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Frequently Asked Questions


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Our Customer Service Can Help You.

Frequently Asked Questions Found Here

Our customer service can help you and before we take that step we have complied a customer friendly FAQ section where your problems and questions can be answered right her eon our website. This saves you and us time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions that we experience and answer on a regular basis. Have a look for your problem or question and if you can not find it here then email us

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book your services?

There is a client discovery form on our website located at the top of this page or on this link. Fill in the form answer the questions and sit back we will be in touch with you.

How do you deliver these services?


Are your services safe to use?

Yes our services are safe to use we keep as transparent as we can and operate as closely as we can to an ever evolving algorithm, saying 99% safe is as close as we can get due to changes to algorithm’s both search engine and social media changes.

Will your services disrupt my business?

For the best part of the service no, but there may be a slight disturbance that we will schedule for any website structural changes to be completed off peak business trading times and any service deliverables that will affect customer experience will be scheduled off peak times. This is more for structural changes to the UI User Interface and will be limited in occurrences.

What do you do with my log in information?

We will keep your information secure offline in our holding files. When your information is held online we will keep it secure in a private folder “somewhere” to keep it secure. This information should not be displayed publicly online.

When and if the time comes to part ways what do you do with my business information?

As sad as this is to think of its a natural part of business and when and if that time comes then your business information will be handled in the following ways.

If you have a new Webmaster or Marketing agency we will hand over all documents and log ins that you authorised access for. We will return all documents and log ins that you provided access to and make a suggestion to change all passwords for improved security and peace of mind for us.

and finally we will destroy all access information and documentation associated with your business.

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