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Freelance Marketing Services

Pay Per Click Advertising

When you need to get leads and sales you will have to pay to play. The pay per click advertising service works for Facebook, Google, YouTube and Pinterest. Starting cost is 20% of your total media spend….

SEO Strategy

If you need your website to show higher in Google search then you need some website SEO. This is a simple process of fixing web pages so they become more relevant to user search terms. It ranges from local, ecommerce, technical and content tactics and starts at $1,000……

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Ecommerce Marketing

I live and breathe Ecommerce. I own my own stores and have been working with large brands since 2016. Marketing your store with a mix of tactics with the aim of growing your store revenue and brand awareness. This combines SEO, PPC, Content, Conversion Optimisation and Email marketing.

Website Development & Edits

Need your website built, redesigned, fixed or just some ongoing changes? This service covers all of this. It’s straight forward and gets your website functioning as you need it to…

Sales Funnel & Email Marketing

Looking at maximising the sales experience as much as possible? this service helps you build a system to attract and retain customers. Starting with a sales funnel and working towards building an always on email campaign…

Website Overhaul

If you want to flip your website for 28-36% what its currently making the best thing to do is to overhaul the website for better conversion to then cash in on the success of the high profit multiplier. I help you get more returns.

Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation is an underrated tactic for gaining better control of your market. Every ad for your brand name is taking money from your pocket, every negative comment online helps one more potential customer choose someone else. I help you get control of your reputation online.

Content Strategy

When you absolutely have to compete with better content this service will set you up ahead of your competitors. There is no better way to outgrow competitors than by creating helpful and sales assisting content. This service works hand in hand with the SEO strategy. 

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