How We Generate Regular Reviews For Clients

How We Generate Regular Reviews For Clients

A Review Funnel To Get More 5 Star Reviews FREE & Effortlessly


Local search has expanded to a new era of online advertising and selling of products. Almost every type of business is going towards local marketing with SMB’s harnessing an array of tactics to manoeuvre the competition. Running Google Ads, Facebook ads and taking advantage of Google posts to push weekly messages to potential customers. How many businesses do you know that are making a strategic push for 5 star Google reviews? Not many.

  If you think of local search a little bit like shopping for good pair of shoes, think how many websites and online stores you visited before making a purchase of the new shoes you wanted. I know researching some running shoes for big men that cushioned each step took me a good 45 minutes to find a store that had my shoe size (Mens 16). I went from store to store and read review after review. This is how people search now they read reviews to get an idea of what they will be buying into.

Why bother to generate more 5 star reviews

Before people take action online to purchase a product or schedule a service, people often check the reviews of the company on popular websites such as Google, Facebook or Yelp. The service provider with the highest reviews are often trusted most by people because good reviews convince the customers of superior service and quality. So having a lot of 5 Star reviews is essential for your business’ success!

Now you can easily get more 5 star reviews on various review websites by following a few simple steps in this article.

How to get more 5 star reviews without spending a doller

If you hire a reputation management company to maintain your company’s profile online, you will have to spend hundreds of dollars a month. With this review funnel you build on your website can save you hundreds and make you thousands!

What if I told you that you can almost eliminate bad reviews to your business overnight with this Killer Funnel!

Well its not too good to be true. This concept is very simple and in no time you can easily filter out the unsatisfied customers to get more 5 star reviews.

How We Generate Regular Reviews For Clients 1

How to Build the Review Funnel

Customer Satisfaction Survey

First, create page for a survey using gravity forms or some other form builder. (Or you could just build a surveymonkey form for this.) The purpose of this page is to send all of your unsatisfied customers so you allow them to ‘Vent’ to you and your company. If you have this survey detailed enough, the unsatisfied customer will feel good because their voice was heard. The beauty of this page is that only you see this in your email inbox. This helps you also in improving your services and understanding of the problems that your customers have.

Leave Us a Review Page

Second, Create a page that askes your satisfied customers to leave a ‘helpful review’. Under that have the hyperlinked icons of the major review sites that you would like more positive reviews on. This page is necessary for when a customer picks a favorable rating then they are sent to a mainstream review site. The favourable review on the website will help in attracting more customers to the website.

Overall Rating Page

Lastly, Create a simple page that says, “Rate Your Overall Experience”. Under your title have a clickable 5 stars. This rate us page allows the user to choose their star rating. For this function use “WP 5 Stars” plugin.

Configure WP 5 Star Plugin

First, determine what is the threshold that you want posting on your major review sites, whether it be 3 to 5 stars or 4 to 5 or even something else.. Once you determine the value enter your “Leave Us a Review” page url to the high rating stars. So when a customer clicks on the high rated stars on the “Overall Rating Page” they are redirected to your “Leave Us a Review” page then those people will be posting to your major review sites.

Then enter your “Customer Satisfaction Survey” page url to all the lower rated stars. So when a customer rates you low on the “Overall Rating Page” they are sent to a survey that only you will see and not the whole world.

Now once you have configured the settings to your desire, paste the shortcode in your “Overall Rating Page”

Driving 5 Str Reviews Pushes Your Business Further 

We are all curious who uses what business, who uses this software or home service we are all about social proof. There is no bigger social proof than those 5 star Google reviews. This helps in enhancing the online reputation and attracting more customers to the website and boosting your brands rust score with potential buyers. Better reviews also help in beating the competition while selling your product or service.


Take a strategic look at how you acquire 5 star reviews and you will fly past competitors that are not taking advantage of reviews.

Scopeleads: How Do You Get Clients Right Now

Scopeleads: How Do You Get Clients Right Now


Scopeleads: How Do You Get Clients Right Now?

Simplified Client Discovery Method With Scopeleads

Prospecting for clients used to take me days. I used to spend countless hours analysing potential clients leads sifting through bad Yelp reviews, visiting Page 2 and beyond for clients needing help even visiting Adwords adverts to see if the landing pages were optimised for success and then correlating all that data and manually contacting the prospective clients and it took hours of scanning data copy and paste and then entering the info into my emailer what an absolute waste of time.

