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Freelance SEO Consulting Service

No guesswork, No fancy offices or flash suits just SEO work from a battle-tested industry professional. If you struggle to see what your SEO provider actually does I’m transparent about my process with no hidden agenda. Find out why more Aussie businesses are ditching their big agencies.

Freelance SEO Consulting Service

There is no other marketing channel that provides as high quality leads and sales as SEO. Its a simple form of making yoru web pages the best matched for people who want to buy your products and services. Results should come in 3-6 months or sooner as this is a long term play for real online growth.
Store front business

Listing Management

Clean up organise, build and maintain your business online presence with listings.

Local SEO

The fastest way to help someone is by having optimised local profiles in maps and search results.

Technical SEO

Its often what you cant see that Google needs to be refined. Technical SEO fixes that.

Content Writting

New high quality content is what powers the internet. Google loves fresh content.

Reputation Management

Cleaning up brand presence online is all about your reputation online.

Social Media Activity

Keeping your social profiles active helps SEO immensely.

Grow your online visibility

Looking for a search engine optimisation service that’s a little more custom to you and your business? I can work with you but first I will need more information about your website, your industry and some business goals. If you could include any past SEO work that you have had done as a reference I can give you a clearer picture of what I recommend to help your website’s visibility improve.

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Increase Online Visibility

When you have an SEO campaign you can expect:

You get more website visitors

You appear for more relevant search terms

You see an increase in leads and sales


I find several problems with 90% of the websites that I work with.

A) The content is utter crap or missing in action.

B) The website is in such bad shape it becomes an uphill battle.

C) The owner is so uptight about the website that nothing ever gets done.

In most cases I can work with all of the above but it takes a shift in the focus and ultimately takes longer to get results. Working with me comes with a couple of benefits, I am a developer and fix most website problems. And I understand Google the internet and content marketing better than most people. In short I make it work in your favour and I do it for the long haul not for a quick boost and it’s gone tomorrow. Start working with me here.

*Google changes in search are out of my control.

Core Pillars of SEO Campaigns


Targeting Keywords

Everything online starts with a keyword. SEO helps you to get visibility for various keyword search terms. This is the most important part of SEO. My focus is to find the most achievable and relevant to your business keywords to target. The more keywords you show up for the more customers you have exposure to. Do not skip keyword research in SEO.


Competitor Research

Having SEO work done on your website is more of a hygiene factor in today’s market. The chances are your competitor already has someone doing theirs. My strategy focuses on what’s already working and making improvements with what Google is rewarding so that you get to compete.




Website SEO Audits

The technical health of your website matters more now than it ever has before. Googles made a lot of changes and this is where I really shine. I make sure your website is getting read by Google and it is in good health. I run regular SEO Audits to find errors and resolve them so we have a good foundation.


Backlinks For SEO

Having SEO work done on your website is more of a hygiene factor in today’s market. The chances are your competitor already has someone doing theirs. My strategy focuses on what’s already working and making improvements with what Google is rewarding so that you get to compete.

Save notes and stay organised


Do you do the SEO work?

Number 1 I develop the plan and provide you my recommendations. From there its up to you if you continue to work with me or have someone else do the work.

Here are the options once you have the recommendations:

  1. Work with me for the implementation
  2. Work with me just for recommendations
  3. Take my recommendations and have your agency or team do the work

No hard feelings either way it is a business. 

What experience do you have?

Great question. I have a lot of experience as a business owner and as a marketer. SEO is a passion that I have thrown myself into and worked with some name brand businesses like Subway, Papa Johns, Harley Davidson, BMW, Ry.com.au and many more.

I consult with marketing managers and business owners all over the world, my name is mentioned in many industry blogs and my inner circle is some of the most prolific thought leaders in the industry. 

My hands on experience is extremely deep I train marketers of all levels weekly and have a regular group of consulting students some of which have seen incredible results for their own marketing businesses.

I already have a website why do i need SEO work?

