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Marketing Multiple Business Locations


I must first make a point to advise that Franchise SEO is not like standard SEO. When your client has multiple locations the thought process changes.

Multi Location SEO involves a view of the bigger picture. This work does not focus on running one local search campaign but many local search campaigns.

Some of the problems facing franchise marketing and business operating multiple locations are;

  • Marketing Objectives Not Aligned
  • Not Using Material Focused On Local Markets
  • Digital Strategy Fragmented
  • Social Strategy Fragmented
  • Paid Search Competing Internally
  • Maps Listing Mismatched
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Domain Management
  • Management of Followers
  • Email Marketing Overlaps

Here are just some of the more common problems found when evaluating franchise marketing campaigns. There are solutions for each problem point with variations for all points.

Franchisor SEO Services

Brand recognition and online visibility, are two important factors for franchisor’sare about. Building a reputable brand and online marketing follow very closely as the next steps in helping the brand reach success online.

Webmecs takes great pride in providing local search focused on franchise SEO and paid advertising. Take market share in the organic and hold your position in the paid advertising blocks. Increase brand recognition and online profile visibility.

We optimise for many things, our franchise SEO services focus on:

  • OnPage Optimisation: Search engines need to find you, people need to be able to find you. having topical related keyword targets allows for the search engine to match the search phrase to your website content and provide value to the searcher. Customers need to find your franchise websites using your targeted keywords and including geo-location modifiers. We use local targeted content that engages local markets and provides an enhanced brand awareness. 
  • OffPage Optimisation: We build Google and Bing safe links to local targeted opportunities. Using strategic trust worthy and more importantly topically related link targets we can build very solid link campaigns.
  • Clear Transparent Reporting: Our reporting provides clear SEO and pay per click reports that can be understood. We speak nerd but we save that for the office. Your reports will be communicated in easy to understand points and wins and losses will be identified.


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Franchisees That Don’t Understand SEO

We’ve worked with some franchise marketing managers that had a basic understanding of SEO and local search impact. The problem they faced was not understanding how SEO worked in their franchise digital strategy. This problem is in no way limited to franchises. We like multiple location marketing, because of the technical issues it produces and helping clean up the marketing campaign.

A problem we faced early on was working with a branch manager or franchise manager that didn’t know SEO or didn’t care for external marketers. This problem was difficult to overcome and we faced several similar cases when the corporate body couldn’t see the benefits because of a lack of understanding on how SEO benefits franchise SEO opportunities.

Franchisee’s had been told they needed to hire SEO providers selected by the corporate body and had little to no idea on what they actually needed the SEO provider for. The confused local franchisee was left to hire someone for something they didn’t really understand. This is a problem and can lead to loss of revenue. We work with local franchisee’s to target local markets and explain the bigger picture at brand level and how it fits in with local level marketing.

While working with local level franchise owners the problem we heard repeated regularly was “Ive asked for marketing help from the corporate marketing manager, and was told to hire someone” this was the classic tick a box marketing manager move. The local market facing franchise is left to fend for themselves and not educated on how to best market the brand locally.

Most business owners are to busy making the business run to learn SEO or PPC and how it all works.

We found that by providing a basic overview of the bigger picture the franchise managers and body corporate could understand where we stood in the digital strategy for their marketing campaigns.

Franchisees’ Local Marketing Efforts Result In Lack Of Control

The franchise or brand has a marketing goal and an identify goal. These goals and brand identities are passed down the franchise funnel to all local franchisees. We see many mistakes with this rollout of brand goals that does not make a complete rollout and in turn impacts the brand profile. This causes gaps in the customer journey and can create uneven local popularity for brand stores.

Corporate can control every aspect of the local franchise brand. This can cover the name of the local franchise brand, logo’s and slogans and content and multimedia used on the local franchise. How can franchisee’s help influence corporate marketing efforts? by creating a direct communication channel with the marketing manager or by hiring a marketing agency (Like Webmecs) that can interpret local scale to national brand scale.

If you can not control the marketing campaigns make sure you can inflouenc them.

We see many mistakes with this rollout of brand goals that does not make a complete rollout and in turn impacts the brand profile. This causes gaps in the customer journey and can create uneven local popularity for brand stores. Another problem that is common for local franchise owners is having their own individual marketing strategies and goals.

These types of strategies don’t usually match the brand or franchise marketing objectives. Brand continuity is vital for franchises, those non franchise businesses have a similar problem. One particular location may outperform other franchise locations and the marketing attention is focused on that store location opposed to the other stores in need of help. 