Until I was referred to a new software that made the ultimate claim of reducing my workload and helping to automate the process for me, Yes I know my spider senses were tingling as well there are so many shady marketers online and is this the next sales con or is this one of the most innovative softwares to hit the market. I gave it a second glance and I am familiar with its creator and lead developer both have good names in the industry and are down to earth guys who over deliver on software releases.

So doing my research I found the software to deliver exactly what it said it would and that was the early release since then I can vouch that the upgrades are kick ass and they keep coming I truely appreciate software developers that put in this much effort with after purchase success of their systems.

Thanks to Scopeleads now I get clients and have a long list of clients that I can target now or save for a rainy day.


The software was sold as a system that gave you your time back and did all the hard work for you all you had to do was sell, sounds ideal for me and I gave it a chance I got in on the early release and picked up Scopleads Pro for a decent one time payment I believe that since public release the price is a one time fee for the basic 5 feature system that I still consider to be a steal for the functionality, and some of the add on features are available for a monthly fee. If I didn’t get the Pro version I would be happy with the 5 features on the basic system they can keep your sales person busy for months.



Scopeleads search return


Catch-phrase “There’s no magic to closing lead after lead after lead… But there is a trick”

Step 1 Enter your Keyword or Location

Step 2 Choose the service you want to provide these leads – SEO, web design, Social media or Adwords

Step 3 Click search and wait for the returned data

thats it that simple you click three buttons and get hundreds of leads ready for use within the system or you can export into a CSV.


BUT WAIT! Theres more

Now Scopeleads is not an autoresponder like AWeber or MailChimp but it does pack some punch with its own mini Auto responder sequencer, with scheduling, merge fields and action based sequences you can really target prospective clients

with the automation feature used in the email to send an audit or their website yes Scopeleads has an auditor built in, you can present a fake or real video audit and all the standard merge field inputs. The fake audit is basicly an overlay used to generate interest in the video audit before actually doing the video audit, this saves time! I like this added feature, why spend hours making videos that people dont want to see,


Below is the email builder



Scopeleads Uses Targeted Search Algorithms To Find Clients

Using location specific searches to pull data for local leads in the target area waiting for you to reach out and help them. These searches are performed using safe, secure and trusted algorithms to pull the most relevant leads in less time than it takes you to eat a breakfast bagel.

Unlimited Searches & Campaigns

No cap on searches you can target leads all day unhinged. No effect on Google and as long as you are sensible your email will be safe just use common sense when bulk mailing. You can use it to generate as many leads as you can handle, as many times as you like. Using a dedicated outsourced salesman? no problemo you can generate a huge list of leads and export the data to send to your sales person.


You Can Use Detailed Digital Audits To Get Clients

Running a complete audit on the web presence of any lead is easy… and the perfect way to show authority.

In the click of a button ScopeLeads analyses crucial on-page SEO, social media and mobile issues to produce a detailed digital audit, then creates a public link to send out automatically via your email campaigns.

ScopeLeads even adds your contact details, and a custom logo to your audit to give it a professionally branded finish…

Personalised Email Marketing

This is where ScopeLeads gets really intelligent and makes your business easier than you can probably imagine right now…

Once you have your leads, and their contact details, and you know what each lead is lacking, (all supplied by ScopeLeads), the system gives you the option to send out personalised marketing emails with custom merge fields, to connect with your new prospects and warm them up for a consultation or strategy call.

Connect, Track, And Close With ScopeLeads CRM

Everything you do with your lead from the moment ScopeLeads brings it will be tracked for you by the built in CRM. See at a glance how many emails you’ve sent, how many emails are opened, and which links have been clicked. There’s no need for an expensive second service to tell you what’s working and what needs fixing… it’s all right there inside your dashboard.

Clean, Easy, Powerful Dashboard

Track opens, clicks, and spot check sales with powerful sales analytics inside your dashboard. See how individual campaigns are performing. Check on individual leads. Control everything, instantly, with absolute ease.

How the dashboard is setup you can see on the Left all of you tabs and each section in clean UI. The main functions I use are Campaigns and sequencing, campaigns to find leads and sequencing to setup my email marketing sequence. Incredibly easy to use even the tutorials are names and take you from A to B on your search to get clients signed up and paying you for your services.

Easy Data Export

A quick click of a button on any search return and you can grab an export of a CSV file  very simple export and great for record keeping.

