Facebook Advertising

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Explode Your Growth With Facebook Ads.

Take your business to the next level by harnessing the biggest social media network on the planet. There has never been a real rival to Google’s Adwords paid platform until Facebook entered the search marketing world. 

Tried Facebook Ads with No success?

Not impressed with your campaigns Results?

Looking at Using Facebook Advertising To Grow Your business?

It’s super powerful for your business… But your must have a definitive and concise strategy if you really want to succeed.

When you use Facebook to advertise your products and services you are accessing their data. We have all heard the rumours that Facebook is listening to our conversations and collecting our activity data about what we do online. Our browsing history would surely have the analysts at Facebook data HQ scratching their heads not something we are proud of but none the less a fun fact.

As a marketer accessing Facebooks data network is like being a kid in a candy store. The insights that Facebook uses to help target the right audience is a little overwhelming, but extremely helpful in targeting the right people. We are seasoned marketers and can still be a little intimidated by exactly how much data is available for creating audiences to target. It’s these powerful insights that allow us to create a dynamic targeting campaign that will serve up your advert to people most likely to perform the intended actions of your ad.

You might have heard of people sprouting off fancy acronyms like ROI and

ROI means return on investment, you put $1.00 into the Facebook advertising machine and you can get out $2.00 back. That is a return on investment with a profit of $1.00.

Why We Should Market Your Business On Facebook.

Businesses that execute their own Facebook marketing campaigns spend about 8 hours per day working on them. That’s 8 hours too many. Plus, you’re not guaranteed results. So why wouldn’t you put Media Junkies in the driver’s seat? We’re master Facebook marketers, and we’re here to give every business still handling their social media in-house an extra 8 hours to focus on what they do best – which probably isn’t Facebook marketing, huh? As we say, Facebook is our forte. Let us prove it. Why Bother with Facebook Marketing?

According to October 2016 statistics, over a billion people were active on Facebook. That’s astonishing. About 75% of those people used Facebook via their mobile devices. With the ability to reach millions with a single post, banner, or invite, you can imagine the possibilities.

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Grow My Business With Facebook Ads!

If you want to grow your business today using Facebook Advertising contact us now for a strategy call. Its FREE!

We Use Facebook Marketing Every day

Facebook has revolutionised the marketing world. Leverage every ounce of data you have about your target demographic to generate prospects that are ready to buy.

Count on us to give you a dynamic Facebook presence that sets you apart from the crowd and creates customers. Our expertise, experience and proven process makes our complete Facebook marketing service in Australia the best choice.

When you do the smart thing and hire Media Junkies, you get:

  • Professional Facebook designers at your service
  • A team of experts with top-notch tools
  • Amazing custom content
  • Your content distributed through the most effective media channels
  • A detailed monthly report

Leveraging Facebook Advertising 
For Innovative Lead Generation

While most companies are thinking about likes and followers, 
we have been creating a unique system for generating 
high-quality new business leads for hundreds of companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Don’t waste your Facebook advertising on broad audiences. Utilise the power of big data with Social Garden and Facebook to build audiences that can quickly and effectively be converted into new customers.

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Use Facebook Advertising To Grow Your Business


Our Specific Set Of Processes Attracts The Right Customers For Your Business

Facebook Advertising 15


Engage both parents and prospective students from your highest performing market segments.

Facebook Advertising 16


Connect with investors, first home buyers and upgraders with our proprietary targeting model.

Facebook Advertising 17


Engage both parents and prospective students from your highest performing market segments.

Facebook Advertising 18


Connect with investors, first home buyers and upgraders with our proprietary targeting model.

Benefits of using Facebook to market your product or services.

  • You can use it as a customer service/support channel
  • It is highly interactive
  • Facebook “likes” create buzz for your business or service
  • It puts you in touch with a large untapped market as well as existing clients
  • You can use it as a way to learn about your audience
  • It’s a great tool to build brand loyalty
  • It features budget friendly ads
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Create Facebook Campaign

Decide on the type of Facebook campaign that you want to advertise.

  1. Deals
  2. Coupons
  3. Discounts
  4. Trials
  5. Giveaways
  6. Products
  7. Services
  8. Sweepstakes
  9. Contests

We can accommodate most campaign types and will provide alternative suggestions if we think that the campaign will not be successful or there are more chances of success with another type of campaign.


