Facebook Ads Conversion Specialist


Because you don’t need social media marketing you need return on Ad spend.

Growing your business with facebook Ads is hard.

Finding the right Facebook ad agency is even harder.


Because you’re constantly bombarded by fake guru “hacks,” misleading claims and the same oversaturated tactics dressed up in fancy new buzzwords.

Maybe you’re worn down from trying to maintain success at scale.

Or maybe, you’ve hit a new stage of opportunity — your first year of $1M in sales — and want to continue breaking through using more online marketing tactics to see how far you really can grow the business.

Maybe other marketers & agencies have failed you. My word is my bond and I know the tools I work with just as I expect my clients to be the specialists at what they do. I couldn't market a business that didn't do what they said they could I just wouldn't work with them.

I built Webmecs to help businesses make the most of their online presence. Everyone is online now and you need to have a voice there to get new leads and sales. This is where I offer my specialist skillset.

I know Facebook Advertising and Conversion Rate Optimisation the art of increasing your leads and sales.


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Unlike Other Facebook Ad Agencies

I want to increase profit and revenue NOT Ad spend.

In addition to being an eCommerce Specialist for clients, I also run my own eCommerce brands selling to the public B2C.

Just like you, I have and fully understand the struggles with Facebook advertising.

That need to reach more potential customers and increase my revenue through paid advertising is why I've honed in on Facebook Ads as a service I deliver. It is frustrating, it is challenging and very time-consuming.


Three unique methods set my approach apart.
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1. Unique Ad Account Audits

I take a deep dive into your Facebook ad account to review what I have to work with before I do any building of my own ad sets. The benefit of this is I get to highlight what you were doing wrong OR your previous marketing agency. We don't make mistakes twice!!

The account audit will cover various must haves andsome policy requirements to run adverts dependant on the industry category. Facebook updates almost weekly so not everyone running ads is compliant. I have had a lot of hands-on with the Facebook policy auditors, You want this type of experience inside your ad account. I take compliance seriously, this is your revenue channel and I take care of it on your behalf.

Most Facebook Ad Account Audits return errors that are hindering your ad campaigns from spending the budget or spending too much budget because the ads are fighting for air and have to pay more to Facebook to get visibility.

My work starts with the account audit. This is non-negotiable. I have cleaned up other people mess before and I know my worth.

If you’re currently spending below target or constantly tinkering in Facebook Ads Manager, I help bring stability and efficiency.

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2. USP Positioning In Your Advertising


The greatest unlock to your ad account will not come from audience adjustments or bid strategies. It comes from presenting your product unique selling points in the most compelling way possible — new angles to sell to new customers.

If you’re stuck making manual changes or tired of small wins, then I can save you time and accelerate new growth.

facebook campaign one

3. Structured Targeting of the Right Audience

I take full advantage of Facebook’s machine learning by combining the right Ad Sets with the right Daily Budgets for your Facebook ad account enabled for the best possible matching of audiences. This helps to eliminate wasted spend, reduce Learning Phase time, and minimize human error.

Single account ROAS targets hide the very thing your business needs: money in your pocket. To carve a path to net profit, I set success metrics by SKU and measure LTV with campaign cohorts (60-120 day payback windows) where possible and dependant on any Facebook changes in the handling of data.

If you’re running on a single account ROAS target, I will make you more money, period.


If you’re currently spending below your target or constantly tinkering in Facebook Ads Manager, I help can bring stability and efficiency.

facebook campaign two

Grow profitably through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Facebook & Instagram adverts are very powerful if you have the creative and the budget to test the advertising. Because of the way the audience targeting works you need to split test ads against each other to find the “sweet spot” and then the cost per click drops dramatically making this very viable.

Social Media Buying & Planning

  1. Get better returns by combining your target audience’s intents with your products’ COGS and LTV
  2. Win from the first purchase with SKU-specific Facebook ad campaigns, pairing the right bidding strategy with the right offers
  3. Find your target consumer through interest stacks and custom audiences: engagement, interactions, and sales
  4. Move Facebook users from prospect to conversion with scroll-stopping headlines, copywriting, and placements
  5. Retargeting campaigns based on time-to-purchase that separate customers, visitors, browsers, and cart abandoners

How To Decrease CPC & Convert More Leads

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Facebook Ad Management Pricing

Facebook Ad Pricing & Timeline. Plans tailored to your needs. Contact For Custom Quotes.