The export data feature can be used in conjunction with excel or Google Sheets to build a massive workbook of leads. This is one method I use to get clients that really works, the workbook keeps me organised and I can really attack the lists fast.


Location Specific Results

ScopeLeads lets you set up campaigns and keep all your results in specific geographical areas. So if you want to keep your leads separate for country, state, and home town, (or any town for that matter) you can. Just enter your location of choice and you’re done.

One technique I use is to create a workbook called example Western Australia, and then Ill break it down to cities and suburbs of interest. The search fields Ill enter are correlating to the cities and suburbs listed in the workbook. Once you have your search fields organised you search and add the data returned to your workbook to build the targeting lists.

Super fast and Scopeleads really has changed the way I look for clients, and get clients thanks to the email sequencer.

It doesn’t take long to gather a thousand leads, but making contact with these leads and initiating a connection to ultimately turn them into paying clients is where so many people fall down. There is sales training in the tutorial section, this is just a taste of fine salesman that creator Lior Ohayan is. There are several add on tutorial’s for sales getting methods by actual students, and I can vouch these guys are crushing it thinking outside the box. The training and techniques are there but you just need to take action.

Get Scopeleads Here

Starting price is $67.00 USD for the basic system that comes with 5 features well worth it for that price.

The software works in your browser and you can target anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connected you can set your sights on any country city or town.

As soon as you sign up purchase and run through the tutorial you are ready to let loose, I suggest having your domain email details handy if you want to run the emailer function you can map your own domain to Scopeleads or use a Gmail address

In terms of limitations there is no real limitations with exception to your own email address safety with the sheer amount of leads that you can uncover it can be easy to jump into a client getting frenzy but remember to not send unusual amounts of emails at once to avoid email spam penalties if you normally send a thousand emails a day then great continue to do that, but if you send a normal email amount of 10 and then you start emailing 2,000 per day that will raise some questions be smart and use your email as you would normally  and you will be fine. The campaign searches are limitless you can scope all day.

One feature that can be talked about at great depth is the Mobile Lacking feature for selecting clients websites that are not mobile friendly a huge market since Google made the change to give mobile friendly sites more love

the feature acts like Tinder if you do not know what Tinder is ask a single friend 🙂 the feature basically lists the websites from your search query and you can see how the website appears on mobile with the mobile viewer see below.

When you find websites that are not mobile friendly you have the option to swipe right to target them as potential clients or delete them by swiping left and moving to the next one, very clever and provides s giggle every time I use it.



Scopeleads Benefits and Drawbacks


Features added on mass demand (at the time of writing email scheduling and

Speed, the speed of gathering leads blows anything Ive used out of the water.

In literally 4 clicks you will have a list of leads to close.

Time, saves me so much time with the automation of everything.

versatility the range of client targets is limited to your own vision.

The Tinder-esque mobile view feature hilarious.

You get to test your email sales copy I now find this rewarding.

You do Get Clients, You can get more.



The sales conversion from lead to client falls on your own sales copy or pitch.

Cold emailing is no way to build stability in your business.

Mobile lacking feature is not accurate even if the slide left and right feature makes me laugh.

I came across a very similar software in late 2015 that did at a basic level the very same function of returning leads, that product was clunky and had a horrible UI I think from memory it was $17.00.

The CRM was a little tricky to navigate *Update there is now a search function for searching leads much more enhanced.

Whats on the horizon for Scopeleads?

There is a hint that a browser extension is in development and several features are currently in beta, I think the last update was Google My Business unclaimed pages. That would help my business especially with local marketing and helping small businesses claim their page.

but using Scopeleads you will stand a better chance by integrating the email sequencing and merge fields there leaves only room for you to work on the pitch it’s that simple remember to test headlines and sales pitch for best results.


I made an overview of the software here have a look Subscribe and leave a comment if you enjoyed the video.

Scopeleads Get Clients On Demand.

If you liked the video subscribe and look forward to more


I would consider Scopeleads as the best client prospecting software I have used saving my time prospecting by eliminating the need for me to sweat it out over bad reviews, page 2 and beyond and analysing the Adwords adverts I give it two 10’s for helping me get my time back, I was never intent on being an email marketing guy but after using Scopeleads Ive upped my game on composing and sending emails that generate interest and get replies that in itself has been like mastering another art form but is highly lucrative and very rewarding.

Who is this for?

