Project Management Systems For The Modern Age

Managing your troops can feel like a constant battle with everyone having these things called emotions and feelings. Working out the dynamics of your team so everyone gets along and the work is being completed at a top level is your end goal for team management. Having a collaborative management system that works seamlessly in the cloud can make project management and staff management a breeze, Here we cover a few that really stand out for digital marketers.

Finding your voice as a leader can be difficult and findings system that all the team members are comfortable using and that can be used with almost anything  and for anyone is tough, I personally use Google Drive and dropbox. Google drive has the most versatile products in its arsenal with sheets and docs far over powering excel and word for functionality. If you have ever managed a team of freelancers from all across the globe you can appreciate the ease of google drive for sharing and collaborating. It’s no secret I’m A massive gmail fan and getting a FREE gmail isn’t the only win when you sign up look forward to 15gig of cloud storage with google drive plus a host of other google properties all free.

As a start up I relied heavily on the freeware of google to help me power my client on-boarding and management system functionality of what the project management systems provide in this post a huge help for me and Im still using three of them to this day taking them over fancy overpriced management systems that lack functionality and integration based on your subscription level. Of course some of the systems mentioned here do have paid upgrades that significantly boost their overall functionality but I would say you can do so much with the free versions and depending on your size of business you might need to upgrade one of these services and still do so much with what these management systems offer in the free sign up.

Management systems in the digital marketing world are complex, overpriced and not functional enough for today’s teams.

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What Project management Systems Do I Use?

Google Drive Can You Dig It?

All your documents in a shareable folder on the cloud. You don’t need to sign up to some project management software just to get your work from a “agency” or “client” I’ve been asked to join that many management softwares I can’t remember the last one that I used more than three times.I am a huge Google drive guy for processes and systems management where I can add or remove collaborator’s and share single doc’s or sheets plus Google sheets integration with various API’s is the advantage that I want my project management systems to utilise and give me the functionality that I need.

My number one project management resource is Google Drive.

You simply sign up for a gmail account

Complete registration and voila you now  have one of The most robust software suites for free. YouTube, Google plus, Blogger, Google my business and much much more are all waiting for you once you sign up for a gmail account.

Second Place Dropbox

With Dropbox you have a cloud storage that provides you free space to save files, docs photos and more. Not as features rich as G drive but still a decent competitor

You have the option to pay for an increase in storage space or very innovative and a great marketing effort from Dropbox is to have referrals for more space so send ten emails to get extra space added to your dropbox account.

Management Systems worthy of a mention.


Slack is more like an instant chat where you can group chat or single chat and exchange pictures videos or files. It has a nice UI and is quite easy to use even for a complete computer caveman you can pick up slack messaging in about 2 messages.


Trello is big in the SEO community for client on-boarding and project management. There are marketers using Trello as their complete system so it does work and some of the ways I’ve seen it used are quite innovative.

New Project Management Systems That Rock 2

Trello integrates with many other management systems type softwares and is visually easy to use, there is a slight learning curve but with a simple click around on all the buttons you will quickly become familiar with the UI and understand how it works.

Much like Google Drive this Management System can be copied from another user and used as your own project management system for controlling your operations.

Worthy mentions:

  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • Wrike
  • Teamwork

I think that Teamwork and Wrike are more suited to larger agencies or a business that has many moving parts possibly involving a lot of co-operation on projects. Basecamp is good for project management and organisation of projects.

What to look for in your complete project management software and your company preferred management systems.

1. Functionality

2. Collaboration

3. Easy to use

4. Pricing

5. Storage and restrictions

6. Integration


If you use a management system not listed here and it is making your life easier than drop the name in the comments and give your pro’s and con’s for it’s functionality.

Thanks for reading and I hope these help you project manage with ease.


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