Live Support or are they just Chat Bots?

Those live chat popups that hit you with the automated line “Hello! How can I help you?” as soon as you arrive on a website could they be the future of customer service help me now scenarios?

How do you feel about them being intrusive or annoying?

The idea is to provide a helpful guide to answer some of the frequently asked question and provide support on basic trouble shooting.

In some cases you might get an actual person on the chat but most of the chat box features are automated. The automated replies may help some users but the actual useful rating will extend to the depth of thought put in by the site owner when building the chat bot.

I find some chat help box’s useful while most just annoying, I classify annoying as once I land on a website a chat box opens saying “hi I’m Andrew how can I help?” This could be avoided by letting the person browse the site for a set time period I would suggest 2 minutes approx setting.



Live Support Online

The new customer service model is to help people on your business website live while they are browsing, sounds a little creepy waiting for someone to arrive on your website and then having a pop up live chat box to help them with anything.

Can it mean a downturn in customer service help desk jobs for companies? Yes

Have you visited a website and been speaking to the customer service chat box and started to notice the text replies sound a bit robotic? read more about the effects of live chat bots here.

I would imagine so but it does not mean the end of customer service call centres not in the slightest there will always be a need to speak to a human help desk operator.

Are Live Support Chat Bots Useful?

Recently Google noted that reports showed 20% of mobile queries were voice searches. Recent rises in people searching with voice commands and by personal assistants such as Apple’s “Siri” are gaining popularity and will only increase as the technology improves. Remember when Siri launched and was extremely limited? yes I do too and I tell you back then she was ahead of the pack well recent updates still leave a lot to be desired but the Siri application is far ahead of many competitors and provides millions of people with search results daily.

How far has voice search come lately well for my friends in the Amazon eCommerce world they have recently had to adapt to voice search with Amazon and Google adopting voice search commands check out the various reviews of the new Google Home and Amazon’s own Echo for shopping at home read more on customer reviews positive, negative and mixed. If we look ahead in terms of these live support chat boxes and on demand impulse micro moment purchases the future should also include live action right now live support and this can be in the form of a live support assistant answering questions as they come in or by an automated customer service chat bot, BUT! and the key to a successful live support chat bot will be the information loaded into the FAQ scripts how much effort has the programmer put into the script for problem solving if these live Google Home and Amazon Echo type searches are happening right now then the answers these people will have should be right now while that sale query is live while its happening.

How long before Facebook enters the eCommerce world with all their extended reach and automation? who knows but I would put money on it Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg has some plans buried deep in his ideas notepad for a Facebook move towards eCommerce Pages or Groups interesting concept and if you think about it that move would make total sense for Facebook.

Instant Messaging services and automated text SMS isn’t customer friendly I would prefer the automated messages come to my email than my mobile that to me just preys on impulse buyers and not something I am a fan of. Functionality of customer service automation should be considered for really helping customer questions and complaints look to design for UX over UI when it comes to support question answering you need to protect your reputation online over having a pretty customer portal.


Wondering what processes a take place when using a Live support chat bot? see this.


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Then they show that show to the people

Not a fan of the chat box and when you have a problem you want to speak to someone in the live support chat that can help and can speak your language. One of the more popular platforms for customer support is Zendesk I’ve had positive experiences when I’ve needed to contact them for support far more user friendly than the chat bot live support. While not live support chat orientated they are a worthy customer support service.

Over marketing – when someone is lead to your website, then asked to opt in to the email list, then asked if they need assistance by your chat bot while browsing your products but as they leave they are hit with an exit pop up.


Simple Marketing

Keeping your marketing simple on your website can be the difference between keep a customer and scaring a potential customer away. My tip is to visit your competitors website and see what they are running for marketing, observe what the journey is like and imagine yourself as the customer following this marketing route.

Immerse yourself in what it would be like as a customer to see how it feels on your site, do you enjoy talking to me little chat box guy as soon as you arrive on site? Was his opening sentence scripted well enough to make you even interact with him? Assess how it makes you feel and use this when you design your customer journey, if you are not a fan of chat bot support then do not use one on your site but if you are a fan of chat bot support services then by all means add a automated customer service chat support script to your website.

Being over sold isn’t something people enjoy and you should know when to use your marketing and where on your website.

Do you still want to call someone when you have a problem a real person paid to help you when you have a problem dedicated solely to customer support or are you ok to accept the live chat pop up window helper? that is the question.

I for one prefer the call centre and real human interaction over live support chat bots.

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