  • Web Designers
  • Search Marketers – SEO and PPC
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies

I would say it is better used for those doing digital marketing and more specifically for web designers, SEO’s, Adwords, CRO consultants and social media management types either agencies or freelancers. The benefit for freelancer’s is the targeting, you can work anywhere with any target location a huge win for global servicing. Scopeleads is for anyone that wants to speed up the process to get clients, by using Scopeleads to Get Client search results you can effectively store the data and build a large targeting workbook to begin your marketing to these businesses.


Get Scopeleads! Get Clients.

Now you are armed with the best client getting software on the market return to the Webmecs Blog.[/fusion_text]

New Project Management Systems That Rock

New Project Management Systems That Rock

Project Management Systems For The Modern Age

Managing your troops can feel like a constant battle with everyone having these things called emotions and feelings. Working out the dynamics of your team so everyone gets along and the work is being completed at a top level is your end goal for team management. Having a collaborative management system that works seamlessly in the cloud can make project management and staff management a breeze, Here we cover a few that really stand out for digital marketers.

Finding your voice as a leader can be difficult and findings system that all the team members are comfortable using and that can be used with almost anything  and for anyone is tough, I personally use Google Drive and dropbox. Google drive has the most versatile products in its arsenal with sheets and docs far over powering excel and word for functionality. If you have ever managed a team of freelancers from all across the globe you can appreciate the ease of google drive for sharing and collaborating. It’s no secret I’m A massive gmail fan and getting a FREE gmail isn’t the only win when you sign up look forward to 15gig of cloud storage with google drive plus a host of other google properties all free.

As a start up I relied heavily on the freeware of google to help me power my client on-boarding and management system functionality of what the project management systems provide in this post a huge help for me and Im still using three of them to this day taking them over fancy overpriced management systems that lack functionality and integration based on your subscription level. Of course some of the systems mentioned here do have paid upgrades that significantly boost their overall functionality but I would say you can do so much with the free versions and depending on your size of business you might need to upgrade one of these services and still do so much with what these management systems offer in the free sign up.

Management systems in the digital marketing world are complex, overpriced and not functional enough for today’s teams.

New Project Management Systems That Rock 2

What Project management Systems Do I Use?

Google Drive Can You Dig It?

All your documents in a shareable folder on the cloud. You don’t need to sign up to some project management software just to get your work from a “agency” or “client” I’ve been asked to join that many management softwares I can’t remember the last one that I used more than three times.I am a huge Google drive guy for processes and systems management where I can add or remove collaborator’s and share single doc’s or sheets plus Google sheets integration with various API’s is the advantage that I want my project management systems to utilise and give me the functionality that I need.

My number one project management resource is Google Drive.

You simply sign up for a gmail account

Complete registration and voila you now  have one of The most robust software suites for free. YouTube, Google plus, Blogger, Google my business and much much more are all waiting for you once you sign up for a gmail account.

Second Place Dropbox

With Dropbox you have a cloud storage that provides you free space to save files, docs photos and more. Not as features rich as G drive but still a decent competitor

You have the option to pay for an increase in storage space or very innovative and a great marketing effort from Dropbox is to have referrals for more space so send ten emails to get extra space added to your dropbox account.

Management Systems worthy of a mention.


Slack is more like an instant chat where you can group chat or single chat and exchange pictures videos or files. It has a nice UI and is quite easy to use even for a complete computer caveman you can pick up slack messaging in about 2 messages.


Trello is big in the SEO community for client on-boarding and project management. There are marketers using Trello as their complete system so it does work and some of the ways I’ve seen it used are quite innovative.

New Project Management Systems That Rock 3

Trello integrates with many other management systems type softwares and is visually easy to use, there is a slight learning curve but with a simple click around on all the buttons you will quickly become familiar with the UI and understand how it works.

Much like Google Drive this Management System can be copied from another user and used as your own project management system for controlling your operations.

Worthy mentions:

  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • Wrike
  • Teamwork

I think that Teamwork and Wrike are more suited to larger agencies or a business that has many moving parts possibly involving a lot of co-operation on projects. Basecamp is good for project management and organisation of projects.

What to look for in your complete project management software and your company preferred management systems.

1. Functionality

2. Collaboration

3. Easy to use

4. Pricing

5. Storage and restrictions

6. Integration


If you use a management system not listed here and it is making your life easier than drop the name in the comments and give your pro’s and con’s for it’s functionality.

Thanks for reading and I hope these help you project manage with ease.


