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Explode Your Growth With Facebook Ads.


Take your business to the next level by harnessing the biggest social media network on the planet. There has never been a real rival to Google’s Adwords paid platform until Facebook entered the search marketing world. 


Facebook Advertising Increases Business. Fact!


Tried Facebook Ads with No success?


Not impressed with your campaigns Results?


Looking at Using Facebook Advertising To Grow Your business?


It’s super powerful for your business… But your must have a definitive and concise strategy if you really want to succeed.



When you use Facebook to advertise your products and services you are accessing their data. We have all heard the rumours that Facebook is listening to our conversations and collecting our activity data about what we do online. Our browsing history would surely have the analysts at Facebook data HQ scratching their heads not something we are proud of but none the less a fun fact.

As a marketer accessing Facebooks data network is like being a kid in a candy store. The insights that Facebook uses to help target the right audience is a little overwhelming, but extremely helpful in targeting the right people. We are seasoned marketers and can still be a little intimidated by exactly how much data is available for creating audiences to target. It’s these powerful insights that allow us to create a dynamic targeting campaign that will serve up your advert to people most likely to perform the intended actions of your ad.

You might have heard of people sprouting off fancy acronyms like ROI and

ROI means return on investment, you put $1.00 into the Facebook advertising machine and you can get out $2.00 back. That is a return on investment with a profit of $1.00.

The age of click-baiting is now over meaning organic and most paid campaigns taking a huge hit in reach, engagement and visibility because Facebook put the hammer on asking people to perform certain actions like below:


Why We Should Market Your Business On Facebook.


Businesses that execute their own Facebook marketing campaigns spend about 8 hours per day working on them. That’s 8 hours too many. Plus, you’re not guaranteed results.

So why wouldn’t you put a skilled marketer in the driver’s seat?

I’ve invested heavily into paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to help brands promote content, offers and sales for a positive return on investment 9 times out of 10.

Q: But 9 out of 10 means you failed one time, how can I have faith in you if you failed?

A: Finding the audience is the toughest part of Facebook and Instagram advertising and when you have a. business where the audience that is your main customer audience isn’t really on these platforms there is a strong chance of the Ad campaigns will not be generating enough interest to hit the ROI.


Grow My Business With Facebook Ads!


If you want to grow your business today using Facebook Advertising contact us now for a strategy call. It’s FREE!


We Use Facebook Marketing Every day


Facebook has revolutionised the marketing world. Leverage every ounce of data you have about your target demographic to generate prospects that are ready to buy.


When you partner with Webmecs for paid Facebook Advertising campaign management you get:

  • Professional Ad creative designers at your service
  • A highly skilled marketer working on your ad campaigns.
  • Amazing custom content
  • Your content distributed through the most effective media channels
  • A detailed monthly report


Leveraging Facebook Advertising 
For Innovative Lead Generation

While most companies are thinking about likes and followers, 
we have been creating a unique system for generating 
high-quality new business leads for hundreds of companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region through sales funnels.

Don’t waste your Facebook advertising on broad audiences. Utilise the power of big data with Facebook’s Ad audience targeting features one of the most detailed advertising databases online.


  • Creating Lookalike Audiences
  • Manage Ad Spend
  • Advert Design Creation
  • Ad Sales Copy
  • Retargeting Audiences
  • Pixel Control
  • Campaign reporting

Our Specific Set Of Processes Attracts The Right Customers For Your Business



Engage both parents and prospective students from your highest performing market segments.


Connect with investors, first home buyers and upgraders with our proprietary targeting model.


Engage both parents and prospective students from your highest performing market segments.


Connect with investors, first home buyers and upgraders with our proprietary targeting model.


What Can You Advertise on Facebook? 

Decide on the type of Facebook campaign that you want to advertise and your end goal of what action you want a user to take once they click on your Ad.


  1. Deals
  2. Coupons
  3. Discounts
  4. Trials
  5. Giveaways
  6. Products
  7. Services
  8. Sweepstakes
  9. Contests


Facebook can accommodate most campaign types and I will provide alternative suggestions if I think that the campaign will not be successful or there are more chances of success with another type of campaign.


What does this mean? It means you can get even more value if you have a “Pay Per Click Strategy” for your business.


You Don’t Have To Go It Alone.

Eliminate expensive advertising by using our Facebook advertising services. I aim for a low cost per click and can optimise campaigns to decrease in cost of click as the advert runs and campaign optimises over time-saving you money.

Stop advertising with zero results and see an improvement in the first 14 days.   

You don’t have to research the current state of Facebook advertising unless you enjoy sifting through pages and pages, of often outdated information. Partner with Webmecs for targeted paid advertising using the Facebook platform for better results. 


Profitable Facebook Advertising campaigns with Webmecs Marketing.




While this concept may not make sense to you, yes it is entirely possible to turn $1.00 into $3.00 when advertising on facebook. You might think that it is unrealistic and why more businesses are not using Facebook ads and that’s a valid point. It surprises us on a weekly basis that more businesses do not use Facebook ads.


Can We Deliver Results? Yes.

When we say that it is entirely possible to turn $1.00 Ad spend into $3.00 new sales we mean it. Our Ecommerce clients have seen continued growth in revenue and brand loyalty with using Facebook advertising, so much so that they have stopped advertising on Google Adwords.


Adwords is not for all businesses and Facebook advertising is not for everyone. We can recommend which advertising platform is best suited for your brand and can manage either platform. Facebook ads are on par with Google Adwords for the cost of acquisition. The cost per click can significantly decrease once the campaigns are optimised. Once optimised you can expect to see a much cheaper cost per click or pay per click.


Why Hire Us?


We use Facebook ads every day, we manage Facebook adverts for many businesses. We are huge nerds for data, publicly we should avoid saying that but in business, it’s vital to the success of campaigns.


Want to take your Facebook marketing one step further? Lets partner together to make your Facebook Advertising campaigns a success. Contact us to get started!


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