Facebook Pages That Convert

You have a Facebook Page focused on Business or Fans

One of the main reasons people go to Facebook is to see what’s happening in their News Feeds. Their goal with the news feed has always been to show people the things they want to see. When people see content that’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to be engaged with News Feed, including stories from your businesses.

What many businesses may not realise is that pages are an important destination for their current and potential customers. In October, for instance, nearly a billion people visited Facebook Pages. Of those visits, more than 750 million happened on mobile devices. Many businesses also use pages as a customer service channel. Businesses should think about their page as a cornerstone of their online identity, not simply as a publishing service. The businesses that are doing this well understand the discovery and communication that happens when people come to their Page.

What does this mean? It means you can get even more value if you have a “Pay Per Click Strategy” for your business. Facebook wont openly say this but essentially if you want to use Facebook for your business you need to pay a CPC.


You Don’t Have To Go It Alone.

Eliminate expensive advertising by using our Facebook advertising services. We aim for a low cost per click and can optimise campaigns to decrease in cost of click as the advert runs saving you money. Stop advertising with zero results and see an improvement in the first 7 days. We target the quick wins then move towards the main campaign goals. Creating you an ROI that can feed the campaign ad budget.

Promoting your advert to mobile devices and desktop audiences with super-targeted ad insights. The slightest change can impact your ad effectiveness and conversion. We test and optimise campaigns with Facebooks powerful Insights to provide the best scenario for your advert.

Facebook Advertising 14

We Do Facebook Ads With You

It can be very overwhelming when you put together your first Facebook advert.  While we respect your marketing knowledge, we compare the current state of Facebook advertising to that of Google search. The environment is constantly changing and the algorithm is adapting to how consumers use Facebook. This creates problems for the casual advertisers as trends change what worked in 2016 no longer works now.

You don’t have to research the current state of Facebook advertising unless you enjoy sifting through pages and pages, of potentially outdated information. Work with us to get the latest most up to date techniques for successfully advertising on Facebook. In short, this is what we do.

Access our seasoned pro’s, equipped with current working knowledge of the ins and outs of Facebook marketing. We keep ahead of the curve and are testing techniques in order to fine tune our research and development. Testing is what allows us to take a campaign from earning double to triple and beyond for you without compromising your ad spend.

Increase leads and sales when you work with Facebook ads. Using this method can reduce your marketing budget as it costs a fraction of other popular advertising channels. Have you tried advertising on Linkedin? expensive and then some.

Profitable Facebook Advertising campaigns with Webmecs Marketing.

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Few social media platforms offer businesses with as much flexibility and as many targeting tools as Facebook. Not only does Facebook place 13 million Australians within your reach instantly, but it also allows you to zero in on your ideal prospects for optimum results.

Let our team show you how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign that targets prospects based on age, gender,
location, interests, what posts and pages they have “liked”, and more. You can use this valuable data to create even more effective ad campaigns that reach your ideal customers before they even know they need you (and before the competition snatches them up).

Facebook Advertising 14


While this concept may not make sense to you, yes it is entirely possible to turn $1.00 into $3.00 when advertising on facebook. You might think that it is unrealistic and why more businesses are not using Facebook ads and that’s a valid point. It surprises us on a weekly basis that more businesses do not use Facebook ads.

Standard Client Reaction 

Client says “why don’t more businesses taking advantage of Facebook ads if they work so well?”

We say “What was the reason that you waited so long to enquire about using Facebook ads?”

a lot of business owners don’t really understand how it works, how to target correctly and still don’t even have a Facebook page set up for their business.

We also meet a lot of business owners that are running their own Facebook ads but are not generating results or have their account banned for violating Facebook’s terms of service. Its common for this to happen, and it does severely hamper the business when the entire account is banned.

Online marketing is competitive in some spaces, and in some other industries, it really is just simply connecting the dots. We identify the problems and the buyers, then associate the two with the clients business. Using our quick wins system we can help businesses see a return on investment quickly while building up the main marketing campaign.

When we say that it is entirely possible to turn $1.00 ad spend into $3.00 new sales we mean it. Our Ecommerce clients have seen continued growth in revenue and brand loyalty with using Facebook advertising, so much so that they have stopped advertising on Google Adwords.

Adwords is not for all businesses and Facebook advertising is not for everyone. We can recommend which advertising platform is best suited for your brand and can manage either platform. Facebook ads are on par with Google Adwords for the cost of acquisition. The cost per click can significantly decrease once the campaigns are optimised. Once optimised you can expect to see a much cheaper cost per click or pay per click.


