Google My Business Listings

Google My Business or GMB is a powerful set of profiles that can instantly add visitor’s to your website through simply being there in the picture. Just signing up for GMB you will have access to Google Maps, Google Plus, Youtube, Blogger and more.

Utilise the power of the most powerful search engine on the planet and use Google branded profiles for advertising your business.

Google Optimise

Google Plus

Why Google+? The power and visibility you can harness with Google+ just backs up your Maps and GMB listings giving you another avenue of sales leads, we optimise for engagement and authority with Google+ and the communities adding even more web traffic for your business brand using a Google platform to full advantage.

Google Maps

Getting found online and on the go means you need to be on the MAP! Your customers are only half the people searching for you online what about the people searching for what you roffer? if you are not on the Map you wont be found. Already have a maps listing, great but do you want to optimise for success? We can push your visibility upwards online with maps.

Youtube Video

Video marketing is your way to expand your reach! Millions of people every day watch videos of products and services to help them decide on pulling the trigger on a purchase, We use video to help convert your leads into sales by showing your products and services on a platform that is used by billions of people everyday.

Analytics Insights

The analytical data provided by Googles my business Insights can help determine just how effective your marketing is and where your most precious customers are coming from and what is working in your favour. Track calls and visits, put Insights to work for your business and reap the rewards.

How Does Google My Business Work?

Google provides you with a central dashboard where you can see your profiles, powerful analytics, respond to reviews, upload images and video and control how your brand appears on the google platform. You can add click to call and track the clicks and calls amazing I know right? and its free lets add more value to that by adding directions to your business address, to call and they have an app for this so you can get insights on the go.

Google My Business here is the link to sign up but we suggest speaking to us if you truely want to power-up your account



Watch this customer and brand success story by using Google My Business City Gym connected with Jacob and others like Jacob to provide him with what he was looking for this can be used for many businesses to find the perfect match of customer who is looking for them but has not found them yet, take a look.

Why do I need a Google My Business Optimised Account? 

Your customers are on google and so should you.

Consider this, you have the biggest search engine on the planet endorsing your brand’s profile on their platform there is no more powerful sign of trust to a potential buyer. A complete and verified account shows your business is serious about attracting the right people and care about how you present across the web.

Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using maps, youtube, and google to find products and services like yours every day would you like to capitalise on that?


Present an engaging profile and see the rewards come in. 

Adding videos, images and posts about relevant related topics can have a huge impact on your profile if you go one step further to stand out from your competitors by optimising your GMB account the reward comes in the shape of visitors to your website this is a huge factor in helping you get found on Google and amplified when you take that extra step to stand out above the rest our GMB optimised service will help your business to join the conversation and generate new leads.


People are talking about your company get those reviews.

You need to listen to what your customers are saying about your company and capture the reviews so that you can back up what they say with proof on your GMB account and in turn these can be displayed in the search results of your business. Reviews are so powerful in helping you move up the search results and even more important for conversion when people search now they search “yourbusinesssite + Reviews” to read about your service quality and pif you run a customer focused business or just want their money. Capture reviews to build social trust  and you will see more and more new enquiries come your way.


Business owners that use GMB have the advantage.

Once again Google the biggest search engine on the globe is giving you FREE accounts to advertise your business and link it to other Google branded profiles. Everything sounds too good to be true it does and it is the navigation for tying all these profiles together is cumbersome and frustrating but we have a DFY service where we take care of the setup and optimisation for you heck! we can even manage it for you and generate reports, or if you are the DIY type we can help educate you on best practises.

Watch this video for a basic overview of how GMB works.

Optimise For Google

Create Account

Setting you up the right way

Optimise Profile

We will SEO you so good

Connect Profiles

Your profile in unified across the web

Effective Content Creation

Create content Images and Videos that help your customers find you

Engage the Community

Interact with the community, showcase your customers

How can we help you?

We work on Google platforms every day our team are Google certified and live and breathe Google my business we can help you with a DFY or DIY service and will help you make the most of your GMB account either way.

 Our GMB Optimised package pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives.