Build Marketing Sales Funnels

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Do You Have a Leaky Sales Funnel?

“The biggest mistake businesses make is to expect people to come back. The way consumers are behaving right now is very me first without brand loyalty unless prompted to return. The sales funnel cuts through the noise to bring people back into your world. You win on all fronts, you increase revenue, you increase lifetime value of a customers and have repeat business. The sales funnel is an absolute minimum marketing tactic in 2020 businesses need to adopt to get ahead.”

You will need some funnel programming software to get started. It is never the tool that gets results, but more so the planning and execution of the plan within the tool. I highly recommend these two options and the best thing is they can operate with your existing website.




Generate Qualified Leads


Increase Email Subscribers


Explainer Time How Funnels Work

The funnel is the NEW website. 

Normally you have a webpage that is your sales page but there are distractions like blogs and non-trasactional content. The sales funnel is a strategically crafted series of pages designed to move customers through sales offers and opportunities to maximise the sale cycle.

The funnel uses payments, email messaging, reviews, and clever content to help people make decisions and purchases based on what is in front of them. These sequences of web pages act as a customer journey throughout your product and service offering. You control what gets shown to the customer and when. This allows for higher spend per user when directing them through your sales funnel.

A recent funnel campaign I implemented resulted in a store going from selling a $49 one-off product to selling $900 of products in one transactional customer journey.

Sales funnels work. They work for ecommerce and appointment-setting businesses. This is 🔥🔥🔥

Why Sales Funnels Work So Well?

Segments Buyers

You can easily target the people who are on the fence or the red hot buyers in segments.

Engages People

You have the power to share updates, offers, news, and much more at your fingertips.

Creates Opportunity

You can start to project your dealflow pipeline better when using sales funnels. The numbers become clearer. You know what sells better than others and what your customer responds well towards. Business clarity is an opportunity.

Increases LTV

You start to understand the lifetime value per customer more clearly. Allows for future planning.

Control of Journey

You can now plan out the best user journey to increase sales at each step of the journey.

Builds Loyalty

Consumers want points & rewards for their loyalty to your business and now you can give that to them easy peesy.

Increases Revenue

You can sell more things to one person instead of one thing to lots of people once. This is the breakthrough.

Know Your Numbers

When you know your numbers you can work out what it takes to scale your numbers upwards.

Funnels keep customers coming back!

How To Build A Sales System

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Funnel Results

1435k New Email Subscribers I added a large number of new subscribers to this clients email list so that they could remarket to them over and over again.
75% New appointments set I helped automate the appointment setting sequence so it wasnt manual and this allowed for more focus on growing prospects.
62% Increase Online Sales Changing the sales offers shown to visitors lead to a HUGE increase in sales from the online sales funnel sequences.
We saw an increase of $40k in sales, increased customers returning to purchase AND added nearly 4 thousand new email subscribers to our business after adding 2 funnels. amazing”