Read more about Online Marketing on the blog!

Live Support: Key Part in Higher Conversion

Live Support: Key Part in Higher Conversion

Live Support or are they just Chat Bots?

Those live chat popups that hit you with the automated line “Hello! How can I help you?” as soon as you arrive on a website could they be the future of customer service help me now scenarios?

How do you feel about them being intrusive or annoying?

The idea is to provide a helpful guide to answer some of the frequently asked question and provide support on basic trouble shooting.

In some cases you might get an actual person on the chat but most of the chat box features are automated. The automated replies may help some users but the actual useful rating will extend to the depth of thought put in by the site owner when building the chat bot.

I find some chat help box’s useful while most just annoying, I classify annoying as once I land on a website a chat box opens saying “hi I’m Andrew how can I help?” This could be avoided by letting the person browse the site for a set time period I would suggest 2 minutes approx setting.



Live Support Online

The new customer service model is to help people on your business website live while they are browsing, sounds a little creepy waiting for someone to arrive on your website and then having a pop up live chat box to help them with anything.

Can it mean a downturn in customer service help desk jobs for companies? Yes

Have you visited a website and been speaking to the customer service chat box and started to notice the text replies sound a bit robotic? read more about the effects of live chat bots here.

I would imagine so but it does not mean the end of customer service call centres not in the slightest there will always be a need to speak to a human help desk operator.

Are Live Support Chat Bots Useful?

Recently Google noted that reports showed 20% of mobile queries were voice searches. Recent rises in people searching with voice commands and by personal assistants such as Apple’s “Siri” are gaining popularity and will only increase as the technology improves. Remember when Siri launched and was extremely limited? yes I do too and I tell you back then she was ahead of the pack well recent updates still leave a lot to be desired but the Siri application is far ahead of many competitors and provides millions of people with search results daily.

How far has voice search come lately well for my friends in the Amazon eCommerce world they have recently had to adapt to voice search with Amazon and Google adopting voice search commands check out the various reviews of the new Google Home and Amazon’s own Echo for shopping at home read more on customer reviews positive, negative and mixed. If we look ahead in terms of these live support chat boxes and on demand impulse micro moment purchases the future should also include live action right now live support and this can be in the form of a live support assistant answering questions as they come in or by an automated customer service chat bot, BUT! and the key to a successful live support chat bot will be the information loaded into the FAQ scripts how much effort has the programmer put into the script for problem solving if these live Google Home and Amazon Echo type searches are happening right now then the answers these people will have should be right now while that sale query is live while its happening.

How long before Facebook enters the eCommerce world with all their extended reach and automation? who knows but I would put money on it Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg has some plans buried deep in his ideas notepad for a Facebook move towards eCommerce Pages or Groups interesting concept and if you think about it that move would make total sense for Facebook.

Instant Messaging services and automated text SMS isn’t customer friendly I would prefer the automated messages come to my email than my mobile that to me just preys on impulse buyers and not something I am a fan of. Functionality of customer service automation should be considered for really helping customer questions and complaints look to design for UX over UI when it comes to support question answering you need to protect your reputation online over having a pretty customer portal.


Wondering what processes a take place when using a Live support chat bot? see this.


Courtesy of Daden Limited.

Then they show that show to the people

Not a fan of the chat box and when you have a problem you want to speak to someone in the live support chat that can help and can speak your language. One of the more popular platforms for customer support is Zendesk I’ve had positive experiences when I’ve needed to contact them for support far more user friendly than the chat bot live support. While not live support chat orientated they are a worthy customer support service.

Over marketing – when someone is lead to your website, then asked to opt in to the email list, then asked if they need assistance by your chat bot while browsing your products but as they leave they are hit with an exit pop up.


Simple Marketing

Keeping your marketing simple on your website can be the difference between keep a customer and scaring a potential customer away. My tip is to visit your competitors website and see what they are running for marketing, observe what the journey is like and imagine yourself as the customer following this marketing route.

Immerse yourself in what it would be like as a customer to see how it feels on your site, do you enjoy talking to me little chat box guy as soon as you arrive on site? Was his opening sentence scripted well enough to make you even interact with him? Assess how it makes you feel and use this when you design your customer journey, if you are not a fan of chat bot support then do not use one on your site but if you are a fan of chat bot support services then by all means add a automated customer service chat support script to your website.

Being over sold isn’t something people enjoy and you should know when to use your marketing and where on your website.

