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Freelance PPC Paid Advertising Specialist

Google Ads & Google Shopping product feed specialist freelance services. Make the most of your paid advertising budget by hiring my service to increase your results and decrease your costs.

Managed Pay Per Click Advertising Service

Who I Help?

Ecommerce Store owner: Busy running your business and struggling to manage all the product ads and inventory feeds and looking for a product ad listing specialist to help get a return on your ad spend.

Local Business Owner: Tired of always having to keep up with competitors and looking for an expert who can handle the day to day work required to stay competitive when advertising.

InHouse Marketing Manager: Busy inhouse marketing manager who needs someone reliable to help take on the implementation of the paid advertising. Wanting regular work on time and generating revenue from ad spend.

Consutant PPC Advertising

Get leads and sales today with Paid Advertising

Google Ads Service

Google Ads helps you get shown ahead of the organic websites. You pay per click and you get first dibs on the people searching for your targeted keywords. You can schedule ads, locations and exclude bad terms so that the quality of leads is good.

My Paid Advertising Services

Google Search Text Ads

The biggest search engine online, get leads who are looking for you by bidding on their search terms.

Gift basket grocery shopping

Google Shopping Ads

Selling products online? you need to be using Google Shopping ads. Your products shown directly in Google search results.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are best used for targeting people most likely to buy your product or service. They use powerful targeting.

Other Ad Platforms

Google & FB are not all there is I advertise on Bing, Pinterest, YouTube, Houzz and other platforms.

Why Work With a Paid Traffic Specialist?

Smart Targeting

When I know who you want to sell to, I use smart targeting to not waste your Ad budget.

Lead Generation

My goal is to send people to your web pages & sales offers. I drive leads to your website.

Budget Savvy

Luckily I’ve been doing this a while and I know how to be smart with Ad budget. 

Agile Marketing

I know the INs and OUTs of each Ad network enough to keep up with trends as they change.

Leads Today

You like most businesses wnat leads and sales today not next month. This is where I help you.

Attractive Offer

I make your sales offer look even more attractive to potential customers.


My deep knowledge of ad networks, trends, behaviour and intent makes me valuable.

A Step Ahead

No matter who it is you are up against I will always be a step ahead of them. #agile

“I worked with a big name brand agency for months with my advertising and they never seemed to get sales, switched to Webmecs and I could immediatley see he knew the industry really well. Thanks for taking the time to get it right”.


Founder – Store Owner

Your users aren’t just numbers, they’re real people

Unlike Other Google Ad Agencies

I run Google campaigns for direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands & online businesses

There are many ways to set up Google Ads.

And it’s not the same for eCommerce as it is for local retailers or B2B websites that want to generate leads.

Webmecs is an eCommerce specialist service provider. My aim is to help businesses and brands increase their leads and sales while decreasing the cost of advertising to get these new acquisitions.

My strength is that I have the hands-on experience of owning businesses like yours, stores that turn over similar numbers and joint ventures where I handle the advertising for the business. In short, I acquire, operate, and scale my own brands in-house.

All with one goal: profitability.

That means, when it comes to search, I focus my attention on Google Shopping and the product data feeds that power them.

This focus doesn’t neglect other paid-search placements — like Google Search Ads (Adwords), display ads, search remarketing, or even YouTube ads.

It does, however, give me unique insights into the mistakes eCommerce stores and Google agencies make.

In fact, righting three wrongs is precisely why myclients trust me to help them grow …

1 Under Spending Accounts


Two-thirds of all paid clicks on Google go to product listing ads (PLAs) — also known as Google Shopping Ads or Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Unfortunately, most search budgets dramatically underspend on this prime and high-intent ad space. Worse, rather than optimize your product feed to display key buying triggers, data gets abandoned to its default setting.

If you’re not spending >60% your budget on Shopping campaigns, then we can unleash Google Shopping as a new customer engine.

Google Shopping Ads for eccomerce with unbranded term: ID raceletsGoogle ad for eccomerce with unbranded term: pet portraits
  • Product reviews

  • Product category

  • Product title

  • Product description

  • Product groups

  • Product type

  • Product images

2 Over Spending Accounts


Sometimes numbers can lie. Real numbers. Even those super important ROAS (return on ad spend) numbers.

I see it all the time. Branded search ads are critical to an overall PPC strategy. But over budgeting leads to truncated results that look great on agency reports … but terrible on your business’ P&Ls.

Ican help audit your existing agency ad campaigns to analyse ad spend waste, spending when you dont need to be and identifying higher than average cost per click. 

Sadly some agency folks add  doller % markup on ad clicks meaning you pay a higher cost per click because they take a clip of your spend. This is not good practice and slightly dodgey.

If you’re currently spending more than 10% on Branded Search, I can dramatically improve your account’s efficiency.

Branded search eccomerce ads through Google Shopping

3 Left Over Scrap


The real key to scaling pay per click advertising goes beyond search.

It’s a full-funnel approach that infuses your best creative into channels like YouTube and display advertising. Customising content for placement and performance unleashes your brand everywhere customers turn.

