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I created Webmecs with the intention of helping other businesses and organisations learn how to build their brands online and grow their sales channels the right way.

While planning the services I wanted to offer I asked myself who would want what I can offer? and the answer was business owners and brands that have a plan, product or service that they want to present to their audience online but needed marketing advice and help with the work of increasing the visibility and attracting the right people to the respective offers.

Do you think that could describe you? Lets make sure I can help you

Do you feel that your business brand needs to improve its online voice, image and authority? Do you need advice while creating compelling marketing campaigns that convert leads into sales and visitors into buyers? Great we are well suited let me ask you another question, Do you feel confident your business brand is all it can be? could you improve and could you be bringing in more revenue?

If you answered YES to any part of that I can help your online web marketing efforts!

When I started my first business I was all about the shiny objects, tools and softwares that “You push this button and in 60 seconds” it was all a dream to capture your markets attention you need to put in the work this is a fact of life nothing comes easy now I can guide you to success or partner with you to get you there in style after all your business success is my business success and thats motivation enough for me.

One of the things I take great pride in is working WITH you to create your online presence by helping you grow your business and empowering you to be the authority in your marketplace but to do this we need to work together and while I offer DIY and DFY services there is still a level of understanding that needs to be in play for me to help your business harness the power of online marketing.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and succeed?

Perfect! I want to help you conquer this goal, build your loyal following, tell your amazing story and grow your business by using your marketplace leverage over your competitors, as a bonus Ill guide you to further understand just how powerful digital marketing can be and give you some pointers on the best travel destinations on the globe (out of context? no keep reading you will see why and how).

Now I wont be parading around in a fancy suit, flash car or having glamour parties at my Peppy grove mansion thats not what I do I work hard and put in the effort having owned multiple businesses I can talk to you on any level but I will translate the nerdy web talk into digestible conversation Ive built successful businesses that work and still work and I want to help you do the same.

What Can I Do For You?

The only negative to what I do is the market is overcrowded, has some shady characters posing as the real deal until they get paid and then they turn to ghosts it leaves a sour taste in yours and my mouth Im better than that and I want to show you. My digital industry is ever evolving and super competitive but if you have met me I thrive on evolution and innovation staying up to date with current trends I learn whenever I can and invest in R&D for my own not only my own benefit but I take what I know works and use it plain and simple.

What I like to do is help build a fortress solid foundation for your business and deliver to your audience a clear  and cohesive branding message while building your authority and growing your online reach. Using smart innovative web marketing techniques that are relevant to your product or service I get you closer to your goals.

But having a solid brand awareness is only one strategy.

What do you mean?

I can talk about digital marketing until the sun comes up but just listening wont get your anywhere you need to be prepared to take action be ready to take your business brand further and higher than you have before all I ask is you understand that I do this day in day out and I have YOUR businesses best interests in mind sure you can think of it as a risk trusting this guy you met online with the success of your business but please respect the house rules Ive worked hard to build a business invested in helping other businesses and I do so for not only payment but for my own selfish enjoyment of helping others do what I have done by building a successful business.

I was once in your shoes looking at hiring some help to market my business and I was a self doubting, uncertain and hesitant business owner just wanting to do the best with my business that I could I sought out that help and to this day I still contact the person that helped me and I would consider that person a mentor and it was the best decision that I made for my business getting a professional to do what they do and help me to understand just what they did and how they did it and look at me now mum.


Webmecs is a powerful combination of the Web and what we do fixing websites like a Mechanic would fix a car we combined this to create WEBMECS. Web Marketing Mechanics it has a nice ring to it and we feel it rings true to what we do and how we go about web development and getting our hands dirty in the back end of a website.

A new client complimented me on this website and asked me about why I do what I do my answer was “Ideally I would like this website to be a helpful source of inspiration for those business owners and start ups that want to take action and understand how important getting their online message out there really is when they use what I teach”






Not Your Standard Marketing Company


We pride ourselves on our level of commitment to getting the results for clients and helping them understand whats happening to their business when we suggest changes. We nerd out with the technology available to us to do what we do and make use of the innovation and speed of collaborative applications to run the business from anywhere on the globe and we do it with no loss in quality of work or downtime. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, integrity, and professionalism.


Our philosophy is to help businesses grow, To educate and to stay true to our roots of enjoying what we do so much that it doesn’t feel like work.

Why We Do This

To help people get results its a powerful thing to help someone who may be struggling at implementing some changes and then seeing that person doing really really well with their business, and the cheese crust on a family sized pizza for us is seeing that same person use the techniques we’ve taught them to continue to deliver results and grow their business even further.

If you can help a business owner understand how to adjust their processes and you get to see that take place from your teachings it really is an empowering reward that provides so much satisfaction.


Company Rules

  • No suits, dress professional but no suits
  • Take time out for you, go for a walk do great things
  • Smile Breathe and enjoy what we get to do as a career
  • Help others to learn


What Services Do You Provide


Why should you take an interest in web marketing? or online marketing for your business? Because its the future we have already seen a decrease in the use of physical Yellow Pages books as the place people go to find a business thats out dated, even using Yellow Pages.com is outdated, The place to search for services online is Google or Bing even Youtube is where the customers are. When you use the web in your favour you have an endless landscape of customers you just need to know how to reach out to them on the right channels.

When we market your business we find your target audience and where they hang out how you can reach them and what you need to do to put your business in front of them. We incorporate your website analytics to measure and map out your industry landscape so we know the playing field and where you can make the most returns on your marketing efforts.


Working within the Google SE you see new algorithms appear and techniques and methods have to adapt to operate within the terms of service enforced by Google to allow for conformity and keep websites penalty free. Yes we are complete nerds this was mentioned previously get used to it, We place a high emphasis on staying current with the changes and make every effort to not “chase” the changes but to move towards where they will be in 6 months so we can be ahead of the curve. SEO is only one piece of the puzzle to have a truely rounded web marketing effect you need to incorporate several tactics to cover your market.

Prepare for the Semantic Web

Design for search has been something we’ve implemented and seen great success with and we will pass on what we can to our client base to keep them moving forward you can leave it to the web heads.

My Beautiful Family

My Beautiful Family

We always make time for family and being together by the river or kicking butt at timezone
Good Friends

Good Friends

My friends are a big part of why I Live in Perth still and have been by my side from day 1
My World

My World

This kid is my world she teaches me just as much as I teach her always my little rock keeping me grounded and the main reason I haven't moved cities.
Just A Regular Dude

Just A Regular Dude

Average Guy I shop at woolworths, buy local veggies from the Spud Shed and walk the same river walk trails as you do I just know a little bit about the web

Web Marketing Mechanics

My name is Shane Pollard Im a local Perth guy with a passion for marketing online and helping others get results. I purchased my first business in 2007 I bought a crummy little dropshipping mobile phone store off Gumtree and turned it from not operating to make a small return since then Ive learnt a lot about online marketing and have started and sold many more businesses, I have a lot of ecommerce stores myself and test test test!

Let Us Tune Up Your

Web Marketing Strategy

Your business marketing will run smoother after a Tune Up with Webmecs!.

Our passion is helping others succeed with their online marketing. We love helping startups get their message heard, existing businesses small, medium and large develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns across the web. We are confident that we can show you how to leverage your business to your advantage.

We pride ourselves on our professional standing in the community and our ability to work with business owners helping them see opportunities often hidden to others

We believe that sharing our knowledge and helping to educate the business owner will be beneficial to everyone.

Contact us and lets Tune up your website and marketing campaigns.

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