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No guesswork, No fancy offices or flash suits just a framework that has been battle tested across big name brands and new emerging brands. Access my framework from a battle-tested industry professional. If you struggle with running your store speak to me. I’m transparent about my process with no hidden agenda. Find out why more Aussie businesses are ditching their big agencies.

Freelance ECOM Consulting Service

There is no other marketing channel that provides as high quality leads and sales as SEO. Its a simple form of making yoru web pages the best matched for people who want to buy your products and services. Results should come in 3-6 months or sooner as this is a long term play for real online growth.
Store front business

Store Management

My framework allows you to optimise every element of your online store for performance.

Logistics Optimisation

Use my partnerships with several 3PL and shipping professionals to improve your delivery times.

Website Development

Websites need to perform and they have to convert visitors into sales. Shopify or WooCommerce.

Content Writting

New high quality content is what powers the internet. Google loves fresh content.

Promotional Tactics

Using specific promotional tactics I’ll show you how to grow your subscribers and customers.

Social Media Activity

Keeping your social profiles active helps SEO immensely.

Grow your online visibility

Looking for a search engine optimisation service that’s a little more custom to you and your business? I can work with you but first I will need more information about your website, your industry and some business goals. If you could include any past SEO work that you have had done as a reference I can give you a clearer picture of what I recommend to help your website’s visibility improve.

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Increase Online Profitability

Hire me to improve your online store and expect:

You get more website visitors

Lower your customer acquisition costs

Improve your return on ad spend


I find several problems with 90% of the e-commerce stores that I work with.

❌  The conversion rate is unknown.

❌  The website is in such bad shape half of the store is hidden from Google and shoppers.

❌  The business numbers don’t get enough attention.

In most cases, I can work with all of the above but it takes a shift in the focus and ultimately takes longer to get results. Working with me comes with a couple of benefits, I have an extensive network and I own e-commerce brands just like you.

In short, I make it work in your favour and I do it for the long haul not for a quick boost and it’s gone tomorrow. Start working with me here.

*Bad bookkeeping and poor business operations are out of my control.

Core Pillars of Store Improvements


Store Conversion Rates

Understanding what you have is a start. I want to help you do more with the same.


Building Sustainable Growth

Most brands have a very average organic marketing focus. The key is organic traffic is free traffic you are not paying any ad platform. Winning. 




Improve The Bookkeeping

Business finance matters. The books must be organised and you must be able to see your cost of goods clearly to understand CAC.


Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

When you can tell me what your CAC is Ill help you start pulling the levers to lower that acquisition cost.

Save notes and stay organised


Do you do the SEO work?

Number 1 I develop the plan and provide you my recommendations. From there its up to you if you continue to work with me or have someone else do the work.

Here are the options once you have the recommendations:

  1. Work with me for the implementation
  2. Work with me just for recommendations
  3. Take my recommendations and have your agency or team do the work

No hard feelings either way it is a business. 

What experience do you have?

Great question. I have a lot of experience as a business owner and as a marketer. SEO is a passion that I have thrown myself into and worked with some name brand businesses like Subway, Papa Johns, Harley Davidson, BMW, Ry.com.au and many more.

I consult with marketing managers and business owners all over the world, my name is mentioned in many industry blogs and my inner circle is some of the most prolific thought leaders in the industry. 

My hands on experience is extremely deep I train marketers of all levels weekly and have a regular group of consulting students some of which have seen incredible results for their own marketing businesses.

I already have a website why do i need SEO work?

I see it all the time someone comes to me for help because they have a problem. They spent thousands on a flash new website but they cant be seen on Google.

SEO is just like training at the gym. You might have a good starting point and not be out of shape but to get stronger and run for longer periods of time you have to put in the work. SEO is that work that you have to do to compete on Google.

Having a domain name, SSL, web hosting and a website means squat if you don’t have SEO running side by side anything you do online.

The website is the modern day salesperson. To just leave it up all day and night with no support is leaving sales on the table for someone who is supporting their website with SEO.

My example is that you need to showing up when people search Google for keywords like “Your top service” Perth. SEO helps you get that result.

Google crawls an unbelievably large amount of websites every single day and ranks them according to which websites Google deems most informative and helpful to search users.

You always want to have clean website code, web pages that Google can read and understand and the exact same for your websites visitors. Creating an easy to use and understand user experience and giving the user what they want.

If you want to DIY your website SEO thats cool go for gold. Save my site for when you need a hand getting to the next level. 

My SEO framework covers all difficulty levels but is deployed at certain timelines to get the best results depending how Google responds to my first deployments of the work I deliver. Google is a moving target.

My final two cents on this are if you really want your website to get ahead of your competition, you’ll need a local, Perth SEO Expert with local knowledge for competing in the more competitive verticals for your business growth. Thats where you can circle back to Webmecs as your go to SEO support consultant.

I already have a website why do i need SEO work?

SEO Agency Competition

When young, trendy, new glam agency SEOs try pick holes in my work with a client – trying to tell the that links aren’t of value and that my views are “dangerous” to them getting all of their websites penalised by Google.

Go back to your fancy agency office, seek out your lead SEO and if they are in your office and not based remotely. Then when you find the spceialist in the agency ask them the same question. The shiny suit salesman knows 5% of what I know and having led teams of digital consultants I am being very generous with that %.

The new agency fads/trends are rife.

I am confident to go up agansit any challenegs in my work or my strategy because Ive done the work 10,000 times. I know what I am doing and unlike who ever it is you may be talking to I actually am hands on in teh trenches with your business and my own businesses. If success means anything then I must be doing ok.

I find it funny that a shiny suit, the newest iPhone 200, a flash car, fancy logo and massive agency office can get business owners attention more than me delivering a roadmap of do X and get Y in return.

  • My prices are better
  • My strategy is better
  • My attention to clients is stronger
  • My knowledge is unmatched

If you are considering working with me but have doubts because there is an agency circling let me give you the 200 foot overview of expertise:

I run hundreds of websites.

I have managed more than 20,000 websites.

I test day and night, testing everything from NLP to anchor text balancing
I run thorough GSC row counts with full cannibalisation analysis
I build, deploy and rank test sites for fun and I rank them top
I take crap sites and make them better
I build and test links, from complete link spam to premium digital PR earned links, HARO links, niche edits
I test server location / hosting performance / CDNs
I test the impact of page clustering vs orphan pages
I test anchor text balancing internally and externally
I do fully segmented query analysis by page
I map out and scope user intent with Inlinks, Surfer and Manual Page Analysis
I get rid of low quality content on a domain
I abolish ZERO click, low IMPR pages
I test various core web vital factors from LCP to CLS and their impact at niche level
I test product coverage factors
I test ecom factors
I test root domain vs sub-folder URLS
I test page session duration / avg session duration
I test CTR manipulation
I test bounce rate impacts
I test alignment and misalignment of user intent
I test keyword inclusion and exclusion, variant, semantic terms
I test E-A-T/MEDIC/YMYL content impact / citations of fact
I isolate omitted index results
I get rid of index inconsistencies
I test absolute vs relative URLS
I test above the fold content adjustments
I segment out user behaviour via behaviour flow analysis
I use GTM to track click and scroll events
I get rid of re-direction, resolve cannibalisation, canonicalisation, HREFLANG
I get rid of poor site structures
I test SCHEMA types
I get high quality content produced that takes advantage of SCHEMA and Passage Indexing
I test everything

Links enables Google to crawl and index more information.

Links will NEVER die because they are fundamental to the web.

When people in the SEO industry try to make me look bad, it’s because they fear the danger I pose to them, I make clients see through the smoke and mirrors of the sales mouthpeice to the actual nuts of bolts of the delivery.

I’m here to increase top-line revenue, not discuss wanky SEO reports talking about ALT tags and how H1s are important and that they should have keywords in.

The agency way = heres an automated report of your accounts that you already have access to and my top 3 suggestions if thats ok to discuss.

My way = Heres how we are looking this month and next months work list is xyz, now lets talk lead quality and sales. What trends have you noticed? are there any new developments on your end?


How does content help my website SEO?

Creating good quality content is what Google has always wanted from webmasters since day one. It is only just now that it has had the power behind its infrastructure to reorder its search results so that content creators who invest in providing the ned reader with solid helpful information get rewarded.

The flipside to doing this apart from Google showing your site for more search terms is that good content often gets backlinks pointed at it again helping to power your website in Googles search results.

Create content that helps answer your customers questions and helps your website show for search terms most relevant to what you do. Thats my recommendation to any business owner who questions the value of content marketing.

When Google crawls a website to see how relevant it is to any given keywords/search queries it is scanning the content, the words, on your website to help influence Google’s crawlers to understand where your website needs to show for various search terms.

It is about proving (not tricking) Google that this is the best and most relevant website for that target keyword.

Special care is taken to the SEO copywriting and is treated as the first priority in any Perth SEO professional’s strategy.

The quality of content is constantly being revised and the impact it has on a website’s rankings continually monitored.

The content on any websites is just an after thought. Lets be honest the content is not high quality and only there to fill in the website and make it seem like the business values content marketing.

Thats said with a little thought, focus and budget you can knock a competitor who pays less attention to their content quality off the podium.

Why is your minimum SEO plan more than $1000?


SEO may have been much cheaper in the past, but as the complexities stack up, so do my internal costs.

Previously, pay per click ads were very cheap like $0.70 a click where as nowdays the average is $2.50 a click. Google is a growing business and forces the cost to increase as time goes on.

As more businesses adopt online channels the demands go up. As the demand goes up so does the cost. It’s simple economics.

If PPC costs go up, SEO becomes more lucrative. SEO can help change your business ESPECIALLY when Google & Facebook have squeezed the pay per click landscape to be more expensive.

But the simple fact is, Good SEO isn’t cheap.

That decade of SEO experience costs
That full market analysis costs

That website audit and sector analysis costs
That development time costs
The high quality content plan and content production costs
The link strategy costs
The digital PR strategy costs
The SEO testing costs

Today in the market I still see these cringe worthy offers:

“SEO from just $500pm”
“Page 1 rankings guaranteed or your money back”
“Cheap SEO packages to sky rocket your visibility”

And the sad thing is, a lot of businesses STILL buy into it.

Yes, multi-million doller businesses who do not see the value of SEO or do not understand the investment model properly (reward & returns) often buy into cheap rubbish.

SEO is a complex logistical service that is a combination of efforts from different people from technical SEO’s to content writers to digital PR experts – how do you expect a framework of quality professionals to deliver within a small budget?

2020 – 2021 has been a crucial time for a lot of businesses to adopt online because of the upsurge in consumer demand online. Don’t start off on the wrong foot………

Pay to play and I will help you get the exposure in Google that you are looking for. 

How do backlinks help website SEO?

To keep it simple the backlinks are used by Google as a popularity contest. The website pages with the most backlinks are the most popular for that content and keyword search term, so Google favours showing the web page with the most links first.

At least they used to do it this way. The way it works now is based on the website age, authority and the corresponding relevance of the websites linking to your website. This removes the margin of error by just using the most links wins method. Anyone can manipulate that system.


Google has adjusted so that age, power and relevance are what really matters.

Fun Fact: I paid $3900 to get a link from Forbes.com for a one time only backlink. The cost was worth the reward as the link in this instance resulted in that client signing on more new customers because of the hype that they were able to draw from being published on Forbes.

SEO Is Not For Everyone!

For anyone thinking about #SEO – don’t.

Here’s why you shouldn’t:

👉 If you’re not willing to make the changes recommended to you.

👉 If everything is a battle to get implemented.

👉 If you haven’t got the patience and focus to devote yourself to building a brand.

👉 If you’re comparing your 6 month old website to a brand that’s been around for 20 years.

👉 If your main hope for SEO is quick wins.

👉 If you don’t trust SEO (as a practice) from the start. It’ll cause friction between you and a consultant/agency.

SEO isn’t for every brand. I admit that.

But the brands that are in the mindset of owning a market and building sustainability, then it’s exactly what you should be doing.

If you want open communication, movement you can see and someone local with experience we need to talk!

My Ecommerce Consulting Has Helped

audited websites

Why Brands Hire Ecom Consultants

Online retail is growing beyond all predictions and has surpassed being an $80 Billion dollar industry. Brands of all sizes need help, they need help to get to the next level, lower operational costs and increase revenue. The brands want to optimise their backend processes and to increase. sales and product innovation.

The problem is time, everyone is busy, and not enough people truly know the business at least not enough to care. I’ll tell you this I care. I live and breathe Ecommerce and online sales. I own several stores and have stakes in a handful more. Ecom is on my brain 24/7.

Having worked with large household name brands and built brands from scratch I’ve learned a lot, built a network of smart people and developed a framework for improving online stores A to Z of the process including logistics and manufacturing. The whole kaboodle.

If you want open communication, real-world retail experiences,  a solid network at your disposal, and someone local with experience we need to talk!

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