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Keep moving forward in business with Webmecs. I build websites, do SEO & PPC, Ecommerce and I provide the most effective technology for your business.

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There are winners and losers in business, you shouldnt settle for second place.

I want to help you create an online business sales system that helps attract and retain customers again and again. Creating marketing campaigns be it SEO or Paid Advertising that brings in new leads. You can compete online and you can be successful, you just need to work with a fellow business owner who invests in your success.

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5X Your Business with My Marketing Tactics

Freelance Marketing Consultant

I understand business and I understand the technology that powers the internet, If you want to partner with a very resourceful problem solver then hit that start button in the menu bar!

My super power that I am willing to share with your business is problem solving. I can guarantee I’ve seen and resolved more problems across more industries than any consultant you have worked with or are considering to work with. 

Freelance Marketing Services

Web Design

Design and build beautiful functional websites that are fast and ready for sales. I build service and ecommerce websites.

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Ecommerce Consulting

Ecommerce doesnt have to be overwhelming, I help straighten out your A to Z of ecom operations and marketing .

SEO Consultant

Ranking higher in Google search provides more potential buyers of your product and service. I help fix technical issues as well.

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Technology Consulting

Having the right software for the right job is what I do for you. save time and resources in one call with me. Software is the future.

Marketing Builds Successful Businesses

Digital marketing is complex. Sometimes, you just want someone to take care of it, and know you’re in good hands. Make it easier for people to find you online, get more eyes on your brand, and see actual business growth. There’s a LOT that goes into a digital strategy. I’ll help you make sense of it all. 100% transparency, Aiming at helping you achieve a positive ROI.

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Grow Revenue with Online Marketing

Your customers aren’t just numbers, they’re real people

38 Days

How long the average website design& development takes me to deliver. (not ecomm).


How much I save businesses on software each month on average. 


Average sales increased after optimising landing pages month on month.

“When I think back to how much money I wasted on advertising I cringe. Now I have everything in place to measure results and insights. I am happy to spend now I know where to spend it. Thanks”.


Founder- Ecommerce Store Owner

Marketing & Business News

Google Search Console Query Deep Diving

Google Search Console Query Deep Diving

Here is a little tip that I do to help get stuck websites momentum. You can find a similar report to what I am referencing if you visit your Google Search Console. It is called Google Search Console query profiling. This is a Do It Yourself tip. In my circle and in...

Why Keyword Research Should Be Left To The Experts

Why Keyword Research Should Be Left To The Experts

Last week I had an interesting meeting with a client that was in a onboarding phase. The client has a newish brand with very little visibility online or history for this new brand that was launched in May 2021. The client is subscribed to my SEO services and the...

Guide to Updating WordPress Plugins Safely

Guide to Updating WordPress Plugins Safely

I love working on websites, a little too much but every now and then what should be a smooth website experience can turn into a technology panic station all hands on deck the ship is going down scenario. My reoccurring nightmare is one where the alarm clock displays 6...

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