Microsoft purchased LinkedIN

Why would Microsoft want a professional networking platform? Here is an interesting summary.

What are the changes and how does this affect you?

Well immediately there are none. Everything is staying the same…for now.

LinkedIN is a powerful platform for B2B networking and when used in the right way lead generation can be made very simple.

Microsoft is well known for its computer systems and foray into gaming with the Xbox. Microsofts assets list is huge and adding LinkedIN is a feather in the cap.

Slideshare a subdivision of the popular platform may see some slight developments in its delivery, appearance and offerings.

I’ll rehash this post with updates about the purchase as I get them…stay tuned!

You really need to be on this platform in terms of endless networking opportunities and competitor analysis if you are not using a professional platform to represent yourself you could be missing a lot of networking opportunities

Interested in a FREE account.

In August I posted about a work life change in direction from office to working from home on LinkedIN plenty of feedback and a great example of what you can do on LinkedIN

Its definitely not a platform to be overlooked we drive a lot of business from this platform and the networking is endless, If you want to discuss the pro’s and con’s of LinkedIN Im open to hear your take on the platform and any success you have had or think the impact of Microsoft being involved changes the functions of the platform.

As always I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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