  • Starter

    per month
    • 1 ad account
    • 1 ad campaigns
    • max 1 ad set per campaign
    • max 4 ads per campaign
    • Reports NOT included
  • Bestseller


    per month
    • 1 ad account
    • 2 ad campaigns
    • max 8 ad sets
    • max 14 ads per campaign
    • Reports NOT included
  • Pro

    per month
    • 1 ad account
    • 4 ad campaigns
    • max 12 ad sets per campaign
    • max 30 ads total
    • Reports NOT included

Additional marketing services are also available: PPC and search engine optimisation (SEO), Web development, Content marketing, email marketing, ad creative, content marketing, Landing pages and CRO, and more.

But, if your business is ready to see what I can do to help you grow …Pick a plan from above.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is involved in a facebook ad account audit?

This detailed checklist unearths the most common mistakes holding brands back from scaling — as well as the biggest opportunities …

  • Basics: Correct Pixel function and Catalog Manager set-up for ecommerce
  • Structure: CBO, cost caps set by AOV, budget-to-ad-set ratio, DPAs, and overall spend mix by audience
  • Targeting: Prospecting vs remarketing, proper exclusions, automatic placements, plus international and demographic testing
  • Optimization: Conversion campaigns optimized for purchase, bidding aligned with the funnel, landing pages, and profitability
  • Attribution: Click vs view deltas alongside determining your account’s delayed attribution multiplier (DAM)
  • Creative: Copy, content, ad format, and sizing; plus, baseline AIDA metrics to establish effectiveness stage-by-stage
How will you help my advertising on Facebook?

Move beyond the anxiety and daily chase of outcomes. Working with Webmecs gives you …

  • Greater efficiency because we require all our buyers to spend less than 30% of your money in the Learning Phase
  • Clearer demand forecasting with custom conversions on evergreen campaigns for product-level visibility
  • More new customers through a budget allocated for growth, rather than buying-back existing customers
  • Tighter pay-back windows with attribution mapped to your customer purchase journey
  • Better and higher profitability by SKU-level reporting, cohort-specific LTV, and product-specific campaigns
Why is Webmecs a good choice for Facebook Ads?
A digital media strategy tailored to your brand’s dream.

I don't take on a lot of clients my limit is 20 max clients at any one time. This allows me to maintain quality control over my accounts. Unlike agencies who HAVE to acquire bulk number of clients to pay for huge overheads I run lean.

I am a dedicated media buyer who plans, runs, and optimises your Facebook Ad Account:

Real-time buyer communication transparency inside your ad account

You have full transparency in what Im doing in your ad account at all times. While I buy media to scale spend, hit ROAS targets, and drive more leads and sales to your web forms.

Benefit from the experience of a seasoned media buyer

You get to benefit from my experience as a media buyer for some of teh countries biggest brands. I cut my teeth in ecommerce, affiliate marketing, automotive and several other tough competition markets. 

The skills I learned in these markets with ad accounts spending $50k+ weekly on advertising can now be deployed on your ad accounts.

How do you deliver reporting on Facebook Ads?

Really I find reporting redundant when you have access to your ad account.

I will show you how to read and interpret the data. I am happy to guide you on how to get the insights that matter.

But for reporting I believe you can search and find the metrics you need without either of us driving to the others office and wasting time.

I can do calls when required but I am a business owner who needs to focus on my service delivery.

Reporting is NOT included in any service agreement unless otherwise agreed upon in the sales process.

Campaign Results

158k+ New Sales Last Month I optimised a Ad campaign for a new search term based on buyer intent that resulted in a huge increase of $158k new sales for this business.
75% New Leads From Paid Ads The right targeting using a decent budget grew this business by more than 75%. I drove more sales than the internal marketing team.
45% Lifted Online Sales Taking the traffic I was sending to a better conversion focused web page improved online sales by over 45% for this local services business. “I know the leads we get after turning the ads on was 100% higher quality than our normal website leads.”