Do you still want to call someone when you have a problem a real person paid to help you when you have a problem dedicated solely to customer support or are you ok to accept the live chat pop up window helper? that is the question.

I for one prefer the call centre and real human interaction over live support chat bots.

Webmecs main page.


7 ways to get ready for a business meeting

Preparing for a Big Business Meeting

Business Meeting Contracts and Negotiating a sweet deal.

Prospecting your target market for new leads has been rewarding and you and your team have landed a meeting with a lead you have been chasing for months the contract negotiating meeting is scheduled and you have the lead over your competitors. Here are some tips to help you prepare your team and yourself for the meeting so that you leave an impression and with the deal finalised.

The first thing you need to do is to allocate team members to research parts of the business meeting that they will be contributing towards having many hands makes for light work so Ill use a standard digital marketing agency example where they are being invited to talk about a proposal to redesign a prospective client website. You would start with assigning a web designer to begin researching similar companies and top ranking companies for their design structure and how they present themselves to the market. Next up you would have your SEO person map out the optimal site structure for making the website user friendly and functional for users to easily navigate the  website this would also tie in with the content director working alongside the SEO to provide a very connected feel for the information and way that the content will be displayed. The developer will work with the designer to provide the exact requirements that the company wants to push forward in the meeting and everyone will provide their research findings to the project manager so that they have full understanding of what the plan is and what exactly the proposal will be about delivering.

Showing up to the meeting as a unified front will present your business as a well oiled machine.


Business Contract Preparation 7 Steps to Success

All the research has been completed and complied the project manager knows who is responsible for what and how it all interconnects great thats the start you wanted, but! do you take your ten man team into the meeting? do you just take the dev’s do you take the content director? it becomes like the school yard dodge ball scenario where the two team captains pick off the eager players one by one making their teams you will need to decide and reading this article should help you decide on your team selection and some great points to remember when preparing for the big business meeting.

If I was the man in charge I would have an idea of how many of the prospective client’s team may be present by them having 3 people attend and you bringing 10 people I think the word overkill is appropriate, aim for 3 people and my reasons are you need the project manager or who will become “client account manager” you will definitely need one of your dev team to be present for technical questions and my third pick would be the content director so I would have covered off Design & Development of the site with choosing the developer to attend believing that the dev and the designer would be on the same level and talking about their ends of the project would be a fair thought process and by choosing the content director the SEO and content director would also have been talking to each other about their prospective research fields meaning that the content director is all over the on page elements of the project now that you have my thoughts on how to assemble your team make your selection work for you again I am basing this on the standard digital marketing agency staff allocation.


Define the key concepts: Your team needs to know the client briefing and points that made them contact you or decide to meet with you i the first place so if the emphasis was on conversion rate of the new website then you would have each team member provide a part about how their element is involved with the conversion rate and any noteworthy features or ideas that they have. The last thing you want to do is hold all the info from your team or even worse they withhold all their relevant information from you not cool guy!  Harvesting all the information to yourself leaves your team feeling under-utilised and this will show in the meeting. Prepare them with an agenda and sections of interest, Make your team excited to be part of this project have them feel warm and fuzzy every time you win a bid or tender they will feel more and more like part of the team if they have some input.


The Jim Carrey method works the Michael Jordan method works and these guys made it big time, take a moment to close your eyes and visualise your meeting how you see it unfold and go through your steps in your head allow your team to do this if they are interested. Michael Jordan visualised winning every game and multiple championships now while he didnt win every game he did win multiple championships and a lot of games going down as the best player in the game and he was a firm believer of pre game visualisation. After Jordan become the man in the NBA sports stars and celebrities were doing it every where.

Jim Carrey is another firm believer in the technique and to open this up a little more visualising your goals is a cognitive tool that accesses your imagination to help picture how you are going to do something. Your visual goal could be this big business deal, getting the girl or guy your are crushing hard on or even signing Kevin Durrant to a max contract to rep the Golden State Warriors all of those are highly achievable by mentally preparing yourself through visualisation.

One I use is to look at past results and my portfolio to cement that I can do this I find it works for me you might have another technique that makes you get into the zone.


Ok enough prep time and assembling of the teams lets cover more about the 7 steps.

Your Seven Tips for Business Contract Negotiation Success

1.Be Prepared,Briefing your team on how the meeting will play out and what parts they are responsible for and knowing when to present and when to listen for comment. Review the agenda and know the process of the meeting.

