How You Can Increase Traffic To Your Website.

Website traffic every website owner wants this every business owner should want this but are they willing to do the work to get the results? 5 out of 10 business owners can and do.

Are you one of those 5 that are not doing what’s needed to grow your website traffic? Shame on you.

To get traffic you might hire an SEO consultant or current trend “digital marketer” to help grow your organic visitors to your website great you have made a good start in this process.


WARNING if you are looking for an instant increase right away SEO is not about instant gains it’s a long term strategy, for instant You should look into Pay per click (PPC) where you pay for advertising space on search results that show your allocated paid keywords and phrases.

The best growth strategy involves PPC alongside SEO and once the SEO has started taking traction you turn off or reduce the PPC ad spend. Read more here
Steps to increase website traffic.

Produce Targeted Content 

Produce content that answers questions that your particular customer audience might ask

about your product or services

About a specific product or service

About your industry

About your company standards

About your company

About your processes

About your equipment or ingredients

And so on.

You should be answering questions with your content and advising of changes, updates and upcoming events and industry information. There is someone out there searching for your product or service and before they purchase they want to know more about who they are buying from, answer these questions see a rise in organic traffic.

Competitions and Quiz campaigns

Create competitions where you give away 10 products or a new TV or industry related items in order for your social followers to enter a competition. You can set additional rules like 1 entry per person that drives people to enter their partner their sister or Friends in order to win, people want to win and something for nothing is always a motivator for this almost viral social behaviour.

The cost of a $600 TV verse signing up 400 new people to your email list, verse making 10 new sales and driving 1000 people to your website and even more to your social media business page to me it’s a positive cost that will return more than $600 and continue to drive organic visitors to your website.

Quiz campaigns

The latest in viral social and working extremely well with online retail is running a quiz to your social media following asking industry related or celebrity questions to get responses and optional offering a prize for the winner and runner up.

Again this drives people to know who this company is and what do they offer people will visit your site and interact with your campaign in order to win.

The prizes don’t need to be over the top but high interest in the prize needs to maintained for the campaign to succeed.

Extend Your Brand Reach

Stretch your brands reach by speaking at industry and community events, offer to guest post on industry or community blogs, websites, social media business pages. Get your brand and face of the company out there be seen be heard.

The more eyes you have on your brand the more exposure the more people will be searching online for your brand that they read about or saw at an event that may not convert to customers then and there but they know your brand name they know your face and they know where to find you.


Your brand should be the authority in its space so that people interested in buying or people interested in learning about what you do Will listen to your brands voice. Establishing authority can be time consuming but once established it takes little work to maintain and will continue to drive people to your website again and again.

I’m in a very noisy space with marketing and especially online marketing there’s a lot of noise in this space, I carve my own niche and do what I know works and what I do best. People follow comment and engage at their own pace and I’m continually getting requests to help

Small business owners

Startup businesses

Other marketers

It’s no surprise that other marketers have approached me for requests to help I market towards two types 1 business owners 2 people in my industry. I built authority in my space while not the most known sought after web mechanic in the space I have helped countless people in forums on coaching sessions overcome problems.

I made helpful free comments on a forum for some people having problems with Google my business accounts I listed answers and helpful Links for them to fix the issues. Over the next week I had a few emails from people on that forum that liked my reply and followed me to my website and liked what I was about and I now coach them in DIY SEO, just an example of authority building in your industry.

Topical Link Building

Keeping links from your site and links back to your site as topic related as possible will be one way to increase your trust, rankings and organic traffic ten fold.

Google has made changes to its penalty algorithm lately to penalise spammy non relative links and linking that does not provide value in terms of going from a web page about web design to A web page about Bonner pills isn’t really topical Where as that web design page could of linked to latest WordPress theme selections for a more topical Link.

When you are linking to relevant information the Google spiders crawl

Your page and the page you link to for relevancy to the search term and theme of the web page do making topical related links can only benefit your organic search results for the good.

Optimise your Website for Traffic

One of the big drawbacks of having a very interactive and unique web design is the draw that has on resources and ultimately the page load speed in turn this affects the users experience as you may know a slow loading web page is not a web page you stay on for longer than 2 seconds any longer and you have lost a visitor and potential sale.



Optimise your website for these key elements

1. Mobile friendly & Responsive Design

2. OnPage Optimisation

3. Page Load Speed (mobile & desktop)

4. AMP accelerated mobile pages

5. Schema Markup

6. If Service Based Add Local Search Keywords and Phrases

7. Use Buyer Intent Keywords


Testing for one of these is great but if we test and optimise for all then we have your website primed for that wave of traffic you will be getting from implementing the steps above.
You ideally want a website that’s fast loading, shows up with all the correct business information in the search results, looks great on mobile or iPad, loads fast on mobile, looks amazing and is easy on the eye.

Combining all methods is a sure fire way to increase organic traffic to your website.

Next you need to start thinking about how to convert them from visitor traffic to customer once you have them on your site, driving more traffic to your website is good for business but you should really consider the conversion of traffic into customer

for increased growth and using this for creating a solid customer acquisition funnel allowing you to continually make sales.

I hope you found this useful if you have methods not listed feel free to add in the comments for readers.