I see it all the time someone comes to me for help because they have a problem. They spent thousands on a flash new website but they cant be seen on Google.

SEO is just like training at the gym. You might have a good starting point and not be out of shape but to get stronger and run for longer periods of time you have to put in the work. SEO is that work that you have to do to compete on Google.

Having a domain name, SSL, web hosting and a website means squat if you don’t have SEO running side by side anything you do online.

The website is the modern day salesperson. To just leave it up all day and night with no support is leaving sales on the table for someone who is supporting their website with SEO.

My example is that you need to showing up when people search Google for keywords like “Your top service” Perth. SEO helps you get that result.

Google crawls an unbelievably large amount of websites every single day and ranks them according to which websites Google deems most informative and helpful to search users.

You always want to have clean website code, web pages that Google can read and understand and the exact same for your websites visitors. Creating an easy to use and understand user experience and giving the user what they want.

If you want to DIY your website SEO thats cool go for gold. Save my site for when you need a hand getting to the next level. 

My SEO framework covers all difficulty levels but is deployed at certain timelines to get the best results depending how Google responds to my first deployments of the work I deliver. Google is a moving target.

My final two cents on this are if you really want your website to get ahead of your competition, you’ll need a local, Perth SEO Expert with local knowledge for competing in the more competitive verticals for your business growth. Thats where you can circle back to Webmecs as your go to SEO support consultant.

How does content help my website SEO?

Creating good quality content is what Google has always wanted from webmasters since day one. It is only just now that it has had the power behind its infrastructure to reorder its search results so that content creators who invest in providing the ned reader with solid helpful information get rewarded.

The flipside to doing this apart from Google showing your site for more search terms is that good content often gets backlinks pointed at it again helping to power your website in Googles search results.

Create content that helps answer your customers questions and helps your website show for search terms most relevant to what you do. Thats my recommendation to any business owner who questions the value of content marketing.

When Google crawls a website to see how relevant it is to any given keywords/search queries it is scanning the content, the words, on your website to help influence Google’s crawlers to understand where your website needs to show for various search terms.

It is about proving (not tricking) Google that this is the best and most relevant website for that target keyword.

Special care is taken to the SEO copywriting and is treated as the first priority in any Perth SEO professional’s strategy.

The quality of content is constantly being revised and the impact it has on a website’s rankings continually monitored.

The content on any websites is just an after thought. Lets be honest the content is not high quality and only there to fill in the website and make it seem like the business values content marketing.

Thats said with a little thought, focus and budget you can knock a competitor who pays less attention to their content quality off the podium.

How do backlinks help website SEO?

To keep it simple the backlinks are used by Google as a popularity contest. The website pages with the most backlinks are the most popular for that content and keyword search term, so Google favours showing the web page with the most links first.

At least they used to do it this way. The way it works now is based on the website age, authority and the corresponding relevance of the websites linking to your website. This removes the margin of error by just using the most links wins method. Anyone can manipulate that system.


Google has adjusted so that age, power and relevance are what really matters.

Fun Fact: I paid $3900 to get a link from Forbes.com for a one time only backlink. The cost was worth the reward as the link in this instance resulted in that client signing on more new customers because of the hype that they were able to draw from being published on Forbes.

Why SEO Consulting Matters

Google & YouTube make up 80% of online searches, meaning if you are not giving Google search any focus you are missing out. I’ve worked on a lot of SEO campaigns and know that there is real growth available with this tactic for EVERY BUSINESS. If you don’t optimise for searches on Google you might as well just let your competitors keep taking all the good quality leads and sales right from your hand. When you have visibility online you have the cherry picking of all searches who are looking for what you do and sell. SEO is a no brainer for me to use for every business I work with because it works time and time again. If you want to grow you need SEO, but I will say this it is not overnight this is the long play with expected results 3-6 months into a campaign.

If you want open communication, movement you can see and someone local with experience we need to talk!

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