Freelance SEO Service 

There is no other marketing channel that provides as high quality leads and sales as SEO. Its a simple form of making yoru web pages the best matched for people who want to buy your products and services. Results should come in 3-6 months or sooner as this is a long term play for real online growth.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Google & YouTube make up 80% of online searches, meaning if you are not giving Google search any focus you are missing out. I’ve worked on a lot of SEO campaigns and know that there is real growth available with this tactic for EVERY BUSINESS. If you don’t optimise for searches on Google you might as well just let your competitors keep taking all the good quality leads and sales right from your hand. When you have visibility online you have the cherry picking of all searches who are looking for what you do and sell. SEO is a no brainer for me to use for every business I work with because it works time and time again. If you want to grow you need SEO, but I will say this it is not overnight this is the long play with expected results 3-6 months into a campaign.

Increase Online Visibility

The biggest positive you get from SEO is that your website becomes more easily found for a range of search terms that help you sell more products & services to people looking for those things.

When you have an SEO campaign you can expect:

You get more website visitors

You appear for more relevant search terms

You see an increase in leads and sales


I find several problems with 90% of the websites that I work with.

A) The content is utter crap or missing in action.

B) The website is in such bad shape it becomes an uphill battle.

C) The owner is so uptight about the website that nothing ever gets done.

In most cases I can work with all of the above but it takes a shift in the focus and ultimately takes longer to get results. Working with me comes with a couple of benefits, I am a developer and fix most website problems. And I understand Google the internet and content marketing better than most people. In short I make it work in your favour and I do it for the long haul not for a quick boost and it’s gone tomorrow. Start working with me here.

*Google changes in search are out of my control.



Increase in leads and sales. Only 6 weeks in and already doubled previous agency results.

“We had some real issues with our website and franchise sites not getting the visibility we wanted and Webmecs came in reviewed our problem and within 2 months changed our entire online sales visibility. It was like someone put nitro fuel into our car engine. We are now making company record sales month on month.”

Cherry Wiseman – Head of Marketing