Google calls this new shopping behavior the “messy middle.”

We call it the “brand lasso” — uniting demand generation with demand capture:

  • >60% Google Shopping Ads
  • 20% Search Text Ads (Adwords)
  • <10% Branded Search Terms
  • 8% Video and YouTube
  • 3% Display Network

If you’re stuck using paid search to capture bottom-of-the-funnel shoppers, I can unlock new growth at scale.

4 The Account Audit

It all starts with my 30-point Google
Account Audit to find out if you are the right partner for me to work with.

This detailed checklist unearths what’s holding your brand back — as well as your biggest opportunities …

  • Conversion Tracking: Correct setup and configuration for Google Ads Conversion Tag and Global Site Tag
  • Ads, Bid Strategy & Campaigns: Audit cost-per-click, conversion rate, daily budget, Quality Score, and ads to Ad Group ratio (2:3)
  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERP): Keyword research and extensive test searches for all applicable Ad Extensions
  • Creative: Ad copy, Responsive Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Expanded Text Ads, and YouTube videos

Most of the points I raise in my account audit are where the big agencies fall down, even the smaller ones dont setup tracking correctly so you NEVER have useful data.

Being a nerd I go hard on the tracking setup from day 1 so the data I give you is factual and a true reflection of whats happening in your Ad account.

Pay to play for faster results

Search engine marketing is hard.

Dealing with Google Shopping Ads, Google Merchant Center, and “product feeds” are even harder. Why?

Because unlike other PPC channels, Google Shopping campaigns run on complex data files that make ROAS feel like a maze of platforms, spreadsheets, and jargon.

Maybe you’ve run search ads without getting the results you wanted.

Maybe you’re just busy running your business and want a partner you can trust.

Or, maybe you’ve worked with other agencies who reported strong numbers, yet somehow failed to unlock new growth.

FAQ For my Paid Advertising Service

New account setup or extended audit

Each project begins with either my full-funnel setup or an extended audit. I need time to review & examine everything from keyword research, targeted search queries, negative keywords, competitors, campaign types, to bidding strategy.

Yes you can advertise your products

Shopping feed management

I am a seasoned Google Shopping expert and go deep on shopping campaigns, product feed setups, and optimizations within Shopify (or your eCommerce platform), Google Merchant Center Account, and Google Ads.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

The short answer is, how long is a piece of string? The average cost per click is between $1.00 and $2.32 in the AUS. However, the cost of Google Ads depends on several factors and it can vary considerably from business to business. The good news is that it’s easy to control how much you’re spending by setting bid limits. Once you understand how the platform works and which campaigns are most successful for your company, you can make an educated decision about when to spend more and when to cut back.

The cost of Google Ads will depend on:

  • The keywords selected. In very competitive markets, the most popular keywords will have a high CPC. “Casino” for example, costs $58.57 on average and is currently one of the most expensive keywords to bid on.
  • Your maximum bid. This is the most you are willing to pay per click and Google Ads considers it when determining the CPC.
  • Your quality score. Google looks at the text in your ads and the landing page it directs people to and gives a quality score of 1-10, depending on the user experience provided. Better quality ads that are relevant to the user will attract a lower CPC.
  • The ad rank of competing bidders. This metric is used to determine the position of an ad. It recalculates every time an ad is eligible to appear and thus it can fluctuate. If advertisers with a high ad rank bid for the same keyword as you, this can drive up the CPC.

The best way to lower the cost-per-click is to improve your quality score by improving your ads and targeting relevant audiences.

Managed Ad accounts

Your ad account is not lost in a sea of other clients accounts

I cap my client portfolio at 20 clients maximum. No exceptions.

I need to be across my client accounts, this means having time to do the work, have a life outside of work and not be a melting pot of stress. I feel pride in my work and want to limit my client number to allow me to have a handle on your accounts. Unlike agencies who thrive on a big number of accounts to pay for huge overheads, I run a lean machine.

I will be the one responsible for planning and executing your buying strategy. Together, you’ll set KPIs anchored to your business’ larger goals.

Advertising is tracked & measured

Google Ads & Google Analytics setup

Connecting Google Ads with Google Analytics ensures your audiences are properly united for retargeting, specifically Google’s newest version of cross-device remarketing called Signals.

How can you advertise on Google?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It has over 70% of the search market share and captures almost 85% of mobile traffic. If your business is not already advertising on Google, you could be missing out on hundreds of warm leads. If you don’t already have a Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) account.

Webmecs freelance consulting can help get you started advertising on Google. I help setup and build the Ad account and Ad campaigns for you. My focus is to use Google advertising to effectively drive more traffic to your company website. Increasing the amount of relevant traffic to your website is essential if you want to boost brand awareness and increase conversions, which most businesses do.

The good news for you is I can help you with a targeted paid advertising campaigns. Google Ads works 

Wemecs freelance Pay Per Click  services can help you pay to play. The quickest way to get leads and sales is from using Google’s search Ads. Request a free review  of your Google Ads campaign and learn how to drive more traffic to your site.

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