2.Plan what team member is responsible for preparing what documents and is going to speak on this during the meeting and what team member they hand off to after they finish.When you’re calling a meeting, take time to think about who really needs to be there. If you’re announcing a change, invite the people who are affected by the announcement. If you’re trying to solve a problem, invite the people who will be good sources of information for a solution. When people feel that what’s being discussed isn’t relevant to them, or that they lack the skills or expertise to be of assistance, they’ll view their attendance at the meeting as a waste of time.

These questions need to be asked before you are attending the business meeting. In the example above, a step-by-step process would look something like the following;

– Has Dev team been able to confirm that the design can be created and functions operational from the briefing?

– Has the Content on the existing website been audited for site structure suggestions and relating pages identified?

– Has the SEO devised a structured page plan and identified keyword opportunities?

– Is the team happy with the new proposed design and final version?

Answering these questions tells you that your team is capable of making the new design work, that your team is working together and that you are now ready for the business meeting.

3. Enter the meeting with confidence and greet each member of the clients team with a handshake and look them them in the eye this is sign of respect and good manners.

4.Control the conversation having a member of your team take centre stage and get talky can ruin the vibe of the business meeting and you can thank them and regain attention and focus back to the points, Should a member of the client party be flapping his or her gums more than is required a simple polite “We appreciate your feedback and will take notes from any other speakers?” that provides verbal confirmation to all invited that you have heard the concern and can take on new input now effectively frame working the group conversation.

5. Maintain positivity throughout the meeting, there may be some negative or non constructive input during the meeting that should not be taken to heart remain confident and positive keep your body posture in place and lead your team the thought of their leader demolished during a meeting will only flow downstream and that will present that your team was dismantled by some negative comments, beat that by remaining in control.

6.Start on time, end on time. This is a big silent factor that can win you clients Ive seen it work effectively and you will be surprised especially with more corporate types of clients where time is money, being known to start on time and end on time is a good reputation to have use it to your advantage. People love to know their going to be finishing on time this is a positivity booster and you will see human behaviour unfold when you implement this for your business meetings.

and onto our final point

7.Ending with results, in some cases this may not work but push for an answer get the definitive Yes you will be amazed at the amount of business meetings that end with the prospective client in complete control of when next contact is and what the result of the meeting is so dont be that guy reach out and ask for the decision, “So we have presented our thoughts what is your decision?” the way you ask will play a factor ask with confidence that you just delivered the Wolf of wall street speech to your client and he’s hungry to give you the work without confidence this will turn into a “dont call us we will call you” moment and you dont want that.

“Carpe Diem” Seize the day and win that business contract.

Business Meeting Results, How did you deliver?

Ask for the result and get a verbal confirmation that you have provided a well received proposal from the client make it known that you have the talent to complete the job and make it known you are ready to take the job and deliver as outlined in your compelling outline of deliverables. If you can get the nod of approval you can guess whats going on with your prospective client cant you?

Ban technology

The reality is that if people are allowed to bring smart devices into the meeting and if they have device cover where no one can see them using the device how long do you think they will last without playing around on the device? Also you can eliminate text messages, phone calls notifications everything that leads to distraction by saying leave your phones in the car. You want to have a contributing team not a candy crush obsessed team.

Team and Self review post business meeting

Review the meeting overall and look at points in your approach and delivery to improve on for the next meeting, always strive to improve with every step forward.

Some good questions for self or team review are;

  • How was our opening statement received?
  • What went over really well?
  • Was there a dull moment?
  • What didnt get the reaction we had planned?
  • What didnt we have an answer for?
  • What part of the meeting would we change and why?

A good honest review of you or your teams performance can reveal some adjustments that may help with the next meeting, do this after every meeting and you will soon find your delivery becoming stronger and stronger. Always learn from your mistakes and identify strengths and weaknesses where you can draw focus to or strengthen the delivery of a weaker point.

Take a round the table pop Q&A about the business meeting how everyone felt what improvements can be made or did they leave out anything that would of helped its always good to review processes and make improvements.


Make intelligent small talk in between the official meeting agenda and show confidence at all times ad your part of the proposal and dont overstep the talking read the play and respond to your teams body language at the end of the day you want to convert this business meeting into a paying client so use these steps to gather the best foot forward and engage your new business leads to sign them up as your long time loyal clients.


I hope this has helped you in some way. See you on the blog.