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Showing up in the top 1-3 positions in Google Maps is a big deal right now with Google pushing Ads everywhere it can to squeeze out free listings. I’ve seen the power of Local maps rankings grow businesses and I’ve seen what happens when loosing the top position can dry up a business that depended on that position. You are not alone.

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List Your Business On The Google My Business Platform

Utilise the power of the most powerful search engine on the planet and use Google branded profiles for advertising your business. The number 1 to 3 business listings that show up on a Google maps search take up 78% of the clicks meaning those businesses listed below them seem almost invisible. Ranking your business in Google maps, Bing Places, Yelp and other location based user wants a service situations is crucial for local growth in online marketing campaigns.

Google My Business or GMB is a powerful set of profiles that can instantly add visitor’s to your website through simply being there in the picture. Just signing up for GMB you will have access to Google Maps, Google Plus, Youtube, Blogger and more.

You can see below the inside of the Google My Business local insights analytics view where you get to see exactly how your local listing is performing in search and maps. You also get to see how people are engaging with your business listing by measuring the amount of website visits you get, driving directions to your physical store and also the amount phone calls you get from your listing. This is vital data when assessing where to spend your marketing budget and time when growing.

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Harness Google Power Properties

Google My Business 

The analytical data provided by Googles my business Insights can help determine just how effective your marketing is and where your most precious customers are coming from and what is working in your favour. Track calls and visits, put Insights to work for your business and reap the rewards.

Analytics Insights

The analytical data provided by Googles my business Insights can help determine just how effective your marketing is and where your most precious customers are coming from and what is working in your favour. Track calls and visits, put Insights to work for your business and reap the rewards.

Google Maps

Getting found online and on the go means you need to be on the MAP! Your customers are only half the people searching for you online what about the people searching for what you roffer? if you are not on the Map you wont be found. Already have a maps listing, great but do you want to optimise for success? We can push your visibility upwards online with maps.

Youtube Video

Video marketing is your way to expand your reach! Millions of people every day watch videos of products and services to help them decide on pulling the trigger on a purchase, We use video to help convert your leads into sales by showing your products and services on a platform that is used by billions of people everyday.

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Can Your Customers Find You Online?

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Why do I need an optimised Google My Business Account? 

Your customers are searching on google, help them find you.  

Consider this, you have the biggest search engine on the planet endorsing your brand’s profile on their platform there is no more powerful sign of trust to a potential buyer. A complete and verified account shows your business is serious about attracting the right people and care about how you present across the web.

Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using maps, youtube, and google to find products and services like yours every day would you like to capitalise on that?


Present a professional  profile and see the rewards come in. 

Your customers search for your business keywords. In the search results it’s a choice between you and your number 1 competitor as to who gets their business.

  • You have a half completed, poorly put together profile that you rushed to complete.
  • Your competitor has a professional, unique clean looking optimised business profile.

Who would the consumer choose?

Adding videos, images and posts about relevant related topics can have a huge impact on your profile if you go one step further to stand out from your competitors by optimising your GMB account the reward comes in the shape of visitors to your website this is a huge factor in helping you get found on Google and amplified when you take that extra step to stand out above the rest our GMB optimised service will help your business to join the conversation and generate new leads.

People are talking about your company get those reviews.

You need to listen to what your customers are saying about your company and capture the reviews so that you can back up what they say with proof on your GMB account and in turn these can be displayed in the search results of your business. Reviews are so powerful in helping you move up the search results and even more important for conversion when people search now they search “yourbusinesssite + Reviews” to read about your service quality and pif you run a customer focused business or just want their money. Capture reviews to build social trust  and you will see more and more new enquiries come your way.

Business owners that use Google properties have the advantage.

Once again Google is the biggest search engine on the globe. We really like that Google provides businesses with FREE accounts to advertise their businesses online. We use Google Properties to run our business, we integrate with several third party platforms but 80% of our business is run on Google properties.

Everything sounds too good to be true. The access to these free platforms is what can provide your business with a strong foundation for local search. What we help businesses do is to interlink all the properties into one creating a business entity.

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What is an Entity and why would you create one?

“Entity” An entity is a thing with distinct and independent existence. You could associate an entity as:

organization, institution, establishment, body, operation source: Wikipedia

Entities are a syndicated profile online. The entity represents your business and the categories and information of your business. Included within an entity are employees, owners and associates, think of it like providing structured data about your business to Google. This is used to help display your brand identity online ultimately making it easier for people to find information relating to your business.

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 We associate all the Google properties together in a way that showcases your information to Google and solidifies that your business is an entity. We create these entities to provide Google with the data that it needs to help provide a better user search experience when looking for your business and information about your business online.

Local Search Overview

The landscape for local search is changing. The search results change constantly, Google is trying to provide its users with the best results for search terms. This means several things for business owners.

  1. You need to display online as a professional.
  2. Reviews and social trust play a big part in local search.
  3. What you might know about Google search, it’s going to be outdated in a month or two
  4. Targeting keywords and topics will play a big part in local relevance

History of Google Search Results

  • There used to be 7 results in the maps listings.
  • There used to be 2 Ad listings at the top of the page

What About Search Result Listings Now?

The search result display is a constant testing ground for Google. Now Bing & Yahoo search are not as aggressive with their testing and concern for capturing advertising dollers.

Now (Current as of 12.03.17)

  • 3 map results in local search.
  • 3 to 4 Ads listed above maps listings.
  • 3 to 4 Ads listed at the bottom of the page.
  • There are less and less “Organic” positions left in the search results.

As you can see Google is slowly squeezing the organic results into maps listing and organic results. There is more emphasis on paid advertising, the prediction is Google will provide a very regulated local services result with verified and vetted providers getting priority in search results and maps.

*This is speculation although highly inline with the way that Google is moving for local trades and services.

We can help you with local search and optimised maps listings.

Let Webmecs take the work out of it for you. Contact us today and lets start getting your business found in local search.

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