When Should I Review My Web Analytics Data?

I always schedule time once a week to look over my own websites and look at what’s working and what I need to pay more attention to. Looking at client website analytics data is scheduled in 3 times per week just to keep track of their campaigns. We enjoy tracking and reporting on the success, and helping to improve on not so successful campaigns for our business clients. Testing and refining the campaign each step of the way, optimising for whatever your end goal is we help you get there.

When you run over your dashboard and see how your audience is using your website, where they come from and what they search for you gain more of an understanding about your target market. We run multiple strategic data marketing campaigns through our Analytics Assist program providing data support and simplified reporting.

Schedule at least one time per week to go and visit your analytics dashboard, and familiarise yourself or check in on the web traffic metrics. Always look at reviewing your web analytics as part of your own internal procedure for understanding your marketplace, a simple review of web data can return more information than most understand.

Using the data provided by your Google Analytics dashboard you can find opportunity. Using alternative analytics tracking platforms work the same way just present differently, Identify your most popular content and keywords and optimise them. Content marketing combined with analytics assisted data can be a very powerful way of pushing your online visibility upwards. One way to recycle information is by updating content to be more relevant for your audience.

Schedule an analytics audit once a week to identify any new trends.

Why would you recycle content?

You would refresh your content


  • Match the Date if years old
  • Match current trends
  • Match current algorithms
  • Match the actual information of the article.

This retains the core information while providing fresh new content that is relevant to todays market. This enriches the content and provides additional visitors to your pages and posts, use yoru analytics to uncover the pages you want to use. How I identify the pages I want to target for recycling content is by checking the analytics and top performing pages and search on site queries. This allows me to see the type of content that is most useful and the content that people want to see.

The process of reviewing your content to identify if you do want to update the article should include

  1. Increase the length of the content
  2. Removing out dated techniques
  3. Change images if they need to be changed
  4. Add a unique video that supports the content topic
  5. Use more current rich multimedia

Incorporating these steps into your content cycling method will improve the effectiveness and quality score for the page and posts. Use your analytics datas to identify the target page and topics to use, and look around the web for some ideas i=on what other people are doing  with the same topic and take notes.

Use Your Web Analytical Data To Determine Your Next Move

The guys at Kissmetrics have created this fun infographic for helping you understand your website analytics take a look.

The 2011 Web Analytics Review

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The 2011 Web Analytics Review
Source: The 2011 Google Web Analytics Review Infographic

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