I’m Shane, a Problem Solver in Australia

My background is one of process and routine, I owned several large scale services business that grew from ideas to serious companies. I had no formal management or biz ops training but I have a knack for understanding sequences.

Much like programmers I see everything as an IF THIS THEN THAT situation. My skillset is to see your business and then understand where you have an OPPORTUNITY or a WEAKNESS. Ive managed to learn coding languages, marketing skills, project management and team management at an advanced level.

I am known by my peers as:

  • Unique business operations problem solver
  • Insanely technical marketer
  • Deep understanding of the internet
  • Someone who gets tech

The key thing you should know about me is that I enjoy problem solving. In my life I have solved a lot of day to day problems. In my professional life Ive solved most of my weekly operational problems. I love a challenge and I like to help people build businesses.

What ever your problem is there is a fix. You just need to know who to work with to fix that problem and how to prevent it happening again.

My Fix It Philosophy


Problem Assessment

Explanation of the problem and how it impacts people, company and customers. This will be quite detailed to identify all contributing factors to see if its from a user, a process or technology.


Problem Breakdown

The problem is then broken down step by step and areas of risk identified. The workflow is deconstructed step by step reviewing user role and responsibility & technology used for gaps.


Fix Applied + Reviewed

The FIX is applied and the workflow is restarted to assess if the problem still exists and then it is heavily reviewed. 9/10 problem solved!

Your Business is Your Bank

I want your business to be successful and I want to be the one that helped you double any results you had previously. It all starts with a conversation.

Generate Qualified Leads

Increase Email Subscribers

Grow Revenue

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I will FIX your website problems

I will FIX your marketing problems

I will FIX your business operations problems

I will FIX your business technology problems