How to Identify the better Virtual Assistant: Siri or Google Assist

Smartphone virtual assistants are getting smarter and more functional but have they taken over? I have Siri and I have Google assist I use Siri to request outrageous tasks just to hear her blunt unimpressed tone, I use google assist to get things done without much thinking Now Im a Google guy and I enjoy apple products but I have dabbled with Android and can see both sides of the coin with this debate.

Siri had all the hype on early release was the world ready for a virtual assistant living inside our smart phones? Not really but how slow and non functional Siri was way back then we soon caught up and surpassed her with request of new features and functions. From the most anticipated release to eh just another clunky assistant well Apple noticed and went to work on improving Siri and nI would say its still a work in progress.

Enter new fresh faced competitor Google Assistant with all the backing of the world’s largest search engine this Virtual assistant packs a punch.

These two virtual assistant type helpers both appear to be very similar in functionality and connectivity some note worthy features are sending reminders, making notes, accessing apps, searching the web, providing booking tasks for movies or restaurants and helping provide google search query answers exceptionally helpful for quiz nights and providing educated comments among your peers. The speed of returned information is very fast and the interconnectivity is quite broad only increasing as technology improves.

Choosing a clear winner is no simple task both have smooth interfaces and provide useful functionalities and integrations.

So for me my choice of the better performing smartphone virtual assistant is Google Assist for the more in depth speak sequences and smooth user interface I really like the ease of use.

Sorry Siri but you return more incorrect search results than GA and you have a short temper but you are design well and I know you will be developed into a very solid smartphone assistant but the time is not now I do however look forward to when you are at a level that many people have held you to for some time.

Google Assistant has the recommendation and will be developed even more in the coming months with a team like Google backing you anything is possible.

The Battle of the Virtual Assistant Most Functional Infographic

There is this super cool infographic below for further details on this battle between Siri and Google Assistant. It will help you decide which will suit your phone the most, though you really have a limited choice with Siri as it won’t see a market other than iOS.


Siri v/s Google Assistant

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*Update 12th December 2016

Expect big things from Google with the recent acquisition of Eye Fluence read more here.

Great read and I hope your virtual assistant helps you order lots of pizza’s.