There are a lot of people surfing the Internet everyday that are looking for new anonymous surfing tools that will allow them to protect their identity while the browse around.
There are some web-based applications available that will let you surf without disclosing your personal IP address, called web anonymizers, but there are some limitations that come with them.
One other options for anonymous surfing are the various commercial applications. These are programs that are installed directly onto your computer to protect you while you surf, chat, or email.
If you need a more powerful system that can protect you in a variety of circumstances, this may be the most ideal solution.
Web-based anonymizers are simple, but they won’t let you do any of your online banking or shopping.
The reason is that they don’t offer you any SSL or SSH encryption, which is necessary to perform transactions on most websites. Internet chatting won’t be covered, either.
That is simply beyond the functionality of these applications. If you are just a casual Internet user that doesn’t spend a lot of time online, a web-based program may be the best choice for you.
Using A VPN
It will disguise your personal IP address and let you surf anonymously without having to install a new program on your computer.
All you have to do to use these programs is visit the anonymizer’s website.
From that site all you have to do is type in the URL for your destination site and then let the site take over. It will redirect you to the site you wish to visit, but that site will only register your IP address.
If you wish to use a web anonymizer for more serious reasons, you can try some software on your computer. There are a number of programs that let you surf anonymously by encrypting your connection through an anonymous proxy.
These programs can be downloaded from the web and once you install it on your computer, you can start surfing anonymously. If you can’t seem to get one of these programs to run on your computer, then you’ll have to use one of the proxy servers.
Many of these sites are free but they are often a bit slow because of the number of users and advertisements helping to pay the bills for the site.
Web anonymizers are very convenient for the casual Internet user. If you’re using the Internet to just surf and don’t much more than email, chat, and shop online, then you can still surf safely using one of these programs.
However, if you have more serious things to do on the Internet, which mostly involves doing business, then you will probably want to seriously consider purchasing a commercial application.
This will also allow you to surf anonymously whenever you are online. Are there any doubts about web anonymizers and their ability to help you protect your identity? Not at all.
You can have this program installed on your computer and run everyday without putting much thought into it. It can provide you with maximum privacy whenever you are online. You can have the program configured to automatically change to different IP addresses each time you start your computer.
It can also monitor your activity through programs that run while you surf the Net. With these programs, you can finally surf anonymously and protect your identity with real time protection.
This is better than just using a web based program that might not be reliable. If you are looking for a sure way to surf anonymously and protect your identity online, you can’t beat the free web based proxy servers.
However, if you want the best and most reliable way to surf anonymously, then you can’t beat the commercial programs.