Kevin Kelly 5,000 Days of the Internet and What to expect in 5,000 More.

The Past & The Future Kevin kelly tells us what he predicts.


I was put onto Kevin kelly by a friend and the first thing I did was google “Who is Kevin Kelly?” and his bio came up on you can check it out here Kevin kelly Bio.

In the first sentence it state’s that Kevin is a Senior Maverick Now if that doesnt make you want to change career’s and do everything humanly possible to earn that moniker I don’t know what will.

Now the main purpose I made this post was to share something unique and to spread this kind of future planning think forward that has helped me plan through the worst to be still standing

here and now. The video is about 19 minutes long and reveals the inner workings of the web it touches on semantic web and the linking between physical and digital worlds over the last 5,000 days and how the next 5,000 days is shaping up and what to expect to be brought to us in the future.

You can read more from Kevin here on his Wired page.

Enough from me watch the video and get some pure knowledge from Kevin.