In this instance use of a franchise SEO plan, that fits within the brand digital strategy.  This plan should be implemented to help and support all stores, not just high performing stores. The provision of marketing opportunities for all stores regardless of size can be very effective. There is an old saying “many hands make light work” this can be said of the franchise marketing strategy. 

The Audit Process.





OnGoing Partnership


When campaigns for Franchise SEO are in the planning phase, common practise is to undertake an analysis. The analysis of also known as “Audit” are performed to identify where the franchise is having problems and look at the bigger picture. The audit may also include a microscopic look at the individual franchise locations and can be a very long process.

Audits take into account things like;

  • Performance of website
  • Optimisation factors
  • Structure of website
  • Domain & Sub Domain organisation
  • User Interface
  • User Experience or Customer Journey
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Social Brand and Identity


Do These Statements Apply To You?

  • We spend too much time on the phone with people who don’t buy.
  • We don’t know how many people visit our website.
  • Our website is not converting people into sales.
  • Our competition is beating us at every turn.
  • We don’t list on the first page search results for our keywords.
  • Our customers can’t find us online when they search for our products or services.
  • We need to identify where we are wasting budget with online marketing 
  • Negative reviews are ruining our marketing efforts
  • We’re losing customers to online stores.
  • Our online advertising is not working.

If you answered Yes! to any of the points above, we can help you change that. Competitor research and opportunity discovery are what we do best.  Book a Consultation.

We Market Your Business On Search Engines.

Search engine marketing can provide businesses with a very positive return on investment. To achieve this ROI you will need to partner with an agency that understands what it takes to help you succeed online. Our franchise SEO consultants are experts in their field.

Franchise SEO or PPC for a multiple location business each has its own purpose. Taking into account the goals and objectives requires understanding the customer, the market and the business to get the full picture. Marketing for franchises is more involved than the standard SEO practises. Franchise SEO requires analysing the many moving parts and creating a strategy that works within the bigger picture but creates results for the local level franchise.

How We Use Search Engine Marketing To Generate Revenue: 

  • Advertise To People Looking For Your Services
  • Introduce Your Business To New Leads
  • Customers Can Now Find You, Like you, and Make Contact.
  • Existing Customers Streamlined Sales Process
  • Improve Online Visibility
  • Reputation Negative Comments Muted and Manageable.
  • Your Website Helps Your Customers Understand Your Brand
  • Your Website Helps You Understand Your Customers.

We love what we do and helping businesses is what motivates our success.

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Franchise SEO Part of The Digital Strategy

Online marketing for franchises should always include SEO in the strategy.

There are two types of SEO. 1 is a technical SEO and the 2nd is a search marketer. You need both types to really take control of your market.

Knowing your target market is key to understanding when and where to use a pay per click campaign.

Depending on your business and target audience, Adwords PPC or Facebook advertising may be the better way to advertise.

To capture your online market, we recommend running pay per click campaigns for the first 3 to 6 months. While running the PPC campaigns, the SEO campaign will be building and gathering momentum. Search engine optimisation campaigns take longer to peak but last much longer than PPC.

Using both search marketing methods allows for a wider net to be cast online. Capturing the top of the search results with PPC and taking market share of the organic results allows for a more comprehensive approach to franchise marketing online.

Franchise SEO Using Google My Business

There has always been a challenge to market each franchise location effectively. When marketing for multiple location businesses, the challenge is providing the franchises with the same attention on marketing as the main brand. When focusing the attention on the main brand the smaller franchises can fall by the wayside.

Creating a marketing strategy for multiple locations businesses, that provides marketing focused on the local area. Using the local franchise business to market at a local scale provides significantly more results. When the strategy includes local markets into the equation the brand as a whole benefits.

Often the individual owner of the franchise is either left to their own to market the store, or provided with very generic targeted marketing material. The generic marketing material provided doesn’t take into consideration the local market that the franchise is located in. When a strategy is used for local franchise marketing the increase in these areas picks up;

  • Store awareness
  • Brand Awareness
  • Local In-store traffic
  • Website Traffic
  • Community Standing
  • Sales & Revenue Growth

Taking the local community into account when marketing for franchises is a reward in the long run. Longevity for your marketing campaigns is what you should aim for. It’s been proven again and again, that when you market for short-term gain, you loose all trust with consumers. Many marketers fall victim to focusing all efforts on the main brand, yes that has merit to it’s uses.  Taking some time to focus in on the local franchises that are out in the suburbs representing the brand can make just as much impact.

The focus and goals of the franchisors verse the objectives and goals of the franchisees are both different. The business as an entity often struggles to find that common ground where marketing objectives can align.

