Here is a little tip that I do to help get stuck websites momentum. You can find a similar report to what I am referencing if you visit your Google Search Console.

It is called Google Search Console query profiling.

This is a Do It Yourself tip.

In my circle and in agency land I keep hearing irrelevant references to topic entities and entity based SEO. The buzz word hype is real. 

But its real enough to take advantage of topics and user intent to help your website.

But do you know what your search console query diversity says about the scope of your content?

Did you know that missaligned terms at an exact URL level means the scope and theme of your content aren’t aligned well enough with focal queries?

Look at the relationship between queries by click and by impression.

To do this I dump out 16 months’ worth of URL > Query data in search analytics for Google sheets, then I will start to group queries together.

Google Search Console 16 month view

Then count TOTAL QUERY ROWS that generated 1 or more clicks
Then sort by QUERY (a to z)
Then look for common words (grouped) and then look at the impressions across the group of terms
Then look at the IMPRESSION performance by partial query match in GSC to evaluate impression trajectory
Then run your site through INLINKS for parent queries (by FOCAL QUERY SUB GROUP) to better understand topical performance
Then create a final tier of queries based on impressions and aligned relevancy

Then, only then you can start re-writing your content to have a more honed topical alignment with the top focal query so that your content is better aligned and more likely to rank.

Look for pages with LARGE VOLUMES of QUERIES that only have a small portion of queries that actually generate clicks – look for anything with a 10/90 ratio.

10% or less of queries generate 1 or more clicks with 90% of queries not ever generating a click.

Then dump anything with low impressions (1 impressions to say 0.5% of total top level impressions – proportionate).

Then with the refined list you can start looking at the association between queries.

I know the above might sound a tad confusing – I am looking to put some videos together to show and explain the process.

This is teh exact process I use to build more informative pages based on what I find inside Google Search Console. You can do this yourself just by following this guide.