What Does Googles Search Engine Really Do?

Search Engines Explained

In order to find what they are looking and often it is a no real thought process to type in what it is you want and perhaps a location if it is a service based search query.

Then we get a search optimised result based on the word typed into the search bar and in one click we can be taken to the website of the search queries closest matching result.

Fascinating. But there is by far a lot more involved in the evolution and constant development of the search engine as you will see in the video below.


Most people will search the internet on google’s search bar

Im fascinated by the mechanics and the concept that you type in a search query and the search engine produces to you a very targeted result list that can span in the millions and millions of results for some of the more common terms.


In this video google employees describe how google search began to evolve and the changes that were conceived in the evolution process

Please enjoy this video about the evolution of the search engine

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