The marketing goals of each is a delayed cycle of current consumer trends, then rolling these new techniques out to all franchise’s to reflect the brand’s objectives can often be too late. Utilising current local market trends and creating insightful reporting from local franchise to brand marketing, can provide hidden opportunities for the brand.

Establishing the connection between franchise owner or appointed marketing manager and the brand marketing manager is a very powerful connection. Open lines of communication and sharing of information can shape future marketing campaigns.

There was a time when people were against franchises like Subway as outlined here in an article about the rise in franchise businesses from 1998. Now look at Subway crushing the franchise market with stores all over the world, not everything is popular to start with until you make it popular to others.

Creative marketing from data insights can help provide the competitive edge business need.

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Why Would You Order A Brand Audit?

Brand audits provide a clear picture of the business profile as it stands online. The reputation of the business by measuring public reviews. Brand audits are also essential in identifying areas where there is a potential leak in the brand image and sales funnel. Identifying brand inconsistency can help improve the customer journey.

Plugging a leak in the brand sales funnel is no simple task. Identifying traffic drops, potential penalties from manual actions or automated on the Bing & Google search engines can have a serious impact of online sales.

Does the franchise or brand have a unified search profile? In most cases no, the search profile is splintered for franchise and multiple location businesses. This can be managed within the Google My Business dashboard, there is a product called the bulk dashboard for businesses that have more than 10+ locations. Take warning though, this dashboard is no point and click problem solver. The bulk dashboard is quite complex and was intended for businesses with 1,000’s of locations to manage their franchises with ease.

Penalties can be imposed on websites of any size and function. Even Coke-a-Cola is not safe from a Google penalty. When implementing a penalty recovery its best to understand teh kind of penalty imposed. Google has many penalty types, the generic marketing agency would be aware of 3 to 4 types of penalties. In some cases the penalty is relatively easy to recover from and can be removed in 24 hours.

The more intricate penalties are not so easily dispersed, the more technical penalties require a full recovery process to be implemented. Using a best practises approach, we systematically go to work on cleansing the penalty. During the penalty you will see your brands rankings will drop. Your website traffic will dramatically fall and this will effect your online sales. Revenue will be effected as the penalty  goes undiagnosed.

 In some cases it is unavoidable to recover the higher rankings, but that said the downward spiral can be stopped. These penalties can be from all sorts of online activities, including duplicate content and unfavourable link building practises. We work towards reducing immediate effects against your website.  and towards steering your website into the good graces of Bing & Google giving you back the foundations for higher search listings

Our goal is to remove the penalty and steer your website into the good graces of Bing & Google. We will rebuild the solid foundations for success in the search listings.

Uncovering these problems is part of the brand audit. The aim is to identify and provide a prevention plan or recovery plan in place to limit the damage to the franchise and or brand name online. 

Our Brand Audit’s Include:

  • Analyse Current Brand Profile
  • Analyse Brand Domains & Sub Domains
  • Analysis Website Structure & Navigation
  • Measure Website Performance
  • Conduct Analysis of Link Profile
  • Conduct Website Content Audit
  • Identify  Issues
  • Determine Cause and Effect of Issues
  • Structure and Prioritise Clean Up Procedure
  • Provide Report & Recommend Next Steps For Recovery
  • Deploy & Execute Recommended Clean Up Recovery Steps 
  • Provide A Strategy For Full Recovery and Plan For Future

What is involved in an SEO Audit?

Website Audits and SEO Audits are similar to brand audits but, focus much more on website performance and structure. A heavy focus is also given to search result listing’s, and the online presence of your website.

The aim of these types of audits is to take an in-depth look at your website and how it performs against competitors. Analysing areas of opportunity to grow and target. Potential problems will be assessed and plans to minimise loss of traffic and sales will be reported.

We are experienced professionals who live and breathe online marketing. Our expert advice can help change your business revenue by implementing a digital strategy that works. Look at this as an investment in your online sales channel, our reports have had immediate impact on the bottom doller of many businesses.

We provide share docs, presentations, phone interviews and in some cases in person presentations. These presentations outline the problems and areas of opportunity. While not cheap these are a business investment that will ultimately provide a return on your spend.

An SEO & Website Audit Includes:

  • Website Performance and Structure
  • Website Current Search Result Listings
  • Content and Sales Copy Analysis
  • Measuring Against Competitors 
  • Measuring Traffic and Website Analytics
  • Identifying Market Opportunities
  • Search Volume and User Search Queries (Keyword Opportunities)
  • Analysis of Website MultiMedia
  • Analysis of the Website UX (Customer Journey)
  • Identify Potential Penalty
  • Measuring Social Media Marketing Campaigns

After the audits have been completed we need to schedule a meeting either remotely or in person. At the scheduled meeting we will go through the agenda of the presentation point by point. The research completed during the audit will be kept confidential.

