The Discovering Form Process

Before I can work with you I need to know some basic discovery questions about your business and also qualify if I can work with you.

Having been in business long enough to know a business model that works and one thats doomed I have a screening process here to not only protect my time but also give you an absolute minimum entry level into online marketing. If you struggle to answer these questions or dont know them you may not be suitable to work with me.


Who Do I Work With?

  1. Businesses that have a marketing budget.
  2. Businesses that have an understanding of who they want to attarct as customers.
  3. Businesses that are unique and provide products and services that are not pirated from someone elses product or service.

If you suit the above criteria then please go ahead and fill in teh form. The next step is meeting in person, over the phone or via a video chat platform like Google Hangouts or Skype to go over your request.

The Discovery process is important to determine who you are as a brand, so that I can understand who you are marketing towards.

Step 1 of 3 - Discovery Form