[big_title bigtitle_content=”Facebook Technical”]

Facebook advertising can put your brand in front of highly targeted audiences locally or globally. The ability to target a specific niche crowd is so valuable and highly effective. We find that simple introductory offer like a $1.00 trial, for example, can produce a huge engagement that leads into your sales funnel.

What else works well on Facebook?

  • Poll’s
  • Vote’s
  • Competitions
  • Free Giveaways
  • Discounted Offers

These all work really well and drive a tonne of engagement like tagging friends, sharing the offer and commenting making your advert reach more people with paying a higher cost.

Promote your business on Facebook. The opportunity with social marketing is huge!

Our aim is to gain market intelligence from you about your business and your customer demographics. We then analyse competitors and your industry landscape to look for opportunities. Our next step involves creating a highly engaging Facebook Ads that generate leads, enquiries and sales. From there we optimise the campaign to create the best ad set and serve even more targeted audiences with your ad.

When you hire Webmecs to help promote your business on Facebook you are making the right choice.

Why Hire Us?

We use Facebook ads every day, we manage Facebook adverts for many businesses. We are huge nerds for data, publicly we should avoid saying that but in business, it’s vital to the success of campaigns.

We are transparent in our approach and delivery. When we know something will not work we tell you and make suggestions. Facebook is a goldmine when used a certain way.

We love what we do and we can do it for you.

When you hire us to manage your Facebook advertising account we work with you to generate the best possible ROI. Management of the ad account is shared between your business and our account manager. The service includes creating ad creatives, sales copy and dynamic advertisements. We also optimise for best conversion rates and report back to you on a weekly basis.

Want to take your Facebook marketing one step further ? We can also set up your sales/lead generation funnel for your business. Contact us to discuss the opportunity of creating high converting sales funnels.

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Facebook Advertising 14

Targeting Capabilites & Audience Segmentation
Reduce your cost per enquiry and improve your lead to sale conversion rate 
through hyper-targeted audience segmentation.


Relationship Status
Education Level
Job Position

Customer database matched to Facebook profiles
Friends of fans/users

OS Version
Wi-Fi Connectivity

Actions taken with sites and apps
Offline purchase behavior
Likes and interests

Real time (weather, events)
Seasonality (mothers)



First, book your 100% free growth strategy call, and let us analyse your business, crunch the numbers, determine your “sticking points,” and come up with a custom plan for maximising leads and sales via Facebook ads. We’ll walk you through how to use Facebook ads to reach your IDEAL prospects and turn them into loyal customers. (This is something we easily charge $1,000 for, but you’ll get it for free as a first-time client).



When you decide to let us handle your campaign, we’ll start creating direct response Facebook ads to drive qualified traffic, leads and sales within 8 days. We’ll handle all the busy work while you focus on building your business.



With your successful Facebook ad campaign, you’ll be able generate a steady stream of leads and sales that skyrocket your revenue. You’ll be able to expand your reach in your market, build brand awareness, and tap into a predictable stream of highly targeted leads who consistently come back to you begging to buy.

Custom & Similar Audiences

The majority of marketing agencies overlook arguably the most 
powerful development in digital marketing over the past decade – custom & similar audiences.

Custom audiences allow selected agencies to upload their existing databases into the back end of Facebook to run targeted advertisements toward users whose email address in the database matches a Facebook login email (which is around 70% of most databases).


Facebook Advertising 25


Upload your existing customer base into Facebook and run targeted offers and up sell campaigns to increase your lifetime client revenue.

Facebook Advertising 26


Win your lost customers back with targeted personalised offers and resigning bonuses.


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Setup and Customise Facebook Page

The creation of a business Facebook page. The setup involves creating a page for your business, optimising the page for maximum visibility and creating the required tabs and service boxes. Create your cover and profile photos for the Facebook page. 

Research Facebook Market Analysis

We use market research to identify opportunities online. How we do this is by monitoring analytics and inspecting data insights to find areas of opportunities.

Creating Social Media Strategy

Online marketing should be used with a focused digital strategy for your social media can help you increase growth fast.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media profiles to push your brand messaging to your audience. This is no casual job it takes dedication and routine.


Crafting a high converting ad means having the right sales copy. We can provide optimised ad copy for ads or landing pages.

Content Creation

Creating content that is SEO optimised and generates links and ranking. Fresh unique content makes Google happy provides readers with a reason to return to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is optimising your online assets for better organic search results.