How much do you know about SEO?

Yellow Pages vs Google what do you use more?
Google search has made Yellow Pages almost redundant, people turn to Google search faster than outdated advertising methods.
Since people are now using the web to advertise this is where SEO comes into play, you would use SEO to increase the and optimise the effectiveness of your website for the Google search engine.

SEO The Organic Ranking Factor

People may not understand SEO but they know they need it to make an impact online. We actually thought this video was quite entertaining.

When a reporter went and conducted random interviews with average day suburban US citizens about how much they knew on the topic of SEO (search Engine Optimisation) 

the answers where off the mark and it seemed not many people had the slightest idea about what SEO was.  An important factor within this video is that the reporter asked “When was the last time that you used the Yellow Pages?” many replied that they had not used the YP in a long, long time.

The answer given is an increasing truth with the way that the internet is taking over today with more and more people browsing the web on mobile devices as discussed here on the smart marketers post about the statistics of mobile marketing.

People have turned to the internet to advertise more so than paper directories its fact! Online searches outweigh any paper directory and happen daily in the millions and millions of search queries.

Why ask about SEO?

SEO is a very crucial factor in improving the search listing rank and discoverability online by optimising websites with on page and off page factors and now there is a heavy rank factor placed on the amount of fresh and related content produced on the website meaning does the website answer questions? does the website provide examples? can someone search the search a query and find an answer or be sent  to another site with the answer. Google sees the UX as super important and wants a smooth flowing search experience while users are actively searching for topics.

Enough of the techy SEO nerd talk and lets watch the video.


Warning! Some laughter may occur.