Web Design Routine Hacks

Web designers do you find yourself buried in a website design when your clients call? Do you leave the design to answer calls then forget what you were working on?
It’s happened to me and i hate being deeply focused on the design to leave it and tend to another task or phone call.
I figured out early on that I was going to make excellent websites I would need unbroken concentration, and if I was going to grow my business I had to be answering calls and actively engaging with people during the business hours and not glued to working on a website

So I came up with a separation of tasks and below I’ve listed the 2 hacks for web designers that have helped me grow my business and create beautifully designed and functional websites.

Number 1 Time Your Web Designs

Work on websites at night without distraction.

Design web pages at night when the chances of being interrupted are much less and you can have full attention on your project without distraction.


2 Routine Hacks for Web Designers 1


If you can put it off until the evening this will in my experience allow for more productivity and concentrated effort, without being pulled away to answer a phone or other tasks.
My own personal twist 🙂 I usually start web design from 7pm to 11pm I’d like  to say 1-pm is the latest but I’m a bit more of a workaholic and can go until the early hours of the morning if I have a big job on , I start out with the design layout in front me then the next essential thing I need is some tunes I’ll start out with some fat Freddy’s drop and then move onto a random playlist the later I go.

BUT! I also have a real taste for some old smooth sounds and the Commodores just had to get a mention for this classic “Nightshift” how fitting take a moment to enjoy this great track.


Number 2 Client Web Design Effectively

Engage with clients and leads during business hours.

The second hack is to handle your client work, client interviewing and lead research during the day and leave the tasks that can be done without human interaction until later on in the evening as covered in number 1.
Servicing clients, answering clients and leads is crucial in growing your business and maintaining your current business and needs human interaction either phone calls, email or in person meetings and should be done between business hours.

My twist on this involves a rough start in the office around 8/9am after my morning walk I get to it checking stats, lead forms, analytics and lastly emails then I get to work on any immediate deliverables usually preset the night before so I know what to complete.


My mid day routine is a break around 1/2pm either of those to go to the gym or if I didn’t get to walk as I had been to the gym in the morning I’ll switch the two so I’ve had enough exercise and then get back to work for the afternoon rechecking emails and working on client sites, checking profiles and rounding off the day.  I then take another break around 5pm for dinner prep and house chores and then it’s the end of my work day or I’ll be back in to hit the web design later on depending on volume of work.

These could be hacks they could just be smart processes i was told at a early point in my career “work smarter not harder”and it’s up to you if you implement a similar strategy or not

Business productivity hacks are a great way to increase your intake of new clients and also to deliver to existing clients without living on the computer.

It’s important to me I don’t find myself chained to the computer and that I get to walk outdoors as often as I can. Saying that see the featured image for the post? yes thats me on many an occasion asleep at the computer getting it done and falling flat on the keyboard doing what I enjoy, Not everyone gets to do what they love for work so I’m grateful everyday for what I get paid top do for people.

I hope this helps my fellow web designers.

What are your favourite web design productivity hacks? Hit me in the comments section below.