We systematically go over each point with an explanation of cause and effect and suggested recovery processes. The end result of this meeting is to create a plan of action items and a schedule of works for completing the project until completion.

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What is involved in a PPC Audit?

When you order a PPC audit you are requesting an analysis of your current profile for paid advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Bing and more. We provide a clear picture of how your current paid advertising is going, areas of improvement and how you weigh up against competing businesses. We also report on competitors that may be bidding on your brand name and terms.

The term Search Engine Marketing or also known as Paid Search marketing includes the actions;

  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per Call
  • Pay Per Impression
  • Pay Per Engagement
  • Pay Per Action
  • Pay Per Acquisition

Pay Per Click Marketing Overview

You have the organic search results and you have the paid advertising search results. Organic results are where SEO is used and Paid Ads are where PPC is used. Selected keywords have a cost per click and you pay Google to advertise above the organic search results for those keywords. There is several variations for the ads display and this is always changing as search trends evolve.

Search Engine Marketing platforms all have specific features and benefits for different businesses. Your business might be best suited to market on Google with Adwords or you may be better suited to market on Facebook or Youtube. We can help you identify what platform will work best for your ad spend and provide the best return on your doller.

Your pay per click goals should be for example, to have a contact form filled out or to make a sale on a product. Use PPC campaigns to generate leads and sales, just like a tap you turn it on and water comes out if you turn it off the water stops. PPC campaigns work wonders when combined with an SEO campaign, our Pay per click reporting process identifies new opportunities and competitor changes.

We take the time to analysis the market and identify pay per click patterns. These patterns may be from competitors or from visitors and how they engage with your PPC campaign.

Essential Measurements Of A Successful PPC Campaign.

Paid advertising complements organic search results.  When you use PPC you do not have any exclusive rights in organic search unlike when you use SEO campaigns. Pay per click is best suited for generating leads and sales and is especially successful in e-commerce. The ability to appear above the organic results is a very powerful advantage and will bring in website traffic.

To measure the success of a Paid Advertising campaign, effective KPI’s (key performance indicators) must be established. Tagging each touch point within your sales purchased funnel will allow for rich data tracking. You would ideally measure data recorded against cost per visitor, cost per lead, cost per engagement, cost per impression and cost per customer acquired.

You should optimise for the essentials. There are several more factors for measuring KPI’s of a successful PPC campaign but we will be using the KISS (keep it stupid simple) system.

When we optimise campaigns we want to drive the cost of all actions down. The cost of meeting KPI’s should be to improve effectiveness and decrease spend. Can this really be achieved? Yes but with work and using a complete digital strategy, taking care on targeting and new opportunities. We do not want to pass costs on to another department just to meet KPI’s so not attracting lower quality leads and sales that make more work for sales teams or account managers.

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Sales Pages and Conversion Rate Optimisation. 

It might be great to get people on your website but what if no one purchases your product or services? That ad spend is a waste. Conversion rate optimisation is where you look at the sales pages and work out how and where the problems are and how to correct them. 

Your sales page is where you make money! This can also be where you are losing money.

Getting ad clicks to your sales page is one step in the process. When potential customers land on your sales page, you ultimately want them to convert into a sale.  At the very least, opt in for your mailing list for future conversion. 

You might think getting the ad clicks means your ad is doing very well, attention needs to be on the sales page where the “Buy Now” button is. This is where the intent to buy comes into play. When customers arrive on your sales pages from your advert they need to be channelled and directed to your buy now buttons. We measure the attraction verse justification costs of a new lead.

Targeting buyer intent keywords is one surefire way to attract quality leads that have intent to purchase. This example is not a buyer intent keyword “body tanning” where this example keyword is “affordable mobile tanning near me” the search contains intent to find near the customers and a outlined budget in the search terms.

We call this conversion rate optimisation. Previously labelled post click optimisation for attracting a few sales leads and then analysing the campaign for more targeted display. Any paid advertising campaign should include a conversion rate optimisation service for higher converting adverts. A successful PPC campaign will involve a consultant optimising the campaign for keywords, geo location and consumer trends after analysing data.

We know search engine marketing for franchises.

Paid Search Platforms You need To Know

  • Bing Ads – Microsoft AdCenter
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Instagram Adverts
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest Adverts
  • Youtube Video Adverts

Understanding your target audience and your marketing goals help’s me create the perfect marketing campaign.

If you agree that your business website should act as an online conversion focused sales funnel?

Then you should enquire about how we can help your business take advantage today!

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*All audit findings are kept confidential.

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