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Why should I work with you instead of an agency?

I work at an agency, I know how they work and if I’m being honest you want your problem solved by someone who can look at your business, your audience, the things that make you money and connect the dots in the lastest most efficient way. I dont do fluffy reports or dodge the tough questions. I work with you with the aim to help your business not line my pockets with a fat monthly retainer.


What are your qualifications?

I am completly self taught. I have owned and sold several businesses. I did not attend university, but I teach teams of online marketers the skills to do everything I am offering here on my website. Ive grown multiple clients businesses to 20%-400% increases. I have worked with name brands Subway, Domino’s, Harley Davidson and more. I believe results are more important than a fancy certificate. The choice to work with me is yours.


What is the process working with you?

You contact me and we discuss what you want as a target. I can learn your business, we start a payment once agreed and then I go to work. I bill you monthly like a subscription service and you stop when you want to. I send you reports monthly, but do not meet you monthly we can call to discuss but not met. I continue working towards your target and this continues. As we hit our targets we ca discuss new targets and move forward building momentum for your business. You keep paying I keep working.

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