Discovery Form

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Discovering who you are in order to help you.

Please take a moment to read some of our qualifying terms before you fill this form in.

Webmecs is committed to helping you with your Web Marketing but we will not just take on everyone unqualified we have minimum standards that must be met.

In every situation we want to bring out the best for the client and to do this we ask the following questions and this may mean that we are not the best fit for your business and it may mean that you are not the best fit to work with our business.

We never over commit and set limits on client intake to preserve our quality work standards.

Discovery Qualifications for potential clients:

  1. Your business holds good reputation within you community, we want to help you create, grow and add value to your existing services.
  2. Your business is currently active and financially healthy. Startups are encouraged to apply but there may additional questioning involved.
  3. Your business currently is servicing or providing products to your market you have sales and leads and seek to increase this.
  4. We DO NOT work with – “Pyramid schemes” “Get Rich Quick” types of businesses.
  5. We have additional questions for any adult themed businesses and we do not work with pornographic businesses, for clarification if you are a pornographic or an adult business picture your adverts on a public billboard if you service would be socially frowned upon then please do not continue with this form and we wish you all the best.

Now when we have this information there will be an initial strategy call required and we suggest you set aside 30 to 45 minutes to go over your vision and our plan to get the most out of the working relationship.

The Discovery process is important to determine who you are as a brand, so that we can understand who you are marketing towards.

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