cater to those new trends asking can uncover new useful micro moment trends that you can shape your business around.

4. Be the customer experience your brand journey

As your customers browse the web they shift from micro moment to micro moment at lightning speeds they need to land on your micro moment uninterrupted and have seamless transition in their arrival and exit so limit pop ups and cater for speed and UX have a customer journey that encompasses the micro moment start to finish not just the landing page you need to optimise the checkout page and the thank you pages that whole journey start to finish so that your user experience is contained unbroken and the transition is smooth.

Take time out to take your brand’s customer journey unfiltered pretend you are the customer and take the ride down your brand’s rabbit hole to feel what it’s like.

Example questions you need to ask about your brand micro moment customer journey:

Are those pop up’s annoying?

Does the slider move images to fast?

Can you easily navigate from page to page?

Are you category page tabs big enough?

Does the thank you page really thank your customer or is it a cold generic “Thank you!”?

Want to see how one of the world’s biggest brand’s uses these micro moments to capture the market share of their target audience?

Coke-a-cola released this video showing how they use these consumer moments to their advantage, watch listen and learn.

Answer your questions about what you really give your customer and you will be surprised at the results, Now ask your team members to all take that same unbiased journey and come back to you with notes of improvement and things that can be done better. What you get out of this companies pay big doller’s for consultant’s like me to come in and provide CRO advice on fixing the holes in their funnels here is your DIY tip to fixing your own funnels. Capitalising on these micro moments can have a tremendous effect on your business as this is relatively new trend that not many businesses understand yet or know how to optimise to capture the micro moment as it happens, yes it can be difficult to stay on top of every new trend as it happens but here on this post you have an advantage.

Once you have that data you just need to not only “fix” the problems but improve on them if you really want to impress, adding a band aid does not heal a wound you treat the wound so it fully heals. Having a broken consumer journey can lead to bad reviews online and offline and reputation management online doesn’t fix everything.

Your business should go over the collected data and identify how the business can be “useful” everyday so in these micro moments your business has value to contribute to those that search and land on your web pages. Your business managers and project managers should role play examples of these four main types of micro moments: I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy moments where your business needs to provide answers to these search terms to qualify as “useful” nail that and you have the start for improving your customer journey. Every team member should have something to contribute to the improvement processes from map integration to keyword research and even analytics it all helps customise your brand’s understanding of your mobile first market audience experiences.

5. Speak to your customers unbiased views

Try this technique and see what the reactions are like and then decide if this method might be something you roll  out more mainstream for your operations team, select a random customer with a contact number and call them up speak to them about the service or product and how they felt about the purchase journey and if they would purchase with you again also ask “What can we do better?” you will get an honest outsiders perspective that can help you identify often problems that remain in your business blind spot. A recent random call I took made me aware of an automated follow up sequence that was outdated once identified I cancelled that out of date email sequence and refined that customer follow up process its the small things that can help make your customer journey more satisfying.

Just speaking to your audience can uncover the way that they use mobile search in real time as not every industry will utilise mobile search the same way so understanding your customer is paramount in catering for new customers. Once you understand your customer be it times of search and days they use search example A a coupon site may drop new deals on every Tuesday so it’s audience will search on Tuesdays for the new deals if you have that data you have critical information that can help grow your business.

As consumerism shifts to mobile, you must understand intent signals for micro moments across the journey. It helps to also look at what similar companies are doing and analyse how existing content is performing. (Ask your agency to help or, if you’re in an agency, offer this service to brands.)

Your business goal using micro moments is to build agile resourceful on the go effective engagement that satisfies your customer journey in the real time scenario and moving forward in the age of Mobile search you should consider using effective Mobile SEO processes to capture your market share of micro moments and always be working towards consumer changes of behaviour and analyse your shifting trends.

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My Buddy Angel the talented micro moments marketer created this extremely relevant infographic on the topic of micro moments and the impact of near me searches.

Google Micro Moments Near Me Mobile
Courtesy of: Micro Moments Mobile Search Infographic.
Google is the largest search engine on the planet and they do search queries so well this video below really sums up how mobile search has changed and the micro moments that shape a users decision
based on intent check it out.
Micro Moments are intent rich decisions that shape a search query for a user, especially effective when combined with a paid advertising strategy. The ability to geo target people while for example they are on a bus on the way to work outside the city CBD is genius.
Is your business optimised for these new mobile search trends? Get onboard now before this becomes mainstream.
I would suggest for anyone who wanted to get ahead of this is to imagine yourself in yoru customers shoes. You could try different ways that the customer would search for your product or service and then focus on marketing that speaks to that type of search.
Search intent